Mooncake Festival 2010

Went to the Mooncake Festival at Carpenter Street with Tomi and Kim on the very last night of the festival after looking at other ppl’s nice photos of it lol But its been lively there, reali is quite a scene to capture in photo :3

Upon arriving, we saw a display of diff kinds of lanterns, big and small and bright 😀 They were all hang in the Chinese temple opposite the main road. There were alota ppl too @.@

Along the way, where stalls are selling drinks and food/snacks

Nice carving which symbolizes Sarawak culture >_<

The… crowd… o.o

From where we were, the DUN looks beautiful with the red shining lanterns hanging along the road

Now this resembles traditional Japanese castle lol..

Traditional performances found~! XD

And we reach the end of the path.. But we still continue on~

I love the classic historical buildings at Carpenter Street, love it even more with the moon in it XD

We went to the *legendary* Court House and shot some nice classics haha

Little Lebanon cafe

The pillars at night are nice @.@ A few nice shots below

This feels like in an art work from victorian house 😀

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