Apple Wings Garden @ Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Last week, I rented a booth stall in a Bazaar at Syok! Mall, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Only for 1 day though >_< Thanks to Jessie from Catarina Catalogue 😀 Alpaca plushies FTW~ <3 Sales was not bad there, lack of crowd though, maybe it was near exams or holiday season :’D But am glad to get to know some customers who knew about alpacas there, spread all the alpaca fluffiness loves~~~ XD Everyone passing by went “eeeeeeeeeeee so cute!” >_<

It kinda made me happy knowing that I brought smiles to everyone passing by >_< Maybe that’s the reason that kept me going for my Apple Wings online shop >////<

Apple Wings Garden booth stall full of fluffs! :3


*Just an extra info for someone who doesn’t have transport or doesn’t know the buses routes to Taylor’s Uni:

Took the shuttle bus there from Sunway Pyramid Mall. While I’m at this, let me explain exactly where the bus will pick up from Sunway Pyramid, as there were no references about this, which cost me like an hour to get there =3=

So, the place where you’ll need to wait for the shuttle bus Sunway Pyramid to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, first go out from the new wing entrance (H&M or Caffe Bean)/main entrance (Starbucks), walk across the road via the sky bridge, I repeat, cross to the opposite side of the road, NOT in front of Sunway new wing entrance/bus stop because they won’t stop there, eventhough they do, they WILL NOT let you onto the bus and ask you to cross the road too =.=

It is free to ride the shuttle bus there, but will cost RM1.50 to ride the bus back to Sunway Pyramid (now they will stop right at the bus stop in front of H&M/Caffe Bean entrance :’D )

iPhone 5 Replacement Program

Recently my iPhone 5, which I bought 2 years ago, suddenly gotten bloated – the screen pop up, separated from the outline of its casing, as shown in pic below:

See that red circle? And it actually extended to the top part too. Heard people saying that it’s dangerous to keep using, later explode! @.@ And asked me to go enquire at Apple Service Centre whether it can be claimed/fixed (I would prefer claim la :’D)

Thus, as advised I went on to Machine Service Centre (in KL) Continue reading

Stroke of Bad Luck in Sunway University

Despite all the fun during last weekend (Animax 2015) and last last weekend (CTGF 2015), something happened in between, in the all-famous-well-known Sunway University. It really opened my eyes to the dark side of the university, and it’s really disappointing 🙁 *well, half is due to my own carelessness >.<)

What happened?

On the 26th Mar 2015, I lost my wallet, or rather my wallet was stolen (>50% sure) when I was attending my P2 subject test, my bag was IN the classroom!! Can you believe that? How skilled can the thief (student) be which he/she can get my wallet out of my bag (which was left on the ground at the back of the classroom, has another backdoor there) without being noticed zzzzzz Not to mention it’s in the classroom of Sunway University dafuqqq??!

Though partly it was my carelessness that I did not bring my wallet to my table together too, but still, I thought Sunway is a safe and secured place, who knows Sunway concealed this fact so well~

Ok that’s alright, went to report my lost wallet at the Security department and SSD to try my luck (as usual, no luck). After that I heard that there were a few other students who lost their wallet or purses, during tests, at that very same classroom inside and outside @.@ One I heard of was found in the girl’s toilet but money and BB1M book voucher were gone (which proves is really done by a student of Sunway).

And it turns out that there were many cases of missing, or rather stolen wallet/purses long long time ago. So why didn’t Sunway management do anything and just let all these cases slide? We have most of our important documents like IC, driving license, ATM cards, credit cards inside, or some memories that people have, once we lost it, we lost our identity like 80% of it >.< Money is ok as we can still earn back. Some students they might not have reported this to the police if they found their wallet/purses so police reports might have lesser quantity regarding stolen wallets in Sunway University.

And why doesn’t most of the students know about the risk of leaving their wallet in their bags during tests, at least the management or the invigilators can warn the students when the test starts, but NO they didn’t even mention anything! And while knowing that, the invigilators at least can watch over the bags area when students left earlier after finishing the test, but NO, they were playing with their phones zzzzzzz
*Mind you, the invigilators are students too

What if the Sunway Management included the clause that they will not bear responsibility if students ever lost their belongings? Well, all I can say is, Sunway University is not a safe place, there were many cases of stolen items, and I did not only lost my wallet, I lost other items too, in my own hostel unit, and I can’t do anything about it but just be cautious~ Even my housemates lost their shoes and such @.@ Not to be racist but we were suspecting one of our housemate, the foreigner, her friend, who stole our stuffs. And this is Sunway hostel, Sun-U Residence, for your info.

So to all students, please take your wallet/purse and phone to your table during tests, as no one can do anything to help once you’ve lost it >_<

Extra bad luck: and I got a room mate who at all times needed to on the fan FULL BLAST (5), air cond 21-22 degree celsius at night, with the fan ON, normally at FULL BLAST but I always turn it to 4, dafuqq like I can survive that cold night sleeping with this temperature and HUGE wind =.= and it got worse when I got sick, I needed to tahan this coldness which she wouldn’t tolerate to turn the temperature warmer zzzzz and it took me a long time to recover.

So you see, it is such a stroke of bad luck, after joining Sunway either the university or the hostel orzzzz
And they cost dam expensive(hostel RM700-780/month twin-sharing room), so yea, I paid to get my stuffs stolen here, really great Sunway University/Sun-U Residence, really great :v

I hope my luck will improve soon >_<

To the person who stole my wallet, karma goes around, comes around, don’t worry :v

*Note: this article is useful if you lost your wallet/purse, can avoid IC penalty :3


Test Week

This week is my course’s Progress Test 2 Week, so will be on hiatus for the week but I promise I will make it up next week! There’s gonna be a few updates coming up, am so excited! hehehe

Last weekend I had a buncha funs and catch ups with my friends at Midvalley, 1 Utama and also volunteering for an event called Comic & Toys Geek’s Fair (CTGF) held at Jaya Shopping Centre 😀

*Friends namely: Kim, Kim bf Jeremy, Laopo Bobo, Kenan, Rashel (pp), Mimi, Sow, Zheng Yaw, Sam, Yi Ting, Darren, Liui Aquino (from Philipine), and the rest of the crew or AMG committees ^^

(I noticed I’m just like a portable light bulb to every couple friends I know lolol :v all blame goes to my bf >.<)

And Animax will be this coming weekend too, look forward to it, feel like it’s my 1st Cosplay experience again, kinda nervous? lol


New Arrival Alpaca & Wooly – Mar’15

As you’ve read on my previous post here, I’ve started an alpaca plushie business over a year ago and it’s been expanding steadily ^^ I’m slowly bringing in other varieties of plushies series from the Alpacasso brand originated from Japan, non-alpaca but still irresistibly adorable! 😀 Hope you’ll all like them~!

*I try to keep all my prices competitive but it’ll get harder when GST implements soon in April next month, so hurry and purchase them before any changes are implemented! 😛

Some new arrivals has arrived! Alpaca & Wooly ready stock, fluffily waiting for you to take them home >_<

*Note: Makiba Kids Alpacasso series 17cm in the pic above has sold out, please refer to the list below for latest arrivals ^^

Continue reading

Sailor Moon Princess Serenity & Cameo Charms Gashapon (20th Anniversary Collection)

I’m was so excited to receive my order for Princess Serenity & Cameo Charms Gashapon, and it has finally arrived! 😀 It took longer than expected due to holidays and some circumstances >_< Well as long they arrived safely ~_~

I haven’t fully opened them yet, still in box/plastic lol will do a shoot on them once I got back my camera and back in Kuching 😛

Princess Serenity Puchi Chara by Megahouse

I fell in love at 1st sight! Not to mention my love for Princess Serenity is already at its best XD I love how her expression is so soft, beautiful, and fantasy-ish >_< Now I just need a pretty back drop for it lol~

More info on the puchi chara can be found here , though it is already out of print by now >_<

Sailor Moon Cameo Charms Gashapon 2015

I haven’t gotten off the plastic due to wanna keep it clean and out of harm’s way til I transfer them back to my home town room lol~ but yeah~ I love cameo! Those who know me well knows that I love cameo and I collects them, especially the ones with a lady :3 So when they announced about it, I was thrilled~! >_< Though don’t think I will be wearing them out any time soon, unless I bought another set for outdoor use 😛

More info of the Cameo Charms here (I love this site 8D )