Nostalgic Comeback!

After MIA’ing for 2 years, I’m finally hardworking enough to comeback and blog again! 😀

Bon Odori dress up :3

Well, my blogging style may change from how I previously blog, as within these 2 years, surely I’ve changed as well~
Lets see, what had happened? Some summarized life event below :

– Worked for 1.5 years as an Assistant Project Accountant (I did learnt many from project accounting to handling full set accounts) *proudss*

– Temporary rest from ACCA exams, actually I got lazy and kinda gave up in the middle 😛

– Did I mentioned I opened an online shop selling Alpaca plushies?? XD Mainly from the series Alpacasso originated from Japan, do visit and support support my biz yea, it’s called Apple Wings Garden :3 Currently I already have over 1k fans for the page, I’m so happy, I never thought I could reach this far! >_<

Apple Wings Garden booth in Kuching – photo credit to Julian Wong

Apple Wings Garden booth/tauke nio in one of KL events – photo credit to Hy Yong

– After thinking for awhile, I decided to go Full time studying for ACCA in Sunway, KL (mostly after parents agreed to let me) due to there’s only part time classes here in Kuching Sunway, how pity >.< Thus, my location changed from Kuching to KL/Sunway area, staying in their dam expensive hostel with limited Internet while going back to my Puchong house on the weekends DD: Now I miss Kuching huhu

– While in KL, I attended quite alota ACG events, the first being AniMangaKi 2014, as well as being a volunteer for the first time there XD It was the happiest first event for me, met lotsa new friends, they were all very nice~ 😀 The organizing committees were very open-minded too, they super love my alpaca plushie wahahaha :v

Finally I debuted my Super SailorMoon Cosplay during CF’14! Much love~~ The effort was worth it! (Will blog about the process later on, I promise! >_< )

– Our Annual Anime Gathering, has up level and changed into an ACG convention called OtaKyun! . We held it in Boulevard Shopping Mall last year in Nov, invited the famous Cosplayer Onnies from Thailand and Kappy, a local Cosplayer from West Malaysia, our very first overseas Special Guests!! >_< The event was considered still a success as many attended and had fun, though there’re still space for improvements fufufu

OtaKyun! 2014 Appreciation Dinner @ Top Spot

– While I’m in KL, my dear bf is still residing in Kuching, never wanna come visit me in KL >.< but we’re still lovey dovey :v

Our recent Valentine’s Day 😀 Shiba Inu plushie is shooo cute~~! >_<

Guess that’s it for the updates for the lost years orzzz In these times I’ve also been thinking quite alot, whether to continue down this path, or to switch path (which means I need to start all over again), and to quit some things along the way 🙁 Age is one factor, how I wish we could stay innocent and things wouldn’t change at all :’D

Will explain more in detail next time! Gotta get ready for classes tomorrow huuuuu >.<


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