175 Degree Cafe

A few months ago.. I went to 175 Degree cafe.. lol.. Lame starting XD Been busy and lazy these few months, with club stuff and studies.. Some internal affairs going on too making me real tired and in dilemma.. hate it.. really kinda childish bit.. haih.. what to do? Ignorance is bliss..  I’ll make it a short post on this ><

175 Degree located along the road of Padungan, was formerly “Tao” cafe if not mistaken

The front interior.. normal tables and chairs..

The fish spa area.. Drink there, spa for free haha.. The fishies so ticklish XD

The space upstairs, can accommodate quite alot of ppl, that time saw alota elders going in @.@ Sporty eh..

The Tang Lung on the stairs, nice~ 😀

The toilet haha.. quite nice le.. 😛

This is in front of the toilet haha..

The drinks.. Orange color is mixed fruit juice cost around RM6-8 @.@

and the food.. quite normal, but price not that normal o.. bit expensive if compared to other equal standard cafes ><

Finally after fin eating, we went to fish spa~ was screaming at 1st when the fishes “tickling” my legs >_<

NiC Sim

Fang Yii

Me me and me.. XD

A close up on the fishes, think they were still small at that time. Now shud be alot of fishes adi @.@

Lets see.. Our legs.. lol..

The fish spa is the specialty of 175 Degree, can oni go there for lim teh and play fish XD Price bit expensive, maybe adi include fish spa fee in them ^^” haha..

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