Toy Fair @ Spring OVA 1 ~about~

*I use OVA coz this isn’t our real Anime Convention, just a preview of what we’ll gonna hold next year during our Anime Convention ^^ Just like anime episodes lol*

As I mentioned earlier, my club Swinburne Anime & Manga Society (SAMS) was invited to exhibit in the fair. Our booth was located at the entrance of Spring, near Big Apple Donut shop ^^ This time there’s too many photos that I think would be better than me describing, let the photos do their work! 😛

1st off Sugar Bun ice-cream! lol How many days I’m there is how many times I ate ice-cream x2 maybe? 😛 RM1.50 very high again o.O

Our booth’s location

Display case for PVC figures

Display case for gunplas

Shuraki series.. By rain

Nanoha and Fate by Ngumbang

She had wings? o.O The angle is so matching too lol PVC by rain and Ryu Shikimori

Kureha! 😛 By Ryu Shikimori

Haruhi series by rain

Shuraki series from another angle by rain

Nanoha series PVC by Ngumbang

Peace@Pieces series, Death Sensei by rain, Hikaru by me XD

I’m not sure whose is these, should be some frens of Ryu’s I dunno 😛 Tell me yea? 😉

Haruhi figmas! Almost completed lol Belongs to SWATwolf

Now we move on to the figures on the tables as 1 display case wasn’t enough to fit in all our PVCs *70+ PVCs yea?* Our members had to stay on guard there every second as people might simply molest touch the figures swt.. Especially kids ><

Various figures by rain, Ryu, Jessy, Ngumbang, Prim3 and me! hehe..

Nadie.. Nendoroid Al Azif.. by Ngumbang and rain

Fauna by Ryu, Lacus Clyne and Mia Campbell by Jessy

Bridget, Belldandy and ?? by Prim3 😛 *Paiseh forgot her name ><*

Chua Churam by me.. ^^ Put high high lol

o.O so many Sabers.. Think by Ngumbang and Prim3

The other table, may be fewer but people can see better right? ^^ Figures by Onineko, Ryu, Ngumbang and me.. lol

From the gunpla’s side.. Now don’t ask me whose is whose coz I dunno o.O Mostly belongs to Lance and Intel and not sure who else >< Tell me if you noe who yea? ^^

That’s a lot.. o.O

I noe I noe its Evangelion! XD By Ngumbang too, coz I saw tis in his room and I think oni him collects Eva figures 😛

SD Gundams.. Most SDs were done by Lance *Dun say I din promote your blog:P*

Giant Wing Gundam o.O Quite popular.. Think by Intel? 😛 Correct me if I’m wrong lol

Now I think this is.. this is.. Strike Gundam? ^^”

Then we stroll on to the Toy Fair inside, selling mostly soft toys and gunplas and toys, usually found in Toy store such as Wondertoys ^^lol There were some display by Glory Toys at the other end of the entrance, din go take pics of it swt..

Lookie lookie.. Big fluffy giant bear! In front owh.. So nice.. *goes hug it* hehe.. I did hug it, when I was cosplaying lol 2 times again wahaha.. After hugged it, other ppl begin to hug it and take pics 😛 Am really a spoiler hohoho..

The whole Toy Fair, selling toys with 10-50% discounts ^^

Saw a bunnie mascot haha.. Many ppl went and took photos with it, some very naughty, went and push it pull its tail o.O Not me la of coz ^^ I’m a good girl hehe..

Ok, that’s it for OVA 1 haha.. Am rushing to go to uni for class later o.O Will update on OVA 2 ~close up~ later ^^ So stay tuned 😛 hehe..

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2 thoughts on “Toy Fair @ Spring OVA 1 ~about~

  1. Otacon says:

    There was a cosplay!!?? holy…i mustve missed it!!

    hahaha i guess i was really preoccupied…i was thinking (” oh im SO going to steal that Needa…im going to steal that Needa…”)

    hahah jk! 😛

    its an awesome event for model/figurine collectors! hopefully there will be more of this event in the future!

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