CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry Rice @ One Utama

CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry Rice is a famous chain of restaurant in Japan with several levels for their curry rice. When it arrived in Malaysia, it was such a hot topic! The first restaurant being in One Utama Shopping Mall, me and a few friends went to try out their Karei Rice~ >_<

For some reason, their menu looks old/worn out? Didn’t had the chance to snap their restaurant but seems quite normal, or minimal renovation for decors ^^” Well, lets hope the food taste nice :3

You can either order custom Ala Carte or just choose their Set Meal which range around RM18 – RM28. For me, I think it’s better to choose their Set Meal, unless you’re not ordering any meat or Set Meals doesn’t include what you wanted 😉

*Less rice = -RM3! XD

The drinks menu were very lacking, there were only few drinks to choose from (not to say, very expensive too considering environment is really normal), there weren’t even fresh green tea :’D So I ordered Mineral Water RM3, while my friend ordered this Milo (not knowing it was this kinda small-packed Milo lol) RM5, yes RM5! @.@ My friend wasn’t very impressed orzzz

It was after we got our drinks that we saw other customers only ordered plain water, and it’s free I heard :’D Now we know better, we will go for plain water next time >_<

And here comes the first CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry Rice ~! XD custom ala carte Egg with Curry Rice RM18 (Level 1 or 2 spiciness)

CoCo ICHIBANYA Pork Curry Rice (level 2) RM23-25

CoCo ICHIBANYA Chicken Curry Rice (mild level) RM23-25

CoCo ICHIBANYA Chicken + Egg Curry Rice (level 1) RM23-25

Mine was the mild level one 😛 I can’t take very spicy food >_< I prefer to enjoy the taste rather than the spiciness, and I heard CoCo ICHIBANYA here increased it’s spiciness to suit local taste. So yeah, I really wish they did not do that as they should maintain original taste from Japan, which isn’t spicy at all :’D And level 2 already made my friends sweating lol

Overall, I quite enjoy the curry rice, though my friends think that it tastes quite normal. Might come here eat again before I leave, hopefully the taste improves by then XD Well, and remember to just order plain water! hahaha

Location and Contact Details

CoCo Ichibanya Curry House

1 Utama, LG333A, Lower Ground, New Wing

Tel: 03-7732-8937

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