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Sometimes the download speed for torrent is so slow like around 10+kbps, it would need a few days to finish (for my case) an anime episode around 300+mb @.@ And I’m so lazy to download in IRC XD And so.. I found a way to convert torrent to direct download link, downloading via Internet Download Manager (IDM) just saves up so much of the time, eliminating the delay/wait, and watch alll the anime release in 1 day (causing me early suspense =3=)

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Example of a torrent convert to direct download. In IDM the speed reach 140+ KB/sec with a resume capability 😀

Converting Torrent to Direct Download

There are websites which convert torrent to direct download, one which is still working is

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So first, go to the torrent page to get the link:

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Right click on “Download” (or whatever as long its the torrent download button)

And select “Copy Link Location” (Firefox)

Go to zbigz site, paste into the space where it says “Paste your torrent or magnet link here” and click “Go!”

Choose “Free”, its sufficient.

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Then your torrent file will be queued and the site start caching the torrent. (Some torrent couldn’t work here, not sure why, guess you should torrent it then D:)

Once finish, the Download button will appear, click it, choose “Free” again.

Your download manager will pop up indicating to download the file.

Thus, all you have to do now is wait for the download to finish in just 30 minutes maybe?

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And you’re DONE!! Just a few steps to convert torrent to direct download if you’re tired of the slow torrent speed 😉

Happy Downloading!!! XD

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  1. sanu khalifa says:

    Thanks it’s help me a lot. I started a download it took many days but couldn’t be finished until I read this blog.. Thank you very much…

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