iPhone 5 Replacement Program

Recently my iPhone 5, which I bought 2 years ago, suddenly gotten bloated – the screen pop up, separated from the outline of its casing, as shown in pic below:

See that red circle? And it actually extended to the top part too. Heard people saying that it’s dangerous to keep using, later explode! @.@ And asked me to go enquire at Apple Service Centre whether it can be claimed/fixed (I would prefer claim la :’D)

Thus, as advised I went on to Machine Service Centre (in KL), and true enough there is a replacement program for iPhone 5 with bloated battery within 3 years from purchase date! I repeat, I can get a BRAND NEW iPhone 5 as a replacement for its faulty bloated battery :3 I was so happy~!! >_< Though they needed to send for verification first >.< After few days I got this email :

*Please ignore the on-screen shot orzzz*

Yipeee!! Thank you very much, Apple! At least I can save on getting a new phone since I’m studying, bolui ah~~ D:

So after 1 week plus they informed me to collect my new replacement iPhone 5 set, it was quite fast (though I was abit suffering using a temporary Samsung phone haha)

Yay, no more bloated XD But I do noticed a few defects like couldn’t connect Wifi properly, ring tone (few times only) doesn’t ring with sound and the whole phone still get really hot during usage @.@

Apple gives a 3 month warranty for the replaced set so let’s see how it goes, hopefully it’ll get better or last til I’m ready for a new phone >_<

Other than Bloated Battery Replacement Program, iPhone 5 also has another 2 defects which warranty a replacement too:

So if your iPhone 5 is experiencing any problems related to the above 3 issues, you can check out the links above to see whether your iPhone 5 is eligible for replacement or not, OR direct visit any Apple Retailer Service Centre to enquire about your problem (such as mine, as battery bloated replacement program wasn’t announced on the Apple website @.@).

Good luck, and thanks again, luck! XD

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