Birthdays @ Side Walk

Celebrated Laisy, YenRu and Judy’s 21st birthday at Side Walk located at Green Heights near roundabout. The location was good, on a hill facing the road lol.. Thus a nice breeze blowing gently from the car 😀

The outdoor seats. And this pic looks like a painting @.@

The indoor setting

Candlelit dinner.. the environment quite romantic for couples XD

Green Heights Breeze RM7.80 Felt its bit too expensive for such small portion o.O

Blue Monday RM6.80 Now this is more like it.. ^^”

Fish and Chip RM10+

Chicken Chop RM14.80

Carbonara (Linguine) RM18.80 Quite cheesy compared to normal carbonara, but not as thick cheese as Original Carwash’s @.@

Lastly dessert lol Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe 😀 Dam nice, but too much is not gud ><

I couldn’t take pics of the Birthday girls as I was using my HP camera, it was too dark >< But do wish them a very special and Happy 21st Birthday ^^ Now they are adults hahaha.. XD

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