Tsum Tsum Autosender Instruction (PC)

Tsum Tsum Autosender Instructions via PC

Tsum Tsum has been a widely played mobile game since quite many years ago, I played it too but only recently I just turned hardcore following my friends 😛
I joined heart sending groups and began adding players from all around the world (International ver btw)

And so, my friend list also began to increase, up til 300! Imagine sending to 300 friends 5-6 times manually each day since each group has a minimum heart count weekly need to send (eg 35 <3 /week)

After awhile, it became harder to send as I’m a working adult now, I won’t have much time to send during work hours *sads*

Then I began researching on the “magical” auto senders which everyone is using and enables them to send up to 100+ hearts weekly!

I was excited about it but when I try to search for a clear instruction, there wasn’t much for a beginner like me who doesn’t know A-Z of the software. And so I just scavenge from the popular reddit thread that touch on the said topic.
It still doesn’t give any clear head start so I just try to solve the puzzle collecting pieces of information discussed.

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Cosmos – A new burger restaurant

There’s this new burger restaurant, called Cosmos in town (Kuching), my bf took me there and we went to try their burgers 😀 Not surprising since in West Malaysia, burger restaurant trend were blooming non-stop @.@ For example Burger Lab, Burger Factory and so on~

This Cosmos burger restaurant is located at Brighton Square aka Titanium, next to Secret Recipe.

Sorry for the blur pic, taken with my phone and someone was kacao’ing me :v When you see this white light, it is Cosmos! XD *pun intended*

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Final #2 Johnny Rocket

I was like jalan-jalan cari makan, thought of having Johnny Rocket for the last time before I leave KL, and… yup I do not regret it~ Dam their burger and portion still as big as last time XD

My current fav burger franchise : Carl’s Jr and Johnny Rocket <3 <3 >_<

Final Nom: Ichiban Ramen

My exams has finally finished last week and I was taking my sweet time enjoying all the wonderful food and stuffs before I head back to Kuching next week ><

So first stop, Ichiban Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid! Which I haven’t tried until last week, so sad lol And then I went again few days later with friends after the Cosplay Cafe by SUAC in Sunway College XD

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