Cosmos – A new burger restaurant

There’s this new burger restaurant, called Cosmos in town (Kuching), my bf took me there and we went to try their burgers 😀 Not surprising since in West Malaysia, burger restaurant trend were blooming non-stop @.@ For example Burger Lab, Burger Factory and so on~

This Cosmos burger restaurant is located at Brighton Square aka Titanium, next to Secret Recipe.

Sorry for the blur pic, taken with my phone and someone was kacao’ing me :v When you see this white light, it is Cosmos! XD *pun intended*

The inside, well~ with such a bright white light it feels like a kopitiam >< Although they really wanted to mimic the American style burger chain restaurants haha May need a little change there eh? Or maybe they’re still improving? :3

That aside, their menu were fulllllll of variety of burgers!! It was hard for me to choose one >< But here it is, *forgot the name* but it has double patty, Beef + Chicken patty! And I thought it was only one >_< So thick that my mouth couldn’t fit lol and too fulfilling omg~

For this burger, it’s RM18.80. Can say it’s cheaper than Burger Lab :’D

Single patty for my bf 😛 RM14.90 is not a bad price and it’s just right to fill your tummy during a weekday night XD *no pic sorry but all burgers do look the same 😛 *

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