Beauty of The Secret Sanctuary in Kuching, Sarawak

This post should have been written last month as it happened during our Gawai Holiday, me and my friends wanted to go on a one-night trip and have fun overnight-ting, unfortunately all the beach side resorts were fully-booked, due to last minute booking and ffk by the same person who should be booking at first =3= Well nevermind, since we found and stayed at The Secret Sanctuary located at Stutong (not a beach I know, sadly). It was a beautiful world, once you go over the doors, its like another world, worthy of its name The Secret Sanctuary 😀

From the outlook, it seems small, however~

Don’t you feel like its a Dreamland? XD

We booked a sharing room called “Cozy Cottage”, fitting of its name, its a small single-floored house @.@

Oh and did I mention, we got discounted rate of RM50 per person inclusive of using spa facilities and breakfast provided :3 Sweet deal ne~~ 😛

The “cafeteria” which I think is quite nice 😀

This place is full of nekos as welll nyan @.@v

The fish spa pond

Swimming poool~~~~~~~~

Hot spa room o.O

The back

The front :3

Me and my dear~~ :3

The fishies are tickling~~~ >.<

Not only the day, during night time its gorgeous too!

If you fancy night time swimming, this is not a bad ambient 😀

The bar~

The 8-course dinner set, RM20 per person @.@ You can still have it eventhough you’re not staying there XD

Holy~!! @.@

The cooking there is quite special I can say haha

And the next day, our breakfast! *droool*

Toasted breads~

Delicious Char Kueh Tiaw~~~~ my friends said its diff than normal, tastier o.O

Camwhore :’D

Lastly, fruits for a fresh start~ haha~ And that’s the end of my photo reviews on The Secret Sanctuary~ Quite a good paradise to stay in and enjoy beauty nature~ And all the spa facilities 😀 Plus the service quite nice too, with a very cheap rate XD Visit their facebook group for more inquiries ^^

Doggie butt XD

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