Purple and White Theme

Decorating my new room with purple and white theme is not a far-fetched dream at all now~ After much struggle from parents, stock availability problem in Kuching, pricing bargains and quality:

Finally I got my white cupboard!! Been planning to get one for my new room arrangement as its one of the main element for white theme >_< But it was hard to find stock in Kuching, not to say reasonable price D: The quality made from thick wood is a bonus as it’ll last longer now 😀 Since the ones made in China is also of similar price, might as well~ 😛 It’s sooo smooth~~ :3

And maybe something to go with it:

White against purple BG XD A xmas gift I received :3

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2 thoughts on “Purple and White Theme

  1. Khyrull says:

    Hi.. i’m looking for white cupboard like this in Kuching, do you know where i can get and buy it? thanks.
    gorgeous cupboard you have… 🙂

  2. Serene says:

    Hi there, you can buy it at Tropical Living Furniture shop at Sekama road, you can see it from the road side 🙂 Thanks for the compliment too ^^

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