Amcorp Mall Haul

And so…. begins the day I drilled a small hole in my wallet :’D Went to Amcorp Mall with my friend last last Sunday to explore the famous flea market held every Sunday. There were so many antiques!!! @.@ Figures and hot toys as well!! hahaha My friend’s main target to go there 😛

[singlepic id=4118 w=500 h= float=center]

They have stalls/booths on every floor @.@

Well, not really in the condition to buy antiques (bolui T.T) or figures but I only have little interest in them XD until I saw.. plushiessssss!!! I’m so obsessed that I think I’m gonna start a plushie collection! *fill my room with plushies* :3

[singlepic id=4105 w=500 h= float=center]

Aren’t they adorable?? >_< I couldn’t choose between the Panda (brother) and Polar Bear (Coca Cola) so just bought both :’D I do think they have their value since they are mascot/represent some of the global well-known brand names, “brother” and “Coca Cola” 😀
Got them both at RM50 hehe :3

[singlepic id=4106 w=550 h= float=center]

brother printer Panda from Singapore *hoodie*

[singlepic id=4107 w=550 h= float=center]

Coca-Cola Polar Bear from Singapore too >_<

[singlepic id=4108 w=550 h= float=center]

Got this as a free gift, it’s a Wombat plushie by Burger King from Australia, from the label it is to promote the preservation of the endangered species, the Wombats.

[singlepic id=4109 w=550 h= float=center]

Other than that, got me some pretty collection new earrings 😛


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