Event: Anime Gathering 2012

[Photos credit to their respective owners and contributed as official Anime Gathering 2012 event photos]

And once again! Better late than never!! :D  Was supposed to update on the event in Sep but my body wasn’t ready yet~ And people are updating about AFA 2012 by now but oh wellll~~~~ 😛

*ahem* and so~ Anime Gathering 2012 was a SUCCESS in its own way~ and I’m very very grateful and would like to say THANK YOU to all the guests, booth owners, clubs and all the support we got from the sponsors, Versailles Maid Cafe, Saichou Neko and Kyanime in making the event so happening >_< Made an awesome video for our dearest sponsors of Anime Gathering 2012 below 😀

Sponsor Presentation Video

Theme: Sakura Gakuen 桜学園

Number of guests exceeded our expectation and was the best AG so far~ The community just keep increasing! All hail Anime~~~ XD

Freebies for our guests which include a Sakura Gakuen badge, notebook, keychain, and official AG booklet~

Main lucky draw prizes 😀

Some figures and gunpla display~

Marimo Mania booth

The Dolly Carnet

Inori and Miku Hatsune Cosplay XD

Our maids from Versailles Maid Cafe~!! Aren’t they lovely~ 😀

The Cosplay Award participants on stage 😛

hoho another Cosplay, with long black hair @.@

Miku Hatsune high school ver Cosplay XD

Best pic ever on the crowd and Saichou Neko performance! Thanks Russell Ting 😀

Cosplayers and anime lovers dancing to the beat~

Saichou Neko band members ^^

The crowd enjoying the performance, mostly trying to record or shoot the performance lololol~~

After the band performance was a fashion show by The Dolly Carnet on stage~ showing their lovely “daughters” and “sons” XD

A kiss from servbot to the winner(couple cosplay) of Cosplay Award 😛 Sponsored by Momotoys @ One Jaya XD

Group photo of the Cosplayers present at that time, everyone were having fun there *tears of joy*

The lucky draw grand prize goes toooo the lovely girl in blue lolita 😀 Not pink mind you :3

trololololol SM 😡

Group photo of all the personnel in organizing AG 2012, THANK YOU to all my humble slaves committees >3

PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!! The golden rule during a figure display 😛

awwwww poor kitty meow~ :3

Two of our maids <3

And~~~~~ it ended with a poke through the eyes XDDD

To view more pictures of AG 2012, please visit our page album here 😉

And again~ all’s well end GREAT! Am just glad the guests all enjoyed themselves and made some new friends ne~ *so touched* :’D

Articles on Anime Gathering 2012

Pre-AG article in Borneo Post below, thanks to Antonia 😉

Some articles on post-AG event, credit to Antonia and Russell Ting >_<

Please click pic for larger view 🙂

The Borneo Post, 7th September2012, Region page D1

Read the online version here: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/09/07/good-response-to-anime-gathering/

The Star, 7th September 2012, Events – S1

Please click pic to read or for larger view 😉

Online version here : http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=%2F2012%2F9%2F7%2Fsarawak%2F11983247&sec=sarawak

More feedbacks in the event page as well @.@ This really motivate us to work harder for our next AG! Hopefully we can make it better and much bigger~~ And with enough manpower~~~ FYI, if you (yeah, the one reading this) are interested in becoming a volunteer for organizing AG, gain experience as well as true friends, not to mention the fun in doing it!  You may wanna contact us about it through our fan page or AG Kazoku group (feel free to join anyway!) or contact[at]anigathering.com :3 We’re always happy to accept any help with open arms 😀

Other than that, make sure to follow us in our FB page, group, and twitter for any upcoming AG activities updates yea~ 😉

*PS: Don’t forget to visit our main website here tooo!!!

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