Chibi Con | Audition 2

Chibi Con and Audition 2 on last Sat.. Many tod Chibi Con was the actual con, sorry but no.. our actual big con, I’ve Anime! Con will be next year in the Spring, just to clarify ^^ Now back to topic… I’ll let the photos do the talking 😀

The whole of Chibi Con.. Visitors can easily take photos..

Various plastics and merchandises

Sexy pose.. woot~!

Robotic girls.. not sure from which series ><

Gashapon of Tsubasa Chronicles

Gunpla models~! Too bad not much for this con? o.O

But more on anime merchandises, artbooks and mangas XD

All Aria stuff are mine~~~~ hehehe..

At the same time, audition 2 was progressing.. Some ppl who auditioned sang Japanese songs

Some play the keyboard on some Japanese songs too. Was too busy hence the lack of photos ><

Our judges haha

Shinsengumi kawai~~~? lol

Random shots with the xmas strawberry tree 😛

The response wasn’t very good compared to at the Spring o.O Maybe coz it was held in Swinburne, and many ppl wouldn’t like to go into Swinburne where they’ve never been in before? >< Some were busy with PC Fair bla bla.. alota other events ^^” The space was too wide too lol However, it was a nice try.. 😛 Cosplayers should mingle with the crowd more.. Like that day when my fren request to surprise her bday fren by asking one of the Cosplayers which the person dunno, to give tat person the gift.. lol lol it was so funny XD And next up! Anime Gathering~ I may hafta update the event in KL o.O

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5 thoughts on “Chibi Con | Audition 2

  1. brenda says:

    oh I’ve heard and have seen lots of things from the chibicon and hope to visit it once… or more!! I sooo want to have fun @ chibicon 🙂

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