Final Exam Approaching!

Another difficult obstacle coming soon. Final exam of the subject I’m taking this Sem at Sunway University, and I’m not so keen on it :v Will be MIA again for few days XD

Gonna study study study like this alpaca here, or is it? XD

I just can’t wait for the exam to be over! And I’m just taking one subject only this sem, I’m really getting old and tired of exams now eh @.@

After this, will be settling some stuffs, go on a short trip to Penang, then head back to Kuching to my dearest and friends and parents ^^ I’ll be sure to miss KL entertainment friends and events here! It was such a great year living in KL, I got to meet so many kinds of people, experience many kinds of events I never thought I could attend unless I fly here every month! >_<

I’m thankful for the friends and people I met and exposure for Apple Wings :3 hehe So when I come KL lets meet up and yamcha o~~~~ 😛

Although I’m still shy and hard to communicate appropriately with strangers, somehow I just get stuck there @.@ I hope I improved abit >.<

And thus, another new chapter coming into my life soon, and I decided to write it with my own hands! [determined emoticon] XD

Wish me luck~! 😀

*PS: I’m so getting a new Olympus camera and lens!

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