Happy Deepavali & Countdown

Happy Deepavali!

Tho I dun hav frens celebrating >< But still receive my wishes here πŸ˜€

And now, it is still 15 days before the BIG event and another BIIGGG event @.@ Kinda coincidence that both are gonna be on the same date >_< Tho dun tink my best frens will be celebrating together with me on that very same day πŸ™ because of the BIIGGG event @.@

There were some bad stuffs happening recently, one is my missing dogs (been looking for 5 days already T.T hope they can survive) and my ***** is not in peaceful mode.. Hope they’ll reconcile soon tho obviously it is just a very VERY minor matter.. swt.. so I can use this incident to defend myself when I need it πŸ˜€

I wish my wish can come true… >.<

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7 thoughts on “Happy Deepavali & Countdown

  1. Et says:

    hey your dogs are German Shepard right? when i was browsing thru yen ru’s facebook i saw that u tag her ur missing dog photos..i am not really sure if the german shepard i saw was urs…because i was in the car then. I saw this one german shepard two days ago playing at the side of the big longkang near alpha tuition there..hope this bit of information would help!

  2. Serene says:

    @Et : U mean the Alpha Tuition at Hui Sing there rite? Omg.. we did searched tat area few times T.T Hope it din went farÒ€¦ >.< About wat time u saw it? Got collar? @.@ Thx for the info yea ^^

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