SAMS Welcoming Party

Swinburne Anime and Manga Society 1st ever Welcoming Party had just been held last Saturday at MITSU Shabu Shabu! This party was to welcome the new members and of course to interact with each other among members no matter new or old ^^

Everybody reached the place already, I was kinda late XD VIP ma.. lol

The Night’s Menu :

Healthy Vege

Chickin slim meat 😀

And they started once they sat down o.O Din wait for me~~~~~ ><

The longest table for our group in Shabu Shabu o.O All guys except Chris’s gf swt

Fuah.. Lets dig in! XD

Ah! Takahashi! Caught red-handed behind his back 😛

Points. Peace.


Epic Eating Style hohoho *Click for epicness*

My vege piled up lol

Time for lucky draw~~~! ToMCaT the 1st drawer lol Guess what’s the prize? Bet you would be shocked 😀

Congratulations! You got yourself an OREO! XD

This time MiKa‘s turn to draw.. Melvin got an OREO! hahaha..

This time Onineko‘s turn.. *OMG OMG OMG*

Chris’s gf got the prize XD Its a cute tiny Haruhi keychain sponsored by rain 😀

Soshite! My turn wahahaha.. I cudn’t draw tiok my own number >< Instead, Greg’s number was drawn.. Congrats 😀 Another kawai haruhi keychain..

Last lucky draw! Chris kenak! And he went to the bathroom swt.. Was count down’ing when he re-appeared from the bathroom lol.. Again, you got an OREO! XD

After the lucky, some ppl went off adi, and it was like 8pm only o.O swt.. Some still stayed and chatted, even borrowed from the club library??? o.O Very swt, really a portable library we have here ^^” And I was still eating, cooking to be exact.. til the very very end lol.. However still communicated with some of the new members haha.. Hope the members enjoyed this laid-back party 😛

AND TOO BAD ToMCaT and Wee’s Wedding failllll… o.O swt… No yaoi.. huhuhu..

Next couple goes tooooo : Lawrence x ToMCaT x wee (maybe) 3P!

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