Luxury Cafe

Last weekend went to Luxury Cafe with a friend, located next to Am Bank at 4th mile next block to Everrise o.O It’s a good thing Luxury Cafe opens during day time on certain days, I lol’ed at their opening hours :

So.. Random lol But now I know which day and time its open, which time closes swt..

A sample of their sets menu. RM13 for each with 1 Orange Juice

These are a bit of local sets which are cheaper obviously, RM5.50/RM6.50 with 1 Iced Lemon Tea

I ordered Fresh Chrysanthemum Tea (cold) for RM2.50 if I’m not mistaken haha.. Memory loose again >< And my friend’s Orange Juice coz ordered 1 of the set meal, Combo B Rosemary Lamb o.O

 While I ordered Fried Rice with salted fish RM5.00 I’m so kiam.. 😛 It was quite nice, and quantity is ok for me ^^

Here’s my friend’s Combo set, wow.. The lamb looks big.. o.O Not bad.. With french fries and salad though it took a bit of time to be served ^^” Grilling the lamb I think :3

Well, here goes the shortest food post I think o.O That night was also the Black Out of whole Sarawak, where jams were unavoidable, nothing to do and I couldn’t see my food >< Swt..


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