Nostalgic Comeback!

March 2nd, 2015

After MIA’ing for 2 years, I’m finally hardworking enough to comeback and blog again! :D

Bon Odori dress up :3

Well, my blogging style may change from how I previously blog, as within these 2 years, surely I’ve changed as well~
Lets see, what had happened? Some summarized life event below :

– Worked for 1.5 years as an Assistant Project Accountant (I did learnt many from project accounting to handling full set accounts) *proudss* Continue Reading »

Ultimate Madoka in My Hands!

March 18th, 2013

The time of the ultimate descent arrived~! Ultimate Madoka, Sanjo!! Ultimate delay in shipment, ultimate huge protective box, ultimate assemble and most of all ultimate sculpture, I just can’t stop looking at her! XD

I blogged about her preview in this post, if you’re interested :P

This is the very first figure I got since the last time I was attracted to any figures, and I sure am glad I got her, price was rough but it’s ok~ Money can be earned anytime, figures are just once-in-a-lifetime lol!

Hence, did a photoshoot of her, a review for you maybe~ :D

The box was hugeeee~~~ Even the seller complained it was bigger than his head :3

Hey, who would have thought to shoot the Ultimate Madoka on a printer LOL Continue Reading »

Purple and White Theme

January 16th, 2013

Decorating my new room with purple and white theme is not a far-fetched dream at all now~ After much struggle from parents, stock availability problem in Kuching, pricing bargains and quality:

Finally I got my white cupboard!! Been planning to get one for my new room arrangement as its one of the main element for white theme >_< But it was hard to find stock in Kuching, not to say reasonable price D: The quality made from thick wood is a bonus as it’ll last longer now :D Since the ones made in China is also of similar price, might as well~ :P It’s sooo smooth~~ :3

And maybe something to go with it:

White against purple BG XD A xmas gift I received :3

Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO

December 22nd, 2012

Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO : SDO is quite popular these few years, some (parents) may say kids become addictive to it, but my experience shown otherwise :3 It’s not just child’s play yoooo~~~ When playing Super Dancer Online (SDO) the top 10 benefits which helped in my life, and everyone’s too are as explained below XD

Top 10 Benefits of Playing SDO


Benefit #1 Keeping Sanity Intact! ****

Playing SDO could release daily stress, yup~ Just spam keyboard and you get to feel better, for FREE, trying harder and harder songs recklessly :P It’s something like going outside for some fresh air when you’re too stress out with life~ Have a break, Play SDO XD Continue Reading »

Japanese Hobby Collectibles Toy Shop in Kuching: Momotoys

December 14th, 2012

Since Momotoys, an authentic Japanese Hobby Collectibles toy shop in Kuching is still not known to alot of Kuchingnites, I figure that blogging about it would be suitable, convenient for people in Kuching to find a shop selling the latest Japanese Anime character figures, PVC, nendo, figmas, gunplas etc etc. Not to say, ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC *beware of bootlegs!* :D

Momotoys is located in One Jaya, Jalan Song at the 3rd floor near the seafood restaurant. If you discover a lovely figure that you wanted to buy but missed the release date, you could find Momotoys for help XD They sell mostly authentic Japanese related hobbies collectibles, toys, anime merchandises and many more (You should try asking in their facebook page XD) They accept pre-orders on the latest anime figures, pvc, nendo and figmas, all these are updated and announced in their page, so best to follow them if you’re interested ;) They ship within Malaysia, as well as world wide~ I’m sure their prices are competitive even with those in West Malaysia :X

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Convert Torrent to Direct Download

December 1st, 2012

Sometimes the download speed for torrent is so slow like around 10+kbps, it would need a few days to finish (for my case) an anime episode around 300+mb @.@ And I’m so lazy to download in IRC XD And so.. I found a way to convert torrent to direct download link, downloading via Internet Download Manager (IDM) just saves up so much of the time, eliminating the delay/wait, and watch alll the anime release in 1 day (causing me early suspense =3=)

Example of a torrent convert to direct download. In IDM the speed reach 140+ KB/sec with a resume capability :D

Converting Torrent to Direct Download

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