Apple Wings Garden: New Series in !

An update on new series from AMUSE that came in Apple Wings Garden recently! Don’t forget to collect them as quantities are limited! >_<

Korohamu Koron-tachi Series by AMUSE

Size: 8cm x 5.5cm x 5.5cm
Colors :
– Coron (light orange)
– Purin (light yellow)
– Jan-kun (grey)
– Kimi-chan (brown)

Price ~ RM32 each

More pictures here.

Pop’n Ribbon Alpacasso by AMUSE

Size: 17cm
– Margaret-chan (white with yellow ribbon)
– Daisy-chan (bright yellow)
– Poppy-chan (soft orange)
– Suzuran-chan (white with pink ribbon)

Price ~ RM48 each

More pictures here.

*This is something I haven’t announced but Apple Wings Garden operation will move back to Kuching, Sarawak in June 2015. So if you’re in West Malaysian, and if you’re interested, this is your chance to adopt one NOW~!! Postage from Kuching will increase the cost (since is across the sea :’D )

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Apple Wings Garden @ Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Last week, I rented a booth stall in a Bazaar at Syok! Mall, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Only for 1 day though >_< Thanks to Jessie from Catarina Catalogue 😀 Alpaca plushies FTW~ <3 Sales was not bad there, lack of crowd though, maybe it was near exams or holiday season :’D But am glad to get to know some customers who knew about alpacas there, spread all the alpaca fluffiness loves~~~ XD Everyone passing by went “eeeeeeeeeeee so cute!” >_<

It kinda made me happy knowing that I brought smiles to everyone passing by >_< Maybe that’s the reason that kept me going for my Apple Wings online shop >////<

Apple Wings Garden booth stall full of fluffs! :3


*Just an extra info for someone who doesn’t have transport or doesn’t know the buses routes to Taylor’s Uni:

Took the shuttle bus there from Sunway Pyramid Mall. While I’m at this, let me explain exactly where the bus will pick up from Sunway Pyramid, as there were no references about this, which cost me like an hour to get there =3=

So, the place where you’ll need to wait for the shuttle bus Sunway Pyramid to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, first go out from the new wing entrance (H&M or Caffe Bean)/main entrance (Starbucks), walk across the road via the sky bridge, I repeat, cross to the opposite side of the road, NOT in front of Sunway new wing entrance/bus stop because they won’t stop there, eventhough they do, they WILL NOT let you onto the bus and ask you to cross the road too =.=

It is free to ride the shuttle bus there, but will cost RM1.50 to ride the bus back to Sunway Pyramid (now they will stop right at the bus stop in front of H&M/Caffe Bean entrance :’D )

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New Arrival Alpaca & Wooly – Mar’15

As you’ve read on my previous post here, I’ve started an alpaca plushie business over a year ago and it’s been expanding steadily ^^ I’m slowly bringing in other varieties of plushies series from the Alpacasso brand originated from Japan, non-alpaca but still irresistibly adorable! 😀 Hope you’ll all like them~!

*I try to keep all my prices competitive but it’ll get harder when GST implements soon in April next month, so hurry and purchase them before any changes are implemented! 😛

Some new arrivals has arrived! Alpaca & Wooly ready stock, fluffily waiting for you to take them home >_<

*Note: Makiba Kids Alpacasso series 17cm in the pic above has sold out, please refer to the list below for latest arrivals ^^

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