Sushi King Bonanza

Last week during Mid-term break (which seem like no break at all) went to Sushi King to enjoy the bonanza of RM2! XD Was wondering when can go Sushi King since ToMCaT put us aero =.= Luckily Keh Shiun called Onineko ask go Sushi King at the Spring. So you guys know la.. fetch here and there then only go to tHe Spring Sushi King. Met SWATwolf there with the rest of the people, show our Sushi King card *tadaaaaa* and in we go XD

Sushi King already quite full at 11+am.. o.O Coz this bonanza only last for 4 days, ppl flooding and rushing is not a rare sight ^^”

Haha.. Waiting for Sushi? o.O

Separate table *dunno why they squeeze like that o.O* My table so comfortable lol

Dun misunderstand~ We haven took all the sushi we wanted yet.. XD

Smoked Salmon RM2

Normal Salmon RM2

I-dunno-wat sushi RM2

Vege sushi?? RM2

On that very same day, after Japanese class follow LRP go Taka Bakery Shop, bought myself an Oreo Cheese Cake to be my camera model lol RM5 o.. >< Must enjoy some time in life 😀 I live to eat hohoho

I like the deco very much, kawaii na.. ^.^

Hm.. feels like somebody gonna strangle me for posting the pics up 😛

Yum yum.. The cake was very nice, very cool… >_< hehehe..

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