Anime Movie Night

Maybe I’m a lil late in posting this, well just for the lulz… 😛 Since this activity is the 1st medium scale event for Swinburne Anime & Manga Society, put in some effort and quite successful too 😀

The movie that we aired was “Brave Story” which had received quite a few awards with its beautifully animated pictures and wonderful touching storyline ne.. T.T It’s actually from a game I think haha.. No wonder it runs like in the game o.O

We booked the Lecture Theater, the best place to watch a movie lol with its colloseum-like seats XP

The empty theater~ All to ourselves wahahaha

*Photo taken by ToMCaT*

*Photo taken by ToMCaT*

And lookie at what we were watching 😛 Cool guys dancing wahahah.. That time rndm arrived and fell in love with the song lol

Some people arrived after that.. Still waiting..

Then more people came in o.O Even some lecturers came 😀

While watching.. Everyone was so attentive.. XD Nice movie rite? hehe.. Luckily the technician were there when there was a technical problem in the middle of the movie >< And it goes smoothly 😀 At the end of the movie, feel eyes so teary T.T such a touching story huhu

Camwhore.. lol no la.. Its the organizing crew 😛

Again.. XD I think the guys at the back got bit boring? o.O hahaha..

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