Bro Graduation @ LKW

Flowers from Bro’s gf.. So nice and kawai.. lol

The first few days during my holiday in KL, we were preparing for my Bro’s graduation from Lim Kok Wing. Of course I went shopping with mum during the process wahaha.. The day came.. It was super packed o.O

The front and poster of LKW.. The bird is nice.. XD

This is like a symbol? haha..

If I’m not wrong, this place is called the Plaza in LKW, it’s like a big huge Coffee Shop where there’s a lota coffee tables and chairs together lol

The Hall of Fame~

The crowded space.. Cudn’t move freely ^^” lol The beginning of the ceremony.. Graduates walking in screaming “Woots!!”

The V.I.Ps including Director of LKW, some ppl from Curtin, Aus etc etc Singing performance by the singing club??

Caught my Bro receiving his Cert XD

Wow.. really wild graduates lol

My bro received the top awards too, though no clear pics >< Then another performance by the choir club, followed by the speech by the Director of LKW, VIP from Curtin, and some student’s representatives.. I wished they would talk faster that time ^^”

Woo.. All 200+ graduates taking group pic.. All squeeze~

Family pic.. haha..

My bro with his frens Robin and Fred

My bro holding flowers and taking pics outside of LKW..

My parents holding the flowers lol

I joined in too wahaha..

Lastly.. Congratulate to my bro! You’re graduated~! Hahaha…!

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