*Let The Root Stay*

Last Sunday and I mean last last Sunday o.O On 26th April me Onineko and MiKa went to the Sarawak Rock Party at Kenyalang Cinema there XD On that night, almost all chinese local bands gathered to bring to us magnificent rock melodies which includes Dream Machine, SLaP!, Visualies, Swing Habit, AMS(from Hong Kong) etc etc altogether 15 bands o.O wowowow… lol

The moment of glory~ They have nice stage >< LA Lighting sponsored too.. o.O

Heroes of Justice! We are one! LOL *just showing off our entrance tattoo* 😛

Better camwhore 1st as proof we’re there XD

And showing off tattoo again.. X)

The hosts for the night! Dunno the name oni noe Season Ting the male who’d performed too..

The 1st band to perform : MonkeyKat. Just felt the vocalist’s outfit doesn’t match her band’s? :X

Next up is DISABLE.. All of them were disciples of SLaP! o.O

The band : Khai with its stylish vocalist 😀

Rockish outfit desho? XD Nice guitar too haha..

Channel I by Pazuzu‘s band lol

Shot Gerald shooting the bands muahahaha…

Visualies where Russel is in, together with Bunnie’s bf 😀

SLaP! Another popular band in Kuching~ Vocalist seems to be Cutting Edge’s hairstylist? o.O Their drummer was hilarious lol..

Season Ting performing solo.. with the help of some other band members.

This band is the oldest band which lasted 18 years! o.O Presenting Spider Web~ Band members are our elders yet they rock X) Sang hakka song then 4got wat language of song adi ><

Following that, Rock Paradise in action!

And the DJ starts! Dream Machine rock the audience with its fast and hitish rhythm of Ah How’s rap~ Cool and original hahaha.. I like the DJ music at 1st 😛

Pazuzu in the spotlight lol..

Single Track Mind, another solo 😀

A unique band name 😛 Dyerbreed~!

AMS, a band from Hong Kong! They performed nice music too ^^ and AMS stands for Amazing Music Staff, LOL

This is my last photo of the night as my camera was out of batt T.T A few bands were left out so gomenasai~ huhuhu.. We stayed til the 2nd last band then we left as it was a Sunday night, we have classes the next day o.O So sad being a student 😛 At the party, we bought their CDs which were sold there on the spot. They also sold T-shirts for the event, design not bad but I wanna save $$? ^^” hohoho.. Had a rockish night, quite tired but fun.. and..

I came home half deaf…*_*

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