Nostalgic Comeback!

After MIA’ing for 2 years, I’m finally hardworking enough to comeback and blog again! 😀

Bon Odori dress up :3

Well, my blogging style may change from how I previously blog, as within these 2 years, surely I’ve changed as well~
Lets see, what had happened? Some summarized life event below :

– Worked for 1.5 years as an Assistant Project Accountant (I did learnt many from project accounting to handling full set accounts) *proudss* Continue reading

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Registered Member of Sarawak Bloggers

I received the confirmation email today on my application with the Sarawak Bloggers community. Thus, I am happy to announce that I am now a proud Prime Blogger of Sarawak Bloggers ^^ Looking forward to being a part of the community 😀

After browsing through their site, I find that they are quite a fun, friendly and organized community which motivated me to want to join them 😀 (Its also been ages I participated in any blogger’s events :P)

They help to gather contests and events near our location (whole Sarawak) and encourages everyone to join, or get special rate for bloggers registered under them ^.^

There are two categories of bloggers list, (i) Prime Blogger and (ii) Casual Blogger. The names are quite self-explanatory so I’m quite lazy to explain haha.. For more info, just head on over to their site and explore the wonders of Sarawak Bloggers community XD

Another story : I was quite surprised to find out that a Japanese blog/site featured one of my post about Sarawak Club Golf Resort o.o *happy happy* heheh..

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Earn by Impressions and more by Clicks!

Some of you should notice an extra ad on my sidebar rite?  This ad company earn you cash by impressions and more by clicks when people click on an ad. If you have alot and alot of visitors to your websites, this will be a perfect choice of ad display ^^ In my opinion, it’s better than Advertlets(dun say anything, I quit using it adi o.O) or Nuffnang haha..

This is very profiting for those who have blogs/websites, especially which niche belong to “Making Money Online” and “Internet Business” category.

Furthermore, ads displayed are completely interesting and attracting as they’re all related to internet marketing, making money online, advertising etc etc.. Who wouldn’t be tempted to click the ads to find out how to make money online, right? And it’s FREE to join.

Introducing : 1800banners!

Read what others say :

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You may only have one ad per site or you can get banned…but still this is a great way to earn extra cash.

Minimum payout is $20 which I easily reach in a couple of days. I don’t have to request payout, it comes automatically and goes directly to my paypal account.

You can also use your earn credits to get traffic to your own site and it really is a simple way to get traffic and backlinks for free.

Earn from your downline

Of course there is a referral system and you earn from up to 3 tiers.

Even without referrals I am earning more with 1800banners than I do with any PTC site. This is definitely a keeper.

Credits can be converted to cash so everything’s cashable haha.. Lately, the number of clicks I received in my blog increased, meaning the faster you start now, the more you’ll earn. Why join 1800banners now? It’s free to join and risk-free, and displaying ads related to internet business is the best ad to target readers of your website.

My advice : No join No gain

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Today 10.30am attended a Swinburne Bloggers Meet, kinda haha.. Just gathering some Swinburne students who do blog ^^ And help out with, a new community for Swinburne Bloggers which they can post some updates there, at the same time, promoting their own blogs 😛

These are some Swinburne bloggers, listening attentively while I… take pics! 😛


All Swinburne students who blogs.. omg, I revealed their identities o.O

We were talking about what kind of post we can update, must we use perfect English, how to register in etc etc haha.. Every bloggers in Swinburne are welcome to blog in so Swinburne kia~ can go there register ^^ might plan a gathering for its members from time to time to get to know each other, though we can meet in Swinburne but too many students already o.O And some of us might prefer to go outside to meet and gathering having fun chatting away in a comfortable cafe etc XD

After finishing, Woon Yien discussing with Mr. Ronald, if not mistaken about how to do the banner for, she also asked me and Onineko to help out with designing the logo and banner for, then doing namecards, we had figured out what kind of concept we’ll use too 😛 Now we need banners printing Kang tao lol

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Happy Birthday My Dear Blog

As time goes by, ignorant me almost forgotten about my blog’s 1st year old Birthday! ^^ Happy Birthday! *to my own blog* lol

It’s been a year since I started Serene’s Silent Secrets, and I met a lot of new bloggers friends, blogged about some stuff, earned just a bit only *poor me* and slowly increasing my own traffic 😀 Hope I can improve in blogging and bringing you all a pleasant reading haha.. *Though I may be lazy some times hehe.. Gomen gomen :P* No birthday cake btw, even the virtual ones lol

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1st! KuchingBloggers Meeting 08

Last Saturday night attended the 1st Meeting at Sharing Planet ^^ About 40++ of the 50 bloggers attended as some cudn’t attend >< Well, we do enjoyed ourselves – Me, Onineko and ToMCaT *And I printed 20 bloggers namecards for the event lol*

This event was organized by the people, mainly Jimmy, Irene and Tim located at Sharing Planet ^^

Continue reading

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