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I received the confirmation email today on my application with the Sarawak Bloggers community. Thus, I am happy to announce that I am now a proud Prime Blogger of Sarawak Bloggers ^^ Looking forward to being a part of the community 😀

After browsing through their site, I find that they are quite a fun, friendly and organized community which motivated me to want to join them 😀 (Its also been ages I participated in any blogger’s events :P)

They help to gather contests and events near our location (whole Sarawak) and encourages everyone to join, or get special rate for bloggers registered under them ^.^

There are two categories of bloggers list, (i) Prime Blogger and (ii) Casual Blogger. The names are quite self-explanatory so I’m quite lazy to explain haha.. For more info, just head on over to their site and explore the wonders of Sarawak Bloggers community XD

Another story : I was quite surprised to find out that a Japanese blog/site featured one of my post about Sarawak Club Golf Resort o.o *happy happy* heheh..

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