Coo Coo Ron’s Cafe

After the meeting, Me, Onineko, Woon Yien and ToMCaT went to Coo Coo Ron’s Cafe again! Yay.. This time, we’re having our lunch there as Onineko need to take photos of the food for her assignment ^^ We get to join in too heheh..

The seats inside the bamboo interior, looks nice and high class haha

Just another non-human pic lol Its the paintings on the wall, the artists were

The paintings got a story of its own according to the owner, Sharon, the spores on the other wall were closed, then slowly at this wall, the spores exploded from its plant and fly off dancing with the wind that carried it. Nice story eh? 😉

After we arrive we cam-whore lol Me and Woon Yien 😛

The whole interior of Coo Coo Ron’s Cafe, looks nice, cool and comfortable right? haha..

One of the seats at the corner, looks very.. private o.O with furry pillows XD

The exit, I just love the red stripe curtain ^^

How romantic.. hehe..

The whole seat of that romantic area lol The wall is nice, matches well with the red couch.

Next up, the toilet area o.O They allow people to leave their signature or write something there, til very very messy >< I just pin my namecard there last time, its still there! Did you see it? hehe.. Heard Sharon said maybe will re-paint the whole wall once a year, later no more space for people to sign ^^” Need to prepare my namecard again lol

Onineko and the others begins their snapping XD

All 4 drinks that we ordered

1st, my drink Green Apple Juice RM4.50, it’s really refreshing..! I ordered 2 times lol

Onineko‘s Oreo Chocolate RM6.80 Maybe will order that next time when I have more $$$ o.O

ToMCaT‘s Green Tea, a set together with his set lunch

Yien Yien‘s Peace Spirit, which is Peach flavor mixed with Sprite RM3.80

Well, this is an extra which Sharon let us try, she made it with her own remedy, supposed to have a Cherry on top, a new drink which will be launched in September o.O it’s really nice, Rose flavor but it doesn’t have a name yet, we wanna name it Sexy Rose or Rozen Maiden lol Watched too much anime *tsk tsk* 😛

British Style Fish N Chips and Grilled Chicken Chop

Onineko‘s British Style Fish N Chips close up RM9.00 Very nice with fragrant scent

My Grilled Chicken Chop RM9.00 Nice fragrant too, comes with 2 pieces of Garlic Bread, French Fries and Chili syrup? ^^” Very rich.. ^^

Yien Yien‘s Banana Choc Peanut Butter Toast RM5 She said its very nice.. Just that she’s still full so couldn’t finish it owh.. I ate some instead 😛

ToMCaT‘s lunch set, Grilled Chicken Chop with rice, together his Green Tea its RM6

Stormy Fries our snack in case of hunger lingers after our meal o.O RM7.50 There’s 3 types of French Fries together, Curly Fries, Hash Brown and Fried Potato I think.

Close up~ Looks tempting o.O

ToMCaT and Yien Yien taking pics wahahah..

And a group photo of the foodz… haha.. Looks nice together, thanks to the good lighting there, we captured alota nice pics ^^

WoW so many foodz.. It’s mine.. 😛

The group of drinks from the side..

Hafta thank Sharon for sharing with us their flavor syrup ^^ These are the syrup they put in Sprites and different flavored Tea that were served. I like the bottle and the colours hehe..

I won’t miss putting up your pic Onineko.. *hehehe*

We took a pic with Sharon, the owner of Coo Coo Ron’s Cafe *I dun mean to act cute here, just wanna cover my pimple o.O* swt..

Phew! Taking all the photos above, took us about 1 hour before we can eat our food o.O And then, after finish eating,, Onineko interviewed Sharon for her assignment, and we found out Coo Coo Ron was actually Cool Cool & Romantic, combined with Sharon’s name *Ron* , became Coo Coo Ron haha.. Nice and creative le.. Coo Coo Ron’s Cafe was the only cafe around Green Road area where Green Road students can enjoy the Cool and Romantic atmosphere during day time ^^ The price in Coo Coo Ron is still reasonable than other Cafes which are more expensive o..

Still *Very good* recommendation ^^ I ate til very full haha.. Here’s Coo Coo Ron’s Cafe namecard, anything just call ^^

Front of namecard

Rear of namecard, follow the map, easy to find de haha

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10 thoughts on “Coo Coo Ron’s Cafe

  1. renaye says:

    if i ever visit kuching i would request u to be my tour guide!

    yea …. i will be careful. i need to remind myself not to think of the spirits so i won’t attract them in my house.

  2. Serene says:

    @ryukku-k : hehe.. yupz.. still wanna go bek there eat le.. o.O Very nice and comfortable de.. ^^ Can have gathering there nxt time wahaha
    @renaye : Hehe.. sure thing! Would be glad to hehe.. Then must come Kuching o.. 😛 Then think more on Cosplay! ^^ haha

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