Solid Works Aria DX Collection ~winter version~

*Delayed post* XDD Finally I obtained the hardest among them all – Solid Works Collection Aria DX Winter Version trading figs! The 1st version were easier to obtain, but this ver! For me is “its SOOO rare that you cant have it eventho you got the money~” feeling @.@ And it’s a fact!! lol~~~

Was lucky enough when someone commented at my other Aria post that he saw the winter ver on ebay, kindly pasted me the link too. And that was the only stock I found available on the net. Was finding cheaper alternative actually, but to no avail, it is really TOOOOO rare.. @.@ And it is for collection’s sake, also don’t think that there will be another lucky chance like this as there is no available stock anymore on the market, even in Yahoo! Auction. Guessed better just grab the chance 😀 And so, here it is >_<

Based on Aria the Origination, the 3rd and last season of the Aria series :

Presenting Aria DX Collection Winter Version XD *box*

My fav chara Akari~~ with President Aria :3

Aika from Himeka Company

Alice of Orange Company

The 3 fairies of the 3 companies ^^

The youngest and newest disciple of Aria Company under Akari 😛

Official pic of the figs~ ^^

The last season of the series, gives me a satisfying and touching moments where its got a soft ending. I love how the flow of the water gently moves in the series, the concept was special too, though lack of romance element, the beautiful art just covers it ^^It has its cute side too, the figures are nice too, for the love of them, I shall collect them all nyahahahaha… So if you see any merchandise (good quality ones) of Aria, kindly let me know, thanks~~~!! XDD

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2 thoughts on “Solid Works Aria DX Collection ~winter version~

  1. Catherine Meyers says:

    Wow! those figures are too cute to be tru, congratulations on obtaining them!

    Btw, you have a great blog. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know to send you info on my site ^^


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