Princess Serenity Petit Chara by Megahouse

Finally I unboxed and assembled my Princess Serenity Petit Chara by Megahouse >_<

This Princess Serenity version was a bit hard to obtain, and how I waited so long for her to arrive, cause due to those holidays and cny >_< Not to say, almost all the merchandises for SailorMoon 20th anniversary merchandises are hard to import to Malaysia as they’re only available in Japan >_<

So yeah, I have my source :3 You can read about it in my earlier post XD

*If you would like help in buying some of her merchandises, I can provide the service (at a charge) provided it is still available >_<

Bought a display case from Daiso, since its big enough for her, and took her out into the sunlight back in Kuching :3

The parts were easy to set up, and not easy to break too, they all fits! >_<

And there~! Same pose as her poster 😛 I like this pose better than just the front view haha

The paint job was nicely done, where usually there’s always some slight smudge here and there on trading figures, and I love her eyes! <3 Very beautiful and really depicts how Princess Serenity shows her expression >_< It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with her XD

Her rear view and detail of her dress is not bad, quite like the pearlscent feel and much layers for her dress and ribbon >_< Not to mention, her two-tone hair color which is kinda magical >_<

Put in case, Princess Serenity was quite photogenic so took few shots of her in front of the Moon Kingdom 😀

*It sure was hard as I need to make sure she’s kinda “floating” in front of the screen :’D

Still couldn’t pull off the blending of the BG but am sure liking it XD and much easier than setting up a 3D BG LOL

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