SailorMoon SailorStars Brooch Necklace

Last month I saw a very beautiful SailorMoon brooch which is designed so realistic that I decided I MUST buy no matter what XD

It was a pre-order and needed to wait around 1 month to receive it, I understand the circumstances as the necklace/brooch  isn’t easy to make, its made out of Pearlescent Acrylic via laser cut @.@ That’s hard stuff since u really need the concentration ><

And so~~ around 3-4 weeks passed I waited so patiently for the necklace, it finally arrived (well 2 weeks ago, but delayed in publishing) recently :P  A big THANKS to the owner of KumaCrafts, Mandi for creating such a nice and pretty SailorMoon brooch to be worn about *normally* lol with the right material it doesn’t look fake at all >_<

Once I look upon it, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Unexpected it was quite tiny and chibi, which I like 😛

As it’s quite small like standard pendants, it can be worn normally without standing out too much, but it will still stand out a little, which is good~~ since being unique is special XD

Close up,  I quite like the material because its pearlscent colored *I’m attracted to pearlscent colors dunno why o.O* and you can see its neatly laser-cutted ><

I also bought a hp strap kitty that Mandi created, love the design, color and cuteness 😀

Included is KumaCrafts business card? Shows all her social networks if anyone wants to visit them and enjoy her handmade crafts ^^


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