New Arrival Alpaca & Wooly – Mar’15

As you’ve read on my previous post here, I’ve started an alpaca plushie business over a year ago and it’s been expanding steadily ^^ I’m slowly bringing in other varieties of plushies series from the Alpacasso brand originated from Japan, non-alpaca but still irresistibly adorable! 😀 Hope you’ll all like them~!

*I try to keep all my prices competitive but it’ll get harder when GST implements soon in April next month, so hurry and purchase them before any changes are implemented! 😛

[singlepic id=4048 w=650 h= float=center]

Some new arrivals has arrived! Alpaca & Wooly ready stock, fluffily waiting for you to take them home >_<

*Note: Makiba Kids Alpacasso series 17cm in the pic above has sold out, please refer to the list below for latest arrivals ^^


[singlepic id=4099 w=650 h= float=center]

1. Pirate Alpaca 33cm
2. Makiba Kids Alpacasso 42cm

Colors available:
– White

– Pink

Price ~ RM65 each


[singlepic id=4076 w=650 h= float=center]

Rainbow Alpaca (Large)

Size: 50cm

Color: Rainbow color

Price ~ RM75 each


[singlepic id=4060 w=650 h= float=center]

Girly Kids Alpacasso

Size: 17cm

– Be Jr. (Beige boy)
– Yuki chan (White girl)
– Sora chan (Blue)
– Momo chan (Pink girl)
– Shiro chan (White boy)

Price ~ RM48 each


[singlepic id=4097 w=650 h= float=center]

[singlepic id=4100 w=650 h= float=center]

[singlepic id=4101 w=650 h= float=center]

Fuwafuwa Wooly [NEW]

Size: 16 x 13 x 14 cm

– Lovely (dark pink)
– Wooly (white)
– Mary (pink)
– Fwan Fwan (yellow)

Price ~ RM48 each [Special Price]


If you’re interested, please PM me through my FB page, Apple Wings Garden here 😀

There are more pics available on my FB online page, do feel free to visit and browse through, and if it doesn’t hurt, like my page too for latest upcoming arrivals~! >_< Thank you! <3

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