Anime Gathering 2008

Anime Gathering 2008, which was organized by me and a few helpful friends, Onineko, ToMCaT, Mika,  Melvin and rain on 6th December last Saturday was… kinda buzzing for me or us @.@ Everything goes on too fast and a blur as I was too busy with the preparations before and on that day, not to mention after the event I’m still busy o.O Ah.. enough of that, lets go on with everyone’s fav lol And sorry for lack of photos, din got enuf time to snap the events >< *Gerald Lim and Allen Ang I wan photos, ori(resized) :P* Here’s a few :

A Japanese song “Mirai” by Lost Russian Princess and Videl. The song name’s meaning is the same as the Chinese ver meaning “Hou Lai” means future ^^ The 1st performance was actually by Arthur playing Reila by The Gazette using the keyboard 😛

The whole of Anime Gathering tables with the guests ^^

The only food pic that I took >< Karei soup..

Lighsaber performance by Melvin from Star Wars o.O Maybe a bit of fighting like last year would be nice 😛

Kampai~ lol And so I only got those pics during the event due to business all around @.@ Anime Gathering ends with photoshootings with a bunch of cam whore ^^”

Onineko, LRP, me in the middle poking XD

Blowing kisses Japanese Yukata girls lol

Scary looking lightsaber guy? 😛 *runs away*

And I’m not scared wahaha.. XD

Onineko and ToMCaT


I quite like this pic, nice angle by Onineko haha XD

*Chao Cai Mao* Fortune Summoning Cat lol

Pose pose Babes!

The keychain production group haha.. We were the ones making the keychains given during the event, thank us yea? 😛

Owh.. Lights off-ing.. ><

Must leave the last pic of me here wahaha.. XD

More pics by Gerald Lim and his post here *Gimme the ori pics I dun wan your watermark de XD*

By the way, I’m updating from KL using my Bro’s laptop 😛 hehe.. Attended my Bro’s graduation ceremony in Lim Kok Wing on Saturday o.O Wow.. The plaza looks great 😉 The Hall of Fame.. How should I put it.. Very squeezy o.O Parents all so pushy too >< Price of renting the robe/gown also very “nice”, as well as photographs provided by their official photographers o.O “Very” different from other uni swt.. Their graduation ceremony also very different la haha.. The graduates were shouting since the beginning, very crazy, even their speech were put at the end of the ceremony lol Will blog on the ceremony when I got free time other than shopping whole day in KL XD Alot of food pics too 😉 Was busy with my bro’s graduation and photo taking at the studio, so only shopped at the nearby Mall, IOI Mall.. It’s small in KL but its bigger and got more stuff than the Spring o.O Will update more soon, depends 😛 Dun miss me yea? hehehe..

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6 thoughts on “Anime Gathering 2008

  1. Serene says:

    @renaye : hehehe.. Me not pro yet ma.. 😛
    @Mitchell : Thanks and welcome ^^
    @MiKa : hehe.. added the link, actually I 4got 😛 old liao ah, keep 4getting >< @wombok : Oh not for sell, the light saber is owned by one of my fren, he had 2 light sabers lol

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