Kagamine Rin -Nuclear Fusion- 1/8 scale

Jeng! Jeng! My latest figure after giving up to the poison @.@ Received it in a big Citylink Express from XL-shop 😀

Kagamine Rin -Nuclear Fusion- 1/8 scale by Max Factory!

I was addicted to her flurry dress and cool guitar position? 😛 That I couldn’t resist ><

Well, as they said in the figure collectors’ world, “if you like it, just GO for it else you would regret it” @.@

I do not feel like taking Rin out, so I’ll just show her original official pic here haha.. Dam cool 😀

More info on Kagamine Rin here and I don’t think she’s quite available now. But I do have some ways to find old released figures ^.~

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