SailorMoon SailorStars Brooch Necklace

Last month I saw a very beautiful SailorMoon brooch which is designed so realistic that I decided I MUST buy no matter what XD

It was a pre-order and needed to wait around 1 month to receive it, I understand the circumstances as the necklace/brooch  isn’t easy to make, its made out of Pearlescent Acrylic via laser cut @.@ That’s hard stuff since u really need the concentration ><

And so~~ around 3-4 weeks passed I waited so patiently for the necklace, it finally arrived (well 2 weeks ago, but delayed in publishing) recently :P  A big THANKS to the owner of KumaCrafts, Mandi for creating such a nice and pretty SailorMoon brooch to be worn about *normally* lol with the right material it doesn’t look fake at all >_<

Once I look upon it, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Unexpected it was quite tiny and chibi, which I like πŸ˜› Continue reading

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Solid Works Aria DX Collection ~winter version~

*Delayed post* XDD Finally I obtained the hardest among them all – Solid Works Collection Aria DX Winter Version trading figs! The 1st version were easier to obtain, but this ver! For me is “its SOOO rare that you cant have it eventho you got the money~” feeling @.@ And it’s a fact!! lol~~~

Was lucky enough when someone commented at my other Aria post that he saw the winter ver on ebay, kindly pasted me the link too. And that was the only stock I found available on the net. Was finding cheaper alternative actually, but to no avail, it is really TOOOOO rare.. @.@ And it is for collection’s sake, also don’t think that there will be another lucky chance like this as there is no available stock anymore on the market, even in Yahoo! Auction. Guessed better just grab the chance πŸ˜€ And so, here it is >_<

Based on Aria the Origination, the 3rd and last season of the Aria series :

Presenting Aria DX Collection Winter Version XD *box* Continue reading

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Colors Gekka Saboh Artworks 2000-2010

My latest artbook collection : Colors Gekka Saboh Artworks 2000-2010 arrived not long after I ordered it, and the catch point is, its ONLY available for sale in Japan~! It was released during a Comiket. I fell in love with it after I read about it here :3 Couldn’t resist and so I bought it through a method from Melonbooks lol Tho bit pricey >< But it was worth it!

This B5 size artbook containing 52 pages is a joint release of Kaya Kuramoto and Asaki Asuka. Both of them have quite similar works, but can be differentiated with the colors or effects they use πŸ˜€ I love the art works inside, good quality paper too lol..

Cover of artbook

Few art works inside Continue reading

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Aria Presidents *Plushies* Arrived!

Finally and really finally my order of the 3 presidents (President Aria, Hime and Maa) from ARIA arrived, after about 1 month plus of wait (coz of the seller and middle person delay on currency change =.=) in a big and I mean really big white box direct from Japan πŸ˜€ I first saw them on sale in Taobao, was so excited and been thinking izzit worth it to buy them at the time. A life size plushie! :3 I can hug them, squeeze them or use them as my future Cosplay for Aria XD *adds them to collection* muahahaha…

After I touched them, it is SOOOO worth it πŸ˜€ since they are rare and of good quality tho the price is abit “beautiful”, but compared to a giant plushie bear with almost the same price, the THREE presidents which is from an ANIME, is much worth it as ARIA merchandise >) And now I present *tadaaaaaaaa*

Continue reading

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Creation of Chandelier Wings

Earlier on I drew (simply) a chandelier with wings in Adobe Illustrator πŸ˜€ I just simply love the flexible brush in AI lol.. and the wings too >_< Then haven got the time to color it til few days ago.. Before sem 2 starts, I better ENJOY coloring them XD Added in some effects, but still its the same style as last time, I havent got a new inspiration of concept yet >< The final result is 2, 1 simple, 1 sophisticatedly universe lol

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