SAMS 3rd Anniversary 10/10/09

Owh.. the date beh ngam XD not 10/10/10 lol.. Anyway, had our club’s 3rd anniversary on that day, Happy 3rd Birthday le.. 3 years adi.. Though it wasn’t as fun as the beginning when I joined SAMS as a newbie >< *so hungry now* Some photos to behold..

[singlepic id=2786 w=300 float=center]

[singlepic id=2785 w=400 float=center]

Foods~ We chose to celebrate the anniversary at CooCooRon’s Cafe, buffet style XD

[singlepic id=2784 w=300 float=center]

My portion.. Vege.. hoho

[singlepic id=2783 w=320 float=center]

So distant.. *taken by Onineko*

[singlepic id=2782 w=320 float=center]

So BIG~ *taken by Onineko*

[singlepic id=2781 w=320 float=center]

The treasurer.. counting money? nop.. “counting” recipes.. lol

[singlepic id=2780 w=320 float=center]

Whacha looking at? =.=

[singlepic id=2779 w=320 float=center]

After eating, time to play games.. Jenga! Our fav past time lol..

Melvin bought 2 cakes for the anniversary, we enjoyed it very much thanks alot ^^ too bad my cam no batt adi when I was taking the cake’s photos @.@ After that, everyone play around together and we karaoke’ed a lil late into the night 😀 hehehe..

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