Am I..?

Am I annoying?

Am I boring?

Am I lagging?

Am I stupid?

Am I a decoration?

Am I just an obligation?

Am I outdated?

Am I uninteresting?

Am I nice to chat with?

Am I brave?

Am I.. the ONE?

These are questions constantly playing in my mind nowadays, because YOUR attention is not really on me, not anymore..

I feel, really really just feel like an annoying person to YOU.

I’m just a decoration.

There’s no passion, just obligation.

We do not know each other as well as we imagined. Friends normally are more important.

What does this mean?








I do not know anything anymore, in the end, I’m still a blank paper.


*Just a way to release myself from all the stress that has been building up inside, because it doesn’t seem to heal by itself*

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Final Nom: Ichiban Ramen

My exams has finally finished last week and I was taking my sweet time enjoying all the wonderful food and stuffs before I head back to Kuching next week ><

So first stop, Ichiban Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid! Which I haven’t tried until last week, so sad lol And then I went again few days later with friends after the Cosplay Cafe by SUAC in Sunway College XD

Chicken Char Siu Ramen! Best nya~ The Char Siu was Continue reading

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Sukishi : Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet @ IOI Mall, Puchong

No special occasion really, my bro got Groupon on Sukishi, Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet and so we went on to have our lunch there (of course, with Groupon, you can expect full slot on weekends if you do not book early in advanced :’D)

Went to IOI Mall, Puchong branch, where they serve all types of meat, including Pork 😀

The interior, which I noticed Continue reading

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Beware of Data Entry Job Scam!

It is sad that this kinda Data Entry Job Scam has reach Kuching territory >_< This person is from West Malaysia summore @.@

As recent as yesterday, there was a person who posted a Data Entry Job on Kuching Kang Tao group. After much research, it turned out to be a scam (and no, I didn’t get scammed :’D )

It sounds like a real job and such a good deal so I’m curious and went on to apply XD So did everyone else >_<

Sample post: I will not reveal the person’s fb account, it’s inappropriate to defame someone like that, hopefully that person will stop scamming people >.< Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain Approves Sarawak Laksa

Old news, but still, it was an exciting news that Anthony Bourdain expresses love for Sarawak Laksa! As a CNN program host, he came to Sarawak 2nd time, this time, for filming of the program show, namely Parts Unknown.

His post on Facebook saying ” Yessssss…. #laksa #Kuching” went viral, has over 45k likes and Continue reading

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The Moving Stall Selling Pao & Soya Bean

Just a recommendation on this certain moving stall selling Pao and Soya bean around Puchong (and also the one outside Sunway College), their Paos are dam super soft and full of filling! Quite worth it if compared among general Paos 8D The ones in Kuching, the skin is harder, I’m not sure why~ but I prefer the ones in KL, the moving stall selling Pao haha

*I shall call them the moving stall selling pao 😛 *

At Puchong’s moving stall selling pao Continue reading

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