ANIMAX Carnival 2015 Live Concert

Recently the Animax FB page updated on their next event in Malaysia, ANIMAX Carnival 2015!

I believe they had their first carnival in Malaysia in 2013, and this year, they’re back with 3 artists + a live concert! 😀

  • Date: 28 & 29 March 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Time: 10am to 6pm/8pm
  • Concert time: 3pm-5pm (on Sunday)
  • Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC)

The 3 artists namely:

1. May’n

The first best artist I listened to last time when she sang for Macross Frontier anime series as Sheryl Nome famous for her energetic and strong voice. Her most recent songs are sang in Accel World and BTOOM!


My first encounter with her songs are from the opening of the anime series ef – A Tale of Memories. Her voice is such as a Goddess’s~~ Very beautiful and angelic >_< Those who had been to AFA’13 would have listened to her live concert and went O M G XD Her latest anime songs from well-known series are VALVRAVE The Liberator, The World God Only Knows, Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School), Toaru Kagaku no Railgun(A Certain Scientific Railgun) and Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise

3. Mami Kawada

Mami Kawada’s songs are always fast and exciting whenever I listen to them 😀 So far I haven’t been to any of her concerts before, so I’m kinda looking forward to it since she sang for a few popular anime series such as Shakugan no Shana and Tokyo Ravens (which I watched :3).

And guess what? I’m going~! To the event and also the live concert~! They’re having a first year special at RM20 for 3 hours! How awesome or cheap is that? 😛 So of course I’ll be there! I don’t mind that it’s just 3 hours XD A-A-And it’s my first time going~ >_<

(If you haven’t known, I’m currently studying in KL, you can read my life story in these 2 years here :3)

Below is a commercial for ANIMAX Carnival 2015 Live Concert, get a feel of it and, why not go and enjoy their live too? It’s only RM20 (excluding RM3 service fee) ma~ 😛 Tickets can be purchased online here.

Oh and I’m planning to Cosplay for Day 1 too, as Super SailorMoon! Excited to be SailorMoon again for the 2nd time >_< So if you see me, do say Hi or take a selfie with me 😀 I might lag awhile, please do not mind me haha :’D

So see you there, if you’re going ne~ 😉

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