Tekken 6 BR Tournament 2010

Don’t have a PS3? Don’t have the chance to play the games? Well here’s your ultimate chance to play Tekken and show your skills! Below are the infos~!

Date : 25th Sept 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 12pm – 7pm
Venue : Swinburne Sarawak Campus Auditorium

Registration details :
Registration fee : RM25/person
Closing date : 24th Sept 2010, 5pm/ 32 players limit reached

Grand prize : Tekken limited edition arcade joystick bundle worth RM500
Consolation prizes: total worth RM200 for top 8 players

Registration forms and tournament rules are available at Swinburne Student Council Office.

Contact Rob at 016-8852246 for more info.  Do not miss this opportune chance to try the tournament, you may be the one to take home the prizes ^.^

**PS3 Console version**

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3 thoughts on “Tekken 6 BR Tournament 2010

  1. sbhboi says:

    This is fun, way better than our Sony Centre’s event on Tekken 6 BR. Think this event would be a blast ‘coz of the price, here, winner or lose, take home tee…=(

  2. RollsRoyce says:

    Only top 8 out of 21-24 participants gets the prize so that means 16-18 players will be eliminated. Got in about 5th overall 3 wins 2 lose. Was fine for my retiring Tekken skills.

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