*Teaser* Anime Gathering 2009

At long last, a year passed since SAMS last Anime Gathering 😀 Now we see news about it lol… Just a short teaser on the event ^^

Full details will be out soon as well as the official poster ^^  so no worries! Haha.. Everybody.. Be prepared for a much more enhanced entertainment of Anime Gathering 2009 :3

All anime lovers, Cosplayers, figure collectors, gunpla assemblers, even those that likes photography (some collections will be displayed) are most welcomed XD Not excluding bloggers and everyone else in Kuching who are interested to go because.. the event is opened to ALL~~~~! 😀

*You are *RESERVED* to go to Anime Gathering 2009*

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SAMS Welcoming Party

Swinburne Anime and Manga Society 1st ever Welcoming Party had just been held last Saturday at MITSU Shabu Shabu! This party was to welcome the new members and of course to interact with each other among members no matter new or old ^^

Everybody reached the place already, I was kinda late XD VIP ma.. lol

The Night’s Menu :

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Anime Movie Night

Maybe I’m a lil late in posting this, well just for the lulz… 😛 Since this activity is the 1st medium scale event for Swinburne Anime & Manga Society, put in some effort and quite successful too 😀

The movie that we aired was “Brave Story” which had received quite a few awards with its beautifully animated pictures and wonderful touching storyline ne.. T.T It’s actually from a game I think haha.. No wonder it runs like in the game o.O

We booked the Lecture Theater, the best place to watch a movie lol with its colloseum-like seats XP

The empty theater~ All to ourselves wahahaha

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Anime Gathering 2008

Anime Gathering 2008, which was organized by me and a few helpful friends, Onineko, ToMCaT, Mika,  Melvin and rain on 6th December last Saturday was… kinda buzzing for me or us @.@ Everything goes on too fast and a blur as I was too busy with the preparations before and on that day, not to mention after the event I’m still busy o.O Ah.. enough of that, lets go on with everyone’s fav lol And sorry for lack of photos, din got enuf time to snap the events >< *Gerald Lim and Allen Ang I wan photos, ori(resized) :P* Here’s a few :

A Japanese song “Mirai” by Lost Russian Princess and Videl. The song name’s meaning is the same as the Chinese ver meaning “Hou Lai” means future ^^ The 1st performance was actually by Arthur playing Reila by The Gazette using the keyboard 😛 Continue reading

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