Amcorp Mall Haul

And so…. begins the day I drilled a small hole in my wallet :’D Went to Amcorp Mall with my friend last last Sunday to explore the famous flea market held every Sunday. There were so many antiques!!! @.@ Figures and hot toys as well!! hahaha My friend’s main target to go there 😛

They have stalls/booths on every floor @.@

Well, not really in the condition to buy antiques (bolui T.T) or figures but I only have little interest in them XD until I saw.. plushiessssss!!! I’m so obsessed that I think I’m gonna start a plushie collection! *fill my room with plushies* :3

Aren’t they adorable?? >_< I couldn’t choose between the Panda (brother) and Polar Bear (Coca Cola) so just bought both :’D I do think they have their value since they are mascot/represent some of the global well-known brand names, “brother” and “Coca Cola” 😀
Got them both at RM50 hehe :3

brother printer Panda from Singapore *hoodie*

Coca-Cola Polar Bear from Singapore too >_<

Got this as a free gift, it’s a Wombat plushie by Burger King from Australia, from the label it is to promote the preservation of the endangered species, the Wombats.

Other than that, got me some pretty collection new earrings 😛


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