Today 10.30am attended a Swinburne Bloggers Meet, kinda haha.. Just gathering some Swinburne students who do blog ^^ And help out with SwinTalk.com, a new community for Swinburne Bloggers which they can post some updates there, at the same time, promoting their own blogs 😛

These are some Swinburne bloggers, listening attentively while I… take pics! 😛


All Swinburne students who blogs.. omg, I revealed their identities o.O

We were talking about what kind of post we can update, must we use perfect English, how to register in SwinTalk.com etc etc haha.. Every bloggers in Swinburne are welcome to blog in SwinTalk.com so Swinburne kia~ can go SwinTalk.com there register ^^ SwinTalk.com might plan a gathering for its members from time to time to get to know each other, though we can meet in Swinburne but too many students already o.O And some of us might prefer to go outside to meet and gathering having fun chatting away in a comfortable cafe etc XD

After finishing, Woon Yien discussing with Mr. Ronald, if not mistaken about how to do the banner for SwinTalk.com, she also asked me and Onineko to help out with designing the logo and banner for SwinTalk.com, then doing namecards, we had figured out what kind of concept we’ll use too 😛 Now we need banners printing Kang tao lol

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