Japanese Hobby Collectibles Toy Shop in Kuching: Momotoys

Since Momotoys, an authentic Japanese Hobby Collectibles toy shop in Kuching is still not known to alot of Kuchingnites, I figure that blogging about it would be suitable, convenient for people in Kuching to find a shop selling the latest Japanese Anime character figures, PVC, nendo, figmas, gunplas etc etc. Not to say, ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC *beware of bootlegs!* 😀

Momotoys is located in One Jaya, Jalan Song at the 3rd floor near the seafood restaurant. If you discover a lovely figure that you wanted to buy but missed the release date, you could find Momotoys for help XD They sell mostly authentic Japanese related hobbies collectibles, toys, anime merchandises and many more (You should try asking in their facebook page XD) They accept pre-orders on the latest anime figures, pvc, nendo and figmas, all these are updated and announced in their page, so best to follow them if you’re interested 😉 They ship within Malaysia, as well as world wide~ I’m sure their prices are competitive even with those in West Malaysia :X

Lets first check out the first floor, yea, there’s a 2nd floor lol

One-piece galore

Look at all the hidden treasure! Saw anything that you fancy? XD

There’s alot of Kamen Raider figures too 😀

These are ready stocks in the shop, you may spent hours there~~~

Miku Hatsune… Miku Hatsune everywhere~

B-b-boobie mouse pad XD

Danny Choo‘s Moekana pack, a cute way to learn Japanese language ^^


Scaled Transformer made in Japan

And the 2nd floor consist of wholly gunpla/gundams~ 😀

It’s a paradise for those who assembles gunpla kits or gundams @.@

For those seeking to buy original Japan figures, Momotoys is a very trusted Japanese Hobby Collectibles toy shop, the only one in Kuching which sells ONLY Authentic and Original brands from Japan such as Alter, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Takara, etc etc so not much worries there 😀 Momotoys open from around 12pm to 9pm every day~ Hope all these info helps ^^

UPDATE: 22 May 2015

The physical shop has been closed down but their facebook page is still in business, so if you have any collectibles that you would like to buy, do PM their Momotoys page yea ^^

*Sorry for those who commented in the fb comments, I late reply :’D

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