Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO

Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO : SDO is quite popular these few years, some (parents) may say kids become addictive to it, but my experience shown otherwise :3 It’s not just child’s play yoooo~~~ When playing Super Dancer Online (SDO) the top 10 benefits which helped in my life, and everyone’s too are as explained below XD

Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO


Benefit #1 Keeping Sanity Intact! ****

Playing SDO could release daily stress, yup~ Just spam keyboard and you get to feel better, for FREE, trying harder and harder songs recklessly 😛 It’s something like going outside for some fresh air when you’re too stress out with life~ Have a break, Play SDO XD


Benefit #2 Keeping Brain Active

Oh yeah~~ Music is proven to bring positive wave to the human brain, as well as keep the brain turning instead of hibernating there, especially when you’re having a long holiday or something XD This is useful for studies too, keep you stimulated while doing your studies/revisions ^^ For me, I was the strongest in SDO in the middle of my examzz @.@


Benefit #3 Train Focus Span

Yup~ When you train or master SDO, you will have a loooooonger focus span @.@ non-consciously, I can focus looooooonger in classes after getting “serious” in the game 😛 This is beneficial for your studies yoooo~


Benefit #4 Stimulate Creativity/Ideas

Hohoho~ Sometimes crazy ideas just pop up in the middle of a game! I’m like swt? I gotta write it down NOW before it flies away~ DDD:


Benefit #5 Improve Mind & Physical Reflexes

My fingers are faster, so when I play other rhythm games, it doesn’t took me long to get used to it and start with medium level already :3 The mind and body can have faster reflexes tooo 😀


Benefit #6 Nurture Responsibility Taking Care of a Pet

Of course taking care of a pet is not as easy as in the game, but at least you’ll always remember to take care and feed your pets in the future! XD


Benefit #7 Become a Teamplayer

Handling, managing and joining a guild has a heavy duty too. It’s the same as group assignments, we communicate 24/7 just in case of a battle (shua) with other guilds to gain rank, train together, help/advice each other, gain the experience of teamwork and become more mature in the mind~ Guild leader gotta become an inspiration and motivation too 😉


Benefit #8 Money/Shopping Management

Oh yeah~~~ you can shop endlessly, but you gotta have moniessss~~ G points can only be collected when you play like don’t know how many thousand times in order to buy clothes (yy), prices ain’t cheap yoooo~ @.@ While M points are real moniessss so yea, can’t top up too much else gotta eat grass, literally lol And this trains you to buy/spend carefully XD and mostly last 30 days ONLY :’D unless you buy permanent items, which cost LOTSSS of M points *yaoming*


Benefit #9 Desire for Competition/Become Well-known

Join the competitions to get acknowledged (by parents, relatives, friends etc) especially when you get more benefit than just playing for fun 😀 Also, shy people who doesn’t like to show real self in public places but wants to have some challenges, you can join the in-game competitions and make a name for yourself 😉


Benefit #10 Marriage Affairs Knowledge

Nice knowledge when you marry or divorce in the future :3 Most common things are the ringssssssss XD



  • Make new friends from around the country~
  • Keep slim (well at least it works for me :3)

So there are actually more than 10 benefits~! When I say benefits, there are also disadvantages, it just depends on how you use it ^^ Thus, you gotta have the responsibility of self-control, time management and positive thinking to make GOOD use of it LOL Yup, so good luck and have fun! 😀

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