Anime Gathering 2012 Highlights

The official poster is finally up! Come and join us on our venture into the Anime World!

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To know more about Anime Gathering 2012, read my previous post about it ^^

This year, AG 2012 is organized by the AG TEAM, proudly sponsored by WEIDA, MOMOTOYS, EPITREATZ, CBL Advertising & Trading, Dataprint, MyVideoTalk representative, and Fullhouse restaurant!! Without you, our event wouldn’t be possible as we aim to provide the best and most enjoyable anime event experience for our audiences ^^

Besides, our event is also supported by Idaman Tuition Centre/理想补习中心 which provide Japanese language classes in Kuching, Sarawak. They also provide Korean language classes and started this year~! They’ll be having a booth at AG 2012 so attendees could inquire on their classes by then 😉

Also, Sarawak Bloggers is our official online media updating and covering news of our event, feel free to visit their site at Sarawak Bloggers Tribune 😀

Program List:

  • Buffet dinner
  • Cosplay Award
  • Japanese fashion runway show
  • Japanese music performances
  • Lucky Draw
  • Karaoke (Anime songs, bring your own files)
  • Exciting games (Its over 9000!)
  • Photo shoot corner (Collaboration with Versailles Maid Cafe)
  • Akihabara Avenue (Japan Pop Culture booths)
  • Figures, Gunpla and Anime merchandises Display

Do visit our official website at for more details on us the AG TEAM and about AG ^^

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