Final Nom: Ichiban Ramen

My exams has finally finished last week and I was taking my sweet time enjoying all the wonderful food and stuffs before I head back to Kuching next week ><

So first stop, Ichiban Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid! Which I haven’t tried until last week, so sad lol And then I went again few days later with friends after the Cosplay Cafe by SUAC in Sunway College XD

Chicken Char Siu Ramen! Best nya~ The Char Siu was alot and quite thick too, me loves~ XD The price was affordable for students like me, surprisingly, at RM16.90 while plain water RM0.70.

On my 2nd time,  I ordered Chicken Teriyaki Ramen, which was one of their new dishes. I do wonder because Teriyaki Chicken is quite common in most Japanese restaurants haha This cost RM18.80. Hmmm I think I still prefer Chicken Char Siu Ramen >_<

And with every ramen if you add on this set at RM4 more, you get 3 of these Gyouza! 😀 Looks nice right? :3 It’s filling is not bad, I just couldn’t get used to its sauce ><

*Note: There is a service charge + GST so you can figure out the total hahaha XD Well, Ichiban Ramen not a bad choice considering it’s Sunway Pyramid, alota thing’s bound to be expensive except Subway LOL 😛

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