Anime Gathering 2012 Highlights

The official poster is finally up! Come and join us on our venture into the Anime World!

To know more about Anime Gathering 2012, read my previous post about it ^^

This year, AG 2012 is organized by the AG TEAM, proudly sponsored by WEIDA, MOMOTOYS, EPITREATZ, CBL Advertising & Trading, Dataprint, MyVideoTalk representative, and Fullhouse restaurant!! Without you, our event wouldn’t be possible as we aim to provide the best and most enjoyable anime event experience for our audiences ^^

Besides, our event is also supported by Idaman Tuition Centre/理想补习中心 which provide Japanese language classes in Kuching, Sarawak. They also provide Korean language classes and started this year~! They’ll be having a booth at AG 2012 so attendees could inquire on their classes by then 😉

Also, Sarawak Bloggers is our official online media updating and covering news of our event, feel free to visit their site at Sarawak Bloggers Tribune 😀

Program List:

  • Buffet dinner
  • Cosplay Award
  • Japanese fashion runway show
  • Japanese music performances
  • Lucky Draw
  • Karaoke (Anime songs, bring your own files)
  • Exciting games (Its over 9000!)
  • Photo shoot corner (Collaboration with Versailles Maid Cafe)
  • Akihabara Avenue (Japan Pop Culture booths)
  • Figures, Gunpla and Anime merchandises Display

Do visit our official website at for more details on us the AG TEAM and about AG ^^

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