Tsum Tsum Autosender Instruction (PC)

Tsum Tsum Autosender Instructions via PC

Tsum Tsum has been a widely played mobile game since quite many years ago, I played it too but only recently I just turned hardcore following my friends 😛
I joined heart sending groups and began adding players from all around the world (International ver btw)

And so, my friend list also began to increase, up til 300! Imagine sending to 300 friends 5-6 times manually each day since each group has a minimum heart count weekly need to send (eg 35 <3 /week)

After awhile, it became harder to send as I’m a working adult now, I won’t have much time to send during work hours *sads*

Then I began researching on the “magical” auto senders which everyone is using and enables them to send up to 100+ hearts weekly!

I was excited about it but when I try to search for a clear instruction, there wasn’t much for a beginner like me who doesn’t know A-Z of the software. And so I just scavenge from the popular reddit thread that touch on the said topic.
It still doesn’t give any clear head start so I just try to solve the puzzle collecting pieces of information discussed.

I successfully solve the basics and thought that I should share this out to all Tsum Tsum Players who just started too 😀

Well, this is only the basics for beginners to auto heart sending, after that, you can proceed to advance autosenders whichever you like 😉

Step by Step to Tsum Tsum AutoSender (PC ver, works best for me)

1. Understanding the basic software
– Download an emulator, emulator acts as a “virtual” android phone in your PC, so it has an app store where you can download the Tsum Tsum app from, just like an android phone 😀

Nox Emulator software, looks just like an android phone, just that it’s in your PC

2. Install & Download Tsum Tsum App
– I used Nox Emulator, you can download it here. Some people use Bluestack though
– Follow the instruction on the site to Install and Open
– Download Tsum Tsum from Google Play Store (circled in red above)

3. Sign in to Tsum Tsum App
(Note: DO NOT sign in to Line App, it will clear all your chats on your smartphone)
– Use your registered email to sign in (You’ll see a small sentence : “Line Login” below, no worries just proceed)
– Where to check your registered email? You can check in your mobile Line App > Settings > Account > Change Your Email
– Reset password if you forgot the password.
– Login and voila! You’re in!

Note: You cannot log in to PC and mobile ver at the same time, you can only log in one side at a time.

4. Built in Macro recorder
– Get used to the graphic and movement of the Tsum Tsum App
– Find this icon on the Nox Navigation Bar on the right side (Refer below pic)
– Click it and see the Play(F1), Pause(F3), Stop(F2) short cut key
– Play – Start recording, Pause – Pause recording, Stop – Save recording

– Plan how you want the autosending to be set up, for mine, I set it to give hearts and scroll up to the next 4 friends and start giving hearts.
– This records your mouse clicks and repeats if you loop it.

5. Setting up macro recording
– As the scrolling will screw up midway, I recorded to scroll more on the 2nd time scrolling to balance it out.
– Make sure to give ample time before clicking after giving a heart because sometimes the mickey mouse loading icon would stuck there for few seconds more.
– you will need to repeat this step in order to get it the right timing, you can refer to my video here to see how I scroll mine, sometimes it lasts through the whole list.
– In the recorded macro video settings, you can loop this action many many times, depending on how many friends you have.
– When you want to start sending hearts, adjust your friend list scrolling, and click the play button beside your recorded action, play button would turn light blue color.

– Extra tips: you can record the Claim All hearts action and play it when you sleep at night! Loop with intervals in between

These are the basics of setting up an autosender on PC, it still needs your attention but much more convenient compared to manually sending right, it saves more time 😉

But if you want to go further, there’s two extra steps you can choose from.

6. Bonus Step 1 Setting remote access to your PC from work, outside and anywhere!
– Monitor or play your recorded action to start sending hearts automatically.
– I use Chrome Remote Desktop App, you can read the installation instruction here
– Alternatively you can install Teamviewer app as well, but due to it needs iOS 9 or newer, my phone can’t support, sadly.

7. Bonus Step 2 (ultimate autosender)
– Use AutoHotKey (AHK) script written by 1 of the Tsum Tsum players, he posted this script in Reddit here

Find this link by nething4tc

– This AHK is a software which can automatically click the needed buttons in most situations by running scripts, you do not need to do anything! It runs faster too.
– Download his files and download/install AHK software.
– Follow instructions/requirements in his readme note.
– Again, sadly I couldn’t use this script because my desktop max resolution is lower than the requirement. It’s important to have the same resolution because the script uses location calculations to pinpoint the buttons.

Hope this tutorial helps you to understand how the autosender works, sorry if I made it look messy XD If you have any questions, feel free to comment or PM me at my page. I’ll try my best to advice 😀

Also, if you’ve proceeded to the advanced autosenders like AHK scripts, please post in the comments or on my page, I would love to see your results/story , it would help other players too 😉

Thank you for reading! Happy Tsum’ing !


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