Test Week

This week is my course’s Progress Test 2 Week, so will be on hiatus for the week but I promise I will make it up next week! There’s gonna be a few updates coming up, am so excited! hehehe

Last weekend I had a buncha funs and catch ups with my friends at Midvalley, 1 Utama and also volunteering for an event called Comic & Toys Geek’s Fair (CTGF) held at Jaya Shopping Centre :D

*Friends namely: Kim, Kim bf Jeremy, Laopo Bobo, Kenan, Rashel (pp), Mimi, Sow, Zheng Yaw, Sam, Yi Ting, Darren, Liui Aquino (from Philipine), and the rest of the crew or AMG committees ^^

(I noticed I’m just like a portable light bulb to every couple friends I know lolol :v all blame goes to my bf >.<)

And Animax will be this coming weekend too, look forward to it, feel like it’s my 1st Cosplay experience again, kinda nervous? lol


New Arrival Alpaca & Wooly – Mar’15

As you’ve read on my previous post here, I’ve started an alpaca plushie business over a year ago and it’s been expanding steadily ^^ I’m slowly bringing in other varieties of plushies series from the Alpacasso brand originated from Japan, non-alpaca but still irresistibly adorable! :D Hope you’ll all like them~!

*I try to keep all my prices competitive but it’ll get harder when GST implements soon in April next month, so hurry and purchase them before any changes are implemented! :P

Some new arrivals has arrived! Alpaca & Wooly ready stock, fluffily waiting for you to take them home >_<

*Note: Makiba Kids Alpacasso series 17cm in the pic above has sold out, please refer to the list below for latest arrivals ^^

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Sailor Moon Princess Serenity & Cameo Charms Gashapon (20th Anniversary Collection)

I’m was so excited to receive my order for Princess Serenity & Cameo Charms Gashapon, and it has finally arrived! :D It took longer than expected due to holidays and some circumstances >_< Well as long they arrived safely ~_~

I haven’t fully opened them yet, still in box/plastic lol will do a shoot on them once I got back my camera and back in Kuching :P

Princess Serenity Puchi Chara by Megahouse

I fell in love at 1st sight! Not to mention my love for Princess Serenity is already at its best XD I love how her expression is so soft, beautiful, and fantasy-ish >_< Now I just need a pretty back drop for it lol~

More info on the puchi chara can be found here , though it is already out of print by now >_<

Sailor Moon Cameo Charms Gashapon 2015

I haven’t gotten off the plastic due to wanna keep it clean and out of harm’s way til I transfer them back to my home town room lol~ but yeah~ I love cameo! Those who know me well knows that I love cameo and I collects them, especially the ones with a lady :3 So when they announced about it, I was thrilled~! >_< Though don’t think I will be wearing them out any time soon, unless I bought another set for outdoor use :P

More info of the Cameo Charms here (I love this site 8D )

ANIMAX Carnival 2015 Live Concert

Recently the Animax FB page updated on their next event in Malaysia, ANIMAX Carnival 2015!

I believe they had their first carnival in Malaysia in 2013, and this year, they’re back with 3 artists + a live concert! :D

  • Date: 28 & 29 March 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Time: 10am to 6pm/8pm
  • Concert time: 3pm-5pm (on Sunday)
  • Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC)

The 3 artists namely:

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Nostalgic Comeback!

After MIA’ing for 2 years, I’m finally hardworking enough to comeback and blog again! :D

Bon Odori dress up :3

Well, my blogging style may change from how I previously blog, as within these 2 years, surely I’ve changed as well~
Lets see, what had happened? Some summarized life event below :

– Worked for 1.5 years as an Assistant Project Accountant (I did learnt many from project accounting to handling full set accounts) *proudss* Continue reading →

Ultimate Madoka in My Hands!

The time of the ultimate descent arrived~! Ultimate Madoka, Sanjo!! Ultimate delay in shipment, ultimate huge protective box, ultimate assemble and most of all ultimate sculpture, I just can’t stop looking at her! XD

I blogged about her preview in this post, if you’re interested :P

This is the very first figure I got since the last time I was attracted to any figures, and I sure am glad I got her, price was rough but it’s ok~ Money can be earned anytime, figures are just once-in-a-lifetime lol!

Hence, did a photoshoot of her, a review for you maybe~ :D

The box was hugeeee~~~ Even the seller complained it was bigger than his head :3

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