Toy Fair @ Spring OVA 2 ~close up~

Here’s a close up on everything o.O And I really mean everything.. lol During Friday, Saturday and Sunday night we would have our members and friends help with our Artist and Modeling session. Besides, we try to add in Cosplay to fill up the space for Fri, Sat and Sun which we’re lacking there, the most are always 4-5 Cosplayers o.O I also can’t always go Cosplay too as I got some dates with my old classmates and friends >< So all squeeze in my schedule swt.. I’m super duper tired after the fair o.O last night was the last day the club exhibit, I just went cosplay there as Lacus Clyne for about 1 hour only.. Wee.. Break record, the shortest time Cosplaying lol Coz got dinner at somewhere else after that ^^” Some nice close up pic on the figures.. Shoot it on baby!

Chua Churam from Chu x Chu Idol by me ^^ I love this figure, esp her dress *.*

Try to spot the toilet sign o.O So chun.. Needa from Shuraki series by rain

Lucky Star Konata Figma~! By SWATwolf *My mistake :P*

My Hikaru.. 😛 From Peace@Pieces

Kureha.. Dunno why Ryu din bring his Kotobukiya Kureha ><

Cosmos from Xenosaga by Ryu

You see any figure which is too sexy, belongs to Ryu 😛 Blanc Neige from Shining Tears

Not sure the name but owned by rain

Nanoha Takamachi by Ngumbang

Rize from Shuraki series by rain.. I like the effect in which you can see the camera’s reflection on the glass.. So.. techno and digitalize lol

Ryu Mei Feng from Shuraki series by rain

Reinforce from Nanoha by Ngumbang

Hazuki from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase owned by Onineko

Death Sensei from Peace@Pieces by rain

Fantaz Moon Eclipse by Onineko *Her figures all neko :P* Yaiks.. panty.. o.O

Really have no idea of this figure, think it’s from Ikkitousen? o.O

Nendoroid Al Azif from Demonbane.. So cute.. by rain..

Al Azif PVC version from Demonbane by Ryu

Forgot wat name and which series adi o.O Anyone noe? Pls tell me yea? by Ngumbang

Nadie from El Cazador de la Bruja by Ngumbang

Fauna by Rain

Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed by Jessy

Alicia Florence from Aria The Natural by me ^^ *Beware of NiC o.O*

From Air Gear, forgot her name >< by Ryu.. I like her boots o.O

Black Saber by Ngumbang

Our artists drawing live.. haha.. I don’t usually take photos of people, this photo was taken by Mika 😛

Cool SD so many weapon o.O

I dunno which model ><

The model is written there 😀

San Guo SD Gundams, just 3 of all the San Guo Gundams.

Wing Gundam! Looks expensive 😛

SD Wing Gundam lol by SWATwolf

Nicely coloured.. I especially like the sword.. Yosh! I’ll do the same to my San Guo Sou Sou >_<

Ready~~~~~~ to fire!

Gundam with sword? Which series is this? o.O

I see bully! swt..

Well, that’s about whole summary of the event lol So many photos right? Coz I dun wan my readers to miss anything on the event, so must put photos of every corner haha.. Not much Cosplay for this fair as Akiyame frens are busy with their works o.. Besides, we prioritize our display here.. We got many good feedbacks on our showcase ^^ Some even ask whether they are for sell ^^” Nop, very sorry but we can help to buy them for you.. each figure cost about RM250++ including shipping from Japan. Thus, you can imagine how much we displayed here swt..

Gathering all our collections together had a great effect on Kuchingnites in this fair, that’s our power.. wahaha.. Furthermore, this amount of collection isn’t our full potential yet, we didn’t brought all our figures for display, only a portion of them. Wait til next year I’veAnime Convention in Feb, We’ll go full blast to accommodate a larger capacity ^^

Exhibition @ Toy Fair @ Spring ~ Success! We influenced poisoned Kuchingnites with plastics lol

SAMS people says Hello to Kuching! XD We’ll have our 1st ever Anime Convention next year February so put yourself free then hehe..

Hugs Bunnie 😛 Went around hugging every big bear and bunnie while I cosplayed as Meido wahahaha..

Just a glimpse of me Cosplaying as Lacus Clyne.. wearing pink wig.. and LRP as Chii in Milk Meido wearing blonde wig ^^”

Omg so weird >< It was really embarrassing walking around the mall in pink wig o.O Just 1 hour cosplaying Lacus adi took many shots with the people inside the mall lol Din noe it would attract so many people’s attention haha.. Haven really prepared for the cosplay, will prepare earlier next time ^^ *Please dun laugh when you’re viewing the pic above o.O swt..*

~Not much cosplay photo, was busy cosplaying no time take o.O And haven taken any photos from the others ><~

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27 thoughts on “Toy Fair @ Spring OVA 2 ~close up~

  1. kksyong says:

    I believe the model with the tatoo on the left arm and dual guns is Jo from Bakuretsu Tenshi. Surprisngly one of the few I actually recognise ^_^

  2. JustinKC says:

    did went over to the spring and have a look but paiseh to take out my cam and take some photos of it cos everything looks girly leh lol. Nice picture you taken for some of it

  3. Otacon says:

    hey pats pats you did a nice cosplay dun worry!

    mmm it reminds me… i once saw a real functioning Haro that can talk and spin around. it interacts with you in Japanese though. i think it cost around RM200. a friend of mine got one. its really cute so chicks really dig it.

  4. Serene says:

    @JustinKC : lol dun shy shy le.. haha.. you’re owes welcomed to snap pics of our booth and display items ^^ *help us promote* wahahaha.. Actually not girly la.. Most of them belongs to guys.. ^^” Oh, thanks for ur comment hehe..
    @Otacon : Owh.. Thanks yea ^^ Nxt time nd to do something about my complexion o.O swt.. Ah.. yup, the real 1/1 Haro.. My fren also bought 1 but the orange Haro from Gundam 00 lol It’s cheaper compared to the pink Haro, they goreng price so cant buy it T.T Still considering wanna buy for my cosplay or not coz scare I dunno how to take care of it, I’m a spoiler for objects 😛

  5. Otacon says:

    nyahaha go for it~! it’ll help your cosplay alot! 😀 spoiler for object…reminds me of sum1. mmm but i guess that haro must be durable. unlike furby you dont have to feed it or anything..

    hahah yea back in the day i always got cheated by store owner. they charge gundam prices way more expensive then the one on internet T.T

    maybe, you can buy Lockon’s haro and paint it pink?? 😀

  6. Serene says:

    @Otacon : lol That’s what my frens told me last time haha.. but when I wanna buy, was too late T.T kinda sold out and others mor expensive.. So need to consider again >< And short of $$ atm too, need to "re-earn" lol Buy gundams? yea, local store owes sell more expensive, I recommend you buy from XL-shop le.. It's in KL but cheaper and have free shipping if bought over RM200, share with frens buying their stuff will easily exceed 200? 😛 Or I can help ask again if you are finding specific model haha.. With lowest price la.. *winks*

  7. Otacon says:

    waaaaa…youre like my tooth fairy….. *-*

    hahaha thanks a lot Serene~! sorry to trouble ya hehe. didja order the gundams straightly from their site? im looking for Needa or any Shunya Yamashita figurine. as for gundam, im looking for MG Freedom and 100 scale Red Frame Astray.

    ah if there’s One Piece figurine, please inform me oso. mmm last time i wanna buy a cool Zoro figurine but i was too late…sold out oledi… T.T

    yea most of the toy shop here really penipu…i bought 1/144 scale gundam at SP for RM100+. when i got home and check on the internet, it actually cost around RM 50! :O

    ah about haro, i think they still got it in Miri? if you have contact there, maybe they can get it? usually Miri got reasonable price ne?

    lets open a maid cafe so we can earn more money fast! muhahaha!

  8. Serene says:

    @Otacon : You’re welcome o.. ^^ hehe.. lol swt.. maid cafe ah? not enough maid o.. But can try try if you sponsor a shop haha.. XD Yupz.. I ordered SD Gundams from their site b4, with my other frens 😛 and the contact I gave ya belongs to my fren Ryu Shikimori, he can help ya find the PVC u wanna find, gundams also.. So you can ask everything from him hahaha.. Yea, SP ground floor the toy shop goreng price de.. Upstairs one still ok o.. ^^” unless they include shipping swt.. Miri o? Hm.. dun tink I have contacts there T.T They got sell Haro there? So canggih.. Kuching dun hav le.. o.O

  9. LRP^desu says:

    ZOMG~!!! Now Chii becomes milk maid pulak. *sighs..* Well, actually the outfit is just a Bakery Outfit that Chii wearing when she’s working in this one bakery shop from Chobits Anime tho. +_+

  10. Otacon says:

    alright i’ll go contact that Ryu Shikimori guy. mmm i need those figs to practice drawing!

    ah now that youve said it, sadly Kuching is waaaayyy behind from Miri. ive been to the shopping mall there and omg…its way bigger than Spring, i think. they got lots of rare figs and gundam oso. my fren moved there and don wanna come back here anymore haha. she has one of those Haro.

    hahah yea i’ll sponsor a shop in the future. i did a maid cafe for my ETR project before. the lecturers seems to really like it, they say ” you must make this a reality someday or im gonna steal all your ideas..” gulp o.o;

  11. Serene says:

    @LRP : eh? I tod Bakery outfit is called Milk Maid? ^^” swt.. I noe its from working in bakery outfit lol
    @Otacon : Wa.. practice drawing? I owes tod to practice taking photos with haha.. Yea, Kuching for now still under-developed sadly 🙁 Demand quite low I think.. That’s why not much figure sold here but Gundam yes, dunno bout the rare ones though, buy on9 😛 hehe.. Izzzit? Miri tat nice ah? o.O My birth place wor.. Maybe shud go bek there awhile XD haha.. Oh.. your fren lives there and had a Haro? So nice o.. Can ask her help check price for Pink Haro? lol If can 😛 Eh.. reali going to do Maid Cafe? wa.. If reali got, I wan to help out.. with salary la.. XD hahaha.. ur lecturer very funny o.. That means ur maid cafe will be successful le.. 😛 Btw, I still dunno where u study or wat is ETR? ^^” swt..

  12. Otacon says:

    Yea sadly after my friend move to miri, i got no one to share figurine/gundam hobbies with. until i went to spring the other day haha.
    sureee~~~! i’ll help you ask her about pink haro. waaahhh its your birthplace?? that place is really sugoii nowadays.

    hahaha sorry bout that. im admin student at itm. ETR is Entrepeneurship. basically what we do on the subject is create our own business, prepare a textbook thick document of all the information about the business and present it to the lecturers for final evaluation.

    so me and my teammates decided to do a place where people (anime fans) can relax,enjoy snacks and read manga. but thats not fun enough right?? so we added maids! haha 😀 in the end, it turned to out to be a maid cafe.

    we even had to go to Spring and ask the management about lots to rent etc. in the end our effort was a big success the lecturers really like it (yes, he even threatened me to turn it into reality lol)

    so after i grad maybe early next year, im gonna work for a while to collect budget, then try to open a maid cafe. wanna join? haha

    waaa you like photography ooo…i wanted to do photography but i dun have a good cam. plus im not good at taking photos ^^;
    haha but i really like drawing. i always wanted to draw manga, but its hard to get any ideas… >.

  13. Serene says:

    @Otacon : haha.. yupz.. Borned there and after a few years moved to Kuching due to my dad’s work relocation ^^ Reali sugoi ah? Shud really go visit again.. haha.. Thanks for helping me ask hehe.. Eh.. here actually many figurine/gundam hobbyist de.. in Swinburne and LKW and Inti XD some are adi working haha.. ITM? Wats the full name? hehe gomen I dunno ^^” but surely its related to business de.. haha.. wa.. ETR sounds interesting le.. you n ur frens so hardworking o.O wa.. a place for anime/manga fans to read manga, have snacks, enjoy, relax + maids, nice proposal! Been waiting for ppl to propose the idea le.. since they got a maid cafe in penang adi, but not interesting enough I think. If can, display figurines and Gundams too lol sure many photographers go too XD hahaha.. After grad gonna collect budget to do the maid cafe? Wow.. you reali put much effort in it o.. All the best to u 😉 Sure I wanna join in, if you dun mind a playful person like me helping 😛 Where will be the best strategic place o..? and when will you be graduating btw? Haha.. Photography no nd use very gud de cam de.. I oni use digicam le.. about 3 years old de digicam kok.. swt.. I just like to take from different angle and style, which makes a pic quite unique and feel proud of it lol self-praise XD If mangas hard, can just try drawing and producing nice nice artwork le.. hehe.. ppl sure like eventho no story 😉

  14. Otacon says:

    Serene~ i just asked my friend about the Haro. it turns out the one in Miri is sold out already. She said those items were swept clean off the shelf in less than 1 month! wahh… so many ppl want that Haro. a new stock is en route, but its the Lockon Haro. she said the pink Haro’s production was discontinued last year and chances are, we might not see it again. the price is still the same, RM200.

    ooopss i missed hitting the “U”! Gomenne! my keyboard is so whacked… its UiTM. im studying at UiTM. the university that feels like its highschool all over again haha.

    mmm so far, i only found 1 person who is interested in gundam at my university. but unfortunately, hes a bit hard to approach. wow at your place there are many hobbyist! sugoii….i feel like i want to study der now! 🙂
    ah reminds me, my friend’s bro study at LKW. last year if im not mistaken, they organized a cosplay event, right? were you there?

    Hahah youre right! the maid cafe in penang sounds boring. yes, we planned to make a maid cafe that is divided into sections, therere are section for games, anime, figurines and even an oxygen bar! so it sounds like the ultimate anime fans hangout place.i remembered, we even had to go to DBKS to get permit and license for the business. we wanted to locate the cafe inside the Spring, there are 2 front lots that would be perfect. But the other day when i went there, it seems the 2 lots have been taken already :O

    hey sure sure you are most welcome!;) if the maid cafe become reality i’ll inform you right away. hopefully if i pass all the subjects i’ll be graduating next year. thank you Serene~! i’ll do my best to open it. ganbarimasu!

    waahh you are a talented photographer. i like the photos that you take. haha it looks professional. i have a digicam but its damaged already. so now i only have my hndpone cam. you saw my gundam photo, right? its blurry.what camera do you use?

    hahah yes now i focus on creating artwork. last time there were talented artists at the covention too yes?? i saw their artwork, meccha subarashi! haha my weakness when im drawing is….i dont know how to draw human body. oh noo….;;; so having figurine as a referrence would help me practice.

    do you read manga? what manga do you follow? im currently following One Piece and a new manga Monster Hunter Orage. i wish someday i can draw an adventure like One Piece.

  15. Serene says:

    @Otacon :wow.. sold out adi.. o.O yea.. heard tat many ppl wants a Haro, since Gundam Seed is reali famous o.. haha.. Oh.. UiTM.. izzit local U? ^^” high school? got wear uniform and fixed every morning nd wake up early ka? o.O yup.. Swinburne the most Anime/gundam lovers.. swt.. When I first entered Swin, was reali happy when I heard there’s an anime club XD since secondary not reali many ppl like anime like I do T.T *sobs sobs* So lucky to have chosen Swin hehe.. met many anime hardcore and gundam fans.. 😛 Actually you can join our club le.. we welcome anime lovers from everywhere de.. haha.. we got a close member who’s studying in Inti too 😉 Now our club is focusing on holding our 1st Anime Convention in Feb nxt year o.. Large-scaled too ^^ Will be even better than tis Toy Fair display haha.. Wanna join in? 😛
    lol my bro are studying LKW now too but in KL haha.. Cosplay event? Which one? Too many @.@ swt.. haha.. Wa.. got sections again o.O so detalied ^^ No wonder ur lecturer likes ur ideas haha.. Oxigen bar? izzit the drinking bar? ^^” Eh.. went to DBKS to get permit and license? Why o? Haven open yet o.O swt? Then the license can use for future benefit? haha.. The Spring front lot ah? Maybe it was taken by Silhouette, a new shop or bar opened not long ago o.. But I prefer if the maid cafe is inside Spring le.. Coz outside front there I cudn’t notice the new shops til some frens told me lol Think if wanna open maid cafe in Spring, can negotiate with them o.. Ask if they can prepare a space inside Spring for the cafe, I’m sure they will be too delighted to do so XD coz they offer us a shop to sell figurines when we were exhibiting during the toy fair swt.. but rent would be very expensive.. RM2000 per month, said can nego a bit since we’re students, but still expensive o.. >< Haha.. can never hapen though, still students nd to study 😛 Maybe possible for you to open maid cafe ^^ Gambatte~! Hehe.. Yup.. Must inform me if reali become reality o.. Else no more Needa and Gundams for u! XD wahahahah.. jkjk 😛 Gud luck in your subjects too le.. Hope you fast fast graduate ^^ And open the cafe lol Eventho cant open in Spring, opening one at other place oso can jz like Isabella's cafe or CooCooRon's cafe ^^ As long as its gud, ppl will go de hehe.. food and drinks must be gud and reasonable o.. 😉 Oh my photos? haha.. Its ok ok o.. I just like to play with the angle, make them unique then will be nice o.. hehe.. Thanks for liking le.. and ur comment too haha.. too bad I'm still not so pro yet, I like to take pics of objects oni haha.. humans de, take from different angle then like la.. XD hehe.. I used Olympus micro 1000 I think? Well, the colour still not as good as dslr but enough for me hehe.. Coz I lazy to adjust settings with dslr, many stuff to turn here and there o.O I dunno much bout photography too.. huhu.. lol hp cam oso gud o.. some of my photos in the blog were taken using my hp cam too 😛 Which hp cam ur using? no la.. think blurry coz u shake tiok or maybe nd macro on to take clearly of the gundam's detail..? o.O I think? ^^" hehe.. Oh.. artwork nice nice.. go for it XD yup.. there's some artist drawing there too, oso from Swinburne o.. Many Swinburne students gud in drawing too but not including me le.. When I was younger I like drawing too, but like you, I oso dunno how to draw human body o.O esp the hands swt.. Oni noe how to draw a perfect SailorMoon haha.. ^^" Oh.. so the figurines are for ur drawing reference.. Think got other motive too ho.. XD u can oso buy some artbooks for drawing references too, many many nice figures inside 😛 coz not oni 1 figure but many other movement ^^ lol I shudn't sound so pro, I'm not pro in drawing >.< Manga? yupz.. I do follow mangas.. Was more hardcore last time when was younger abit 😛 Now became a bit lazy but still follow some which I left off last time such as Vampire Knight, D.Grayman.. haha.. I haven read One Piece de.. So long o.O lol

  16. Otacon says:

    haha im at campus now…i’ll be staying here until weekend. yes, what you said is right haha! wake up early in the morning…go to class with sleepy faces…have to follow strict dress code (must wear collared shirt, and no faded jeans) and best of all knot have long hair T.T i look funny with short hair.

    and the internet…omg its slower than a snail. and we cant use it anyway we like (im currently accessing blog secretly) theres a lady here that monitors it…no privacy. everytime wanna open blog must be like a ninja. stealthy and all haha.

    yes uitm is local U. there arent any anime fans here, but there are many “soft man” …you know what i mean? Pondan to be precise…ugghh =.=;; they like to dress like woman some of them DO look like real woman…omg if that counts as cosplay i think they’ll do really well!

    waaahhh Swin got anime fans everywer…and anime fans club…really sugooii!! now im drooling haha. that place is an educational heaven for me i think! waaa now i feel like wanna go study at swin now >.

  17. Otacon says:

    Really??? I can join the anime club?? thank you Serene sama~!!:D waahh this is really great! mmm but…im really shy at meeting ppl though….hahahah. maybe i should wear a mask?? lol. does the anime club have a website?? i sure to give it a frequent visit! please make me a member! if im free on the day of the event, i’ll definitely come!

    cosplay event by LKW…im not sure but the one thing i remembered the most was that there was an “orang putih” cosplaying as Cloud Strife.

    Hahah the oxygen bar is an aroma theraphy where you inhale oxygen produced by oxygen machine.. there are many flavours to choose from like strawberry, rose etc. it is very good for reduce stress and curing migraine. it is very popular in Japan. you’ll be able to find it in almost every shopping mall there!

    hahah for the ETR subject, you’ll have to pretend like you are starting a real business. this means you’ll have to go get a permit, survey people, analyze market, identify compettitors etc…yes its a lot of work. we are required to finish it in 4 months time only. hahah if you love the business then you’ll have lots of fun on the project, just like we did ^^

    wow is there any more space inside the Spring? i havent noticed yet. maybe next to sushi king there is 1 lot, right? youre right the lot at spring cost RM2000+ to rent…i guess we are gonna starve before we earn a profit. hey opening it on other place like Isabella is a great idea! i’ll try to find a perfect spot.

    haha and just in case i couldnt make it into reality, i have a plan B though…i will try sell the idea to other ppl..(my lecturer? haha) but that is unlikely until i give it a try first.
    business is risky ne~ but i rather do it than work in an office..because office life is so redundant yes? plus with business we can do things that we like such as anime, gunplas etc.

    yes first things first we need to finish study. thank you serene~ you do your best too~! when will you graduate?
    hahah aiyo of course i must tell you first. cant have a maid cafe without maid, can we? oh i also thought of a theme week. for example lets say this week is Bleach week at the cafe so all the maids will use cosplay from Bleach. what do you think? we’ll have many themes from time to time.

    about the figurine, i like to use it for drawing practice because its 3 dimensional. using artbooks are nice too but i dunno where to find one here…do you know Tetsuya Nomura? hes the guy who design Final Fantasy characters..i bought an FF guidebook just because there was his artworks inside and i use them for referrence haha.
    waahh you draw sailormoon?? nice le~!please post it sometime soon haha. youre right drawing needs lots of practice. if i dont draw for a long time, i will forgot how to draw. it happens to me sometimes and it can bereally frustrating haha.

    thank you im glad you like my drawing. i was skeptic about them myself so i always nervous when i show them to ppl ^^;;

    waa i think you got good cam. mm my HP is SonyErcn W550i…its outdated i think ._. the camera is only 1.3 mpxl
    so its blurry when i take close shot. what about you? what HP do you use?

    hahaha about manga its a bit too late, im addicted to One Piece already (i shudve stay away..) now i have to follow Luffy san’s journey. mmm but i think the story will reach its end soon.

    D Grayman! i bought the DVD before, but the quality is very omg…its like watching an enlarged version of mobile videos. so blurry. i guess i’ll stick with the manga.

    hahah have you watch Gintama?? its my recent favourite anime. that anime makes me laugh so hard haha. cuz its full of funny moments and cameos (even from gundam).

    P/S: Due to the laggyness of the net here, my comment were split in half haha

  18. Serene says:

    @Otacon : owh.. yea lo.. sounds so much like secondary still got rules again.. o.O Luckily in Swinburne cincai us one lol Class if later de later wake up, some even dressed til very pretty and handsome with stylish hair etc etc kinda gave us a lota freedom 😛 Internet access using Aus line so very fast.. good for download though they dun allow ppl download, but still download.. XD haha.. quite fast oso and got open lab, a bit like cc, I owes bring food in to eat 😛 Very ko lien le u there internet oso cant access freely o.O got ppl watching again >< Swt.. but we did pay for the facilities, might as well use them to the fullest hahaha.. No anime fans meh? Maybe got.. but they din reveal? o.O Many are lidat coz tod no anime fans like themselves, later ppl will think them childish or something lo.. That’s wat happens when surrounded by too many non-anime fans swt.. lol pondan.. ^^” if they can look like ladies, they can crossplay le.. guy dress up as girl character hehe.. for now din met 1 b4 la.. lol most guys wanna cosplay as cool guy characters 😛 and mostly is girls crossplay XD Yupz.. Swin is a paradise le.. *.* my 1st time enter, 1st time met so many same interest with me de.. then went deeper again, not very very hardcore la.. still ok ok lol some who din join our anime club, but still watch anime de.. so still can say is anime lovers haha.. some is they like games too, so also got mix mix with some of us who play games haha.. met alota ppl in Swin thru the club o.. add up with ppl I met thru my course o.O reali alot haha.. Kinda owes having fun like honey moon year swt.. but still need to control, coz study study also important, some subjects are hard to pass, so many temptation to skip class too 😛 lol can learn self-discipline @.@ Come come join Swinburne XD
    Yupz.. can join our club le.. Its open to outside students too as long can help out with our 1st Anime Convention next year ^^ haha.. wear a mask? sure sure! Then easy to recognize you le.. hahaha.. no nd shy o.. if shy is at ur own risk o… :S haha.. jk jk 😛 tok to ppl more, since you lack of anime lover frens hehe.. some are skilled in drawing, some skilled in gunpla assembling, some like collecting figures and some jz like watching anime and reading manga lo.. haha.. many kinds de.. swt.. 😛 Dun feel shy, shy is ebil… @.@ Our anime club actually got a site de.. but now no more, changed to our anime convention site, coz focus on tat now lo.. it’s ^^ Not very nice yet but will be? haha.. Can be our member when you come to our next meeting? It’ll be this Saturday morning 8.30am o.. After the meeting will have a Soumen Party lol Hope you can come ^^ hehe.. Oh.. tat cosplay event ah? it was last year during the SAA Charity Event at Civic Centre rite? nop wasn’t there haha.. But the same Charity Event, changed to KAA Charity Event this year in July was held in Boulevard, tat one I got go as maid 😛 lol
    Oh.. Oxigen bar is some kinda aroma therapy thingy.. Eh… Good idea le got this kind of service, very special and unique o.O Very different than normal cafe, got specialty.. ^^ Sounds nice too le.. wanna try aroma therapy.. belongs to Japan too wa.. wanna try wanna try 😛 haha if I were a customer, would surely love your cafe le.. coz is 1st time see got oxigen bar so special and nice de ^^ Match with the current public’s health awareness can attract more ppl haha.. Such rare idea, shudn’t tok here le.. later ppl steal ur idea o.O *must be careful* >< Hm.. Would reali love ETR if its oni the project, no papers examz? 😛 hehe.. Practical projects are better ^^ Can enjoy like real life de.. sounds like u enjoyed doing the business o.. haha.. since you wanna make it into reality, go for it! Gambatte~! XD hm.. office work o? Hafta see 1st oso le.. If pay is gud sure stick to it wahahaha.. I’m $.$ haha.. coz wan earn lots to buy those figures and anime merchandise swt.. hehe.. but do wat you like is good o.. have fun with the business, meet many many ppl ^^ I’m studying accounting so nd to work in office de lo.. lol but if got free time, sure go have fun liao, since I’m so playful XD dunno mayb in office oso steal steal on9 blogging or chatting lol *shhhh* 😛 Then having a fav past time job like helping with the maid cafe oso isn’t a bad idea wahahaha.. I sound so greedy le.. o.O Oh.. like Isabella’s yea.. I can see tat its originally a house le, they mod the whole place became a cafe haha.. or izzit lidat de I oso dunno 😛 Yupz.. fin study 1st ho? me ah.. Will fin in about 2 years lidat swt.. Just started 1st year degree tis year, now oni 2nd sem >< Still a long way to go.. but oso gud, coz have more free time to enjoy anime, cosplay and helping with the club now than during working in the future o.O Theme week? Its a nice idea but the costumes will need a fortune o.. :S If different different costumes.. wa.. @.@ Cannot cannot, costumes too expensive ouch.. >< maybe can change style or theme from time to time so tat customers would hav a new refreshing outlook 😀 coz Spring called our vice president ask wanna open shop sell figurines or not le.. offer us a spot in Spring.. since feedback during toy fair is good.. lol so shud be still got space de.. 😛
    Oh.. ya lo.. the figure’s good point is they are 3D and came from anime haha.. can turn turn turn draw diff angle 😛 Oh.. artbook? now mph in the spring got some.. but not as many as Kinokuniya in KL.. Kinokuniya is my heaven for Japanese anime artbook *.* All ori japanese artwork.. wa.. I bought alot from there hehehe.. So love collecting stuff swt.. haha.. I think can order from Kinokuniya, ask them send to Kuching o.. o.O buy on9 oso can from haha.. free shipping ^^ Tetsuya Nomura? I saw got FF guide book/artbook? got 2 books at Kinokuniya last time lol..
    Owh.. my SailorMoon a bit cacat le if draw from scratch without following any pic >< swt.. I got put up in my deviantart tho I din update much there haha.. .I dun draw much so din add much oso lol lazy me.. 😛 Last time was reali into drawing *just SailorMoon* then photoshop doing wallpapers then into nthg now lol coz uni life becoming busier >< Oh.. ur drawings are nice.. victorian style ma.. haha.. I just like victorian style too 😛 Maybe if you draw whole body, drawing the dress you dun have to draw the body anymore lol and vector or color it with nice nice colours sure will be nicer ^^ hehe.. haha.. ya, the cam oso belongs to my dad so cant owes use it when they are using it T.T
    My hp cam oni gud during day time, nite time all black o.O Oh, my hp is w610i o.. 2.0 mp 😛 Luckily got macro so can take close-up pics ^^
    Haha.. manga are addictive de.. once started reading, will not stop adi.. But kinda annoying when hafta wait for the nxt chapter to come out or finish scanlated owh.. So think I’ll just wait for everything fin then oni download whole volume then read.. Now that’s the best, can continue reading without suspense XD wahahaha.. Oh.. D.Grayman ah? I just download their eps by eps le.. Better tat way, free de lol and wont be finishing soon too o.O adi dl’ed til 90+ ^^” haven started watching coz I adi noe the story lol Gintama? no o.. swt.. haha.. jz a bit lazy wanna go download from the beginning >< Maybe get from my frens who hav them hahaha.. many resources here, no worries 😛 Oh.. not due to ur laggyness o.. its coz u use the symbol “< ” the face ><
    coz it’s a html code which indicates new paragraph adi.. haha.. Tats why ur comment broke off :S

  19. Otacon says:

    hahah waaaa swinburne so nice…i feel really jealous ma. haha if only here is cincai oso. the rules here added more stress to study, i think. hmmm..;
    wah Aussie line sounds very good. here, we use 1 IP only so it depends on the people. the more ppl use the internet, the slower it will get. if very little ppl use the internet, the speed can go up to 128kbps! can download songs really fast. but of course still gotta be a ninja la haha.

    waaa you can bring food into the com lab too?? here knot…if we do that, we’ll be chased out from the lab. knot open myspace,fs,anime and game sites oso, the address are banned. haha sounds very boring izzit? there is a cc at the back of the campus but so expensive…and penipu too. charged RM 2.50 for 1 hour. but last time i play not more than 30 minutes but still charge me RM 2.50.. =.=;;

    there are many naughty students too. they like to make virus den dunno how to delete it. so some of the PC is “ladang virus” hahaha. better not cucuk your pendrive in there. so its hard to upload stuff.

    yep i agree with you! we pay the internet fees oso so might as well use it to the fullest!

    mmm there are no anime fans here i think. maybe they are but they dont watch anime much. but the thing that most people here are fan of is Korean movie! omg…in every PC you will find at least 3 or 5 Korean movies i think. hahah im tired of Korean movie…the story is always the same. i like Japanese movie best. how bout you? last time i watch Sky High very nice movie and drama. the story is like anime.

    wahaha those pondan makes good cosplayer! maybe they can cosplay as Benimaru from K.O.F haha. Lol if i see a pondan cosplaying as Yuna or Kuchiki Rukia im gonna jump off a 3 stories window @.@

    wah youre going for a degree in accounting?? very good! meccha sugoi~!! accountant has very big salary, you know? my sister is an accountant, she works at Lembaga hasil. her earning for a month is RM 7000+ i think! o.o ganbatte Serene~! you can do it! you can divide time for study and interest~

    hahaha yea curi2 online is inevitable lol. if it was me i’ll deceive my boss, open 2 windows and pretend typing work but instead typing blog haha. y’know last time i went for driver license test, i saw the lady at the counter curi2 play myspace o.o

    hahah yea this hobby sure needs lotsa munny! yayy so you like collecting figurines too?? whats your fav figurines?? me, of course Needa! wahaha. and another 2, Sera-chan and Cocona. have you seen them?? they are soooo hard to come by. especially sera-chan, i think. all of the fig are made by Shunyama, who happens to be another one of my fav artist. his artworks are very cute.

    ah i also saw a Squall figurine from Final fantasy VIII at the spring toy store. have you seen it?? its veeery detail! and got 20+ articulation point. ive been wanting that figurine since i was in form 3 but then i gave up cuz i thought i’d never see it again. but now, i did! but theres only 1 left lo…so im guessing sum1 mustve bought it by now.

    waaaa you got deviant art too?? i wanted to join that site but it sems to complicated…i had a hard time with the interface ^^;; so i guess its a lot easier if i open a blog instead. haha i’ll check ur deviant art when i got home this weekend hehe. mind if i put some comment??

    about oxygen bar, you can find it on wiki. there they have the list of all the flavours i think. haha im looking forward to trying it for myself someday. Japanese are very innovative arent they? owes have odd stuffs. yea you are right better keep it down o ppl will steal the idea from maid cafe.mmm i should pattern these ideas. but i still have some other killer ideas though its just a matter of budget haha. im really scared about the budgets. but ahem.. luckily we have an accountant here hehe 🙂

    you use Sony ericsson too, very nice le~!! haha SE is my fav brand. have you seen the latest K850i? got 5 mpxl cybershot cam…you dont have to buy cam anymore with that phone o.o

    waah D Grayman reaches ep 90 already kaa? i wanted to download anime but im sing 3GP modem at home. its fast, but sometimes can get heated up. Gintama is until episode 50 only then finish. kinda like Gundam.

  20. Serene says:

    @Otacon : lol But oso got rules de.. Actually cant bring food in open lab, but I bring 😛 And can’t download play games all tat de, fs oso blocked de.. But still got ways to go in and they seldom check lo coz too many stuff the technician nd to take k of hehe.. XP oso using 1 IP address, if more ppl, download speed become slow lo.. but if on9, still can accommodate, aus line think is 2MBps 1? lol But if upload, hoho..speed very fast coz no one upload, they oni download stuff hahaha.. Upload speed can reach up to 200++kbps XD As streamyx now so unstable, hard to connect at home le.. so go sch on9 easier and faster haha.. Same here oso with the virus le.. o.O ppl put virus in, then pendrive all kena.. So I must have very good anti virus in my laptop at home lo.. Using kaspersky le.. and oso using winrar view inside of pendrive got hidden virus files or not without running the pendrive 1st ^^” Currently no virus in uni com yet.. If too many viruses adi, the technician would re-format every com.. wahahaha.. Doing our biddings.. swt.. 😛
    Ha.. cc tat expensive, must be no competitor there and making use of its strategic location behind a uni lol Korean movies.. haha.. ya lo.. most of my non-anime lovers likes dramas.. including Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong dramas lo.. they really crazy with the dramas o.. addicted haha.. dunno y but most non-anime lovers are lidat la, mostly lol Japanese movies yea some are nice with nice effect, interesting story.. For me, most of the time I oni watch anime tat I’ve dl’ed.. seldom go watch TV drama ki.. 😛 Then lazy download live action movies de XD eventho dl’ed, still lazy go open, dunno why, hard to clicked swt.. Din watch Sky High b4 o.. heard of the name la.. haha.. my fren lent me her Japanese drama cd months ago til now I haven touch o.O omg i forgot swt.. I wan got bishies de Japanese drama or movies.. hahaha..
    swt.. hopefully the pondans dun crossplay as anime character, jz crossplay normal ladies ok liao.. lol ppl sure peng.. haha.. no nd jump off 3 stories building la.. tho 3 stories high not enough XP jkjk swt..
    Yupz.. now studying accounting in degree o.. ur sis working as accountant ah? Must be nice de.. can earn alot rite? haha.. but time oso spent alot I think o.O haha.. yea, I can divide my time to playing and studying where I spent more time playing lol couldn’t focus on my homework swt.. 😛 thx for ur encouragement hehehe.. will do my best to graduate as accountant ><
    And curi curi on9 during work.. lol yea, I oso collects figurines, but not many lo.. I oni bought those tat reali caught my attention and special de.. hehe.. My 1st fav figure when I saw it was Hikaru from Peace[at]Pieces.. was discontinued very long adi.. so cant buy T.T But tis year asked Ryu help me find and not too expensive too 😀 So order from him and yay got my fav Hikaru XD Alicia Florence 1/8 scale de I oso reali like, last time omos fin stock adi, left oni got so quickly buy eventho bit more expensive, still kena tax ><
    Coz I very like Aria.. Its an anime based on a manga but anime faster than manga haha.. got 3 seasons completed adi.. I like their uniform, which is white and nice design le.. so like their landscape too haha.. The story line touching.. owh.. got ask all those figures with Ryu? haha.. maybe can find 🙂 wish u luck in finding them hehe.. but nd alota $$$ o for 1 figure o.O buy all at once may nd about 1k lol swt.. oh.. maybe no one bought the Squall figure yet? 😉
    lol deviantart acc jz for fun and showing my previous works haha.. the interface ah? quite ok la if you get used to it lol use a few times ok liao, jz when upload ur works, nd to key in alot ^^” swt.. eh? blog? lol do both do both haha.. sure can leave comment de.. I’m inactive in deviantart, so comments very few oni 😛 haha.. Oh.. Oxigen bar can go wiki see, will go check check later lol Killer ideas ^^” swt.. earn more $$ then.. and faster XD lol realize ur ideas one by one haha.. you’re so creative can think of so many killer ideas le.. o.O Business minded haha.. me not yet reali accountant le.. ><
    swt.. haha.. SE ur fav brand ka? hm.. yea, maybe my current fav brand oso SE, last time use Nokia 3200 de, then change to SE wanna try SE de coz design nicer.. haha.. w850i? think I saw it? o.O din reali go update myself hehe.. wa.. 5mp o.O Maybe soon will have 8mp de.. wooo… o.O yea, d.grayman adi til 90++ lo.. tink still ongoing a long way ><
    lol luckily Gintama not too long haha.. can download de.. 😛 owh, why dun wan install streamyx at home? More convenient will not heat up haha.. I use streamyx nice.. to download anime 😛 lol

  21. Otacon says:

    hahah yea at first i wanted to install streamyx at home.. but my friend complained that streamyx is a pain…the lines go up and down. he changed the cable and complained 3 times already, the problem still persist. so i persuaded my dad to buy the 3G modem…wahaha can watch videos online very fast even tho knot download anime. do you know its where you can watch japanese+korean+taiwan drama and movies for free. i always watch there. u shud check it out. got sooooooo many titles to choose from. haha but th bad thing is, they divide the episode into sections…kinda like youtube. 1 section max 10 minutes only or like that. im currently following Shinsengumi drama there. haha i love shinsengumi, be it drama or anime XD last time got ppl cosplay as shinsengumi at spring right? saw it in ur photos.

    wahaha we students sure like to break rules, yes?? cuz sometimes the rules can be inappropriate.. hmm even tho we got strict rules here, the one thing i like the most is free ice creams! XD haha if u study here aaa you get RM32 food coupon and theres this ice cream chest…you can buy lotsa ice creams! cornetto…magnum… you name it, theyre all yours! you want ah? sure sure~! i can chia you a lot hahah. cuz my coupon always have many leftovers i dont use them much ^^;; if we dont finish it then theyre burnt just like that. so i always chia ppl.

    waah you like to collect anime but you dont watch them. haha can start a business le. burn the anime into CDs and sell to ppl that knot download (example, me) haha 🙂
    sky high is very interesting drama…got this girl (kinda like ai enma) waiting ppl at the gate of afterworld. then ppl got killed see her. she offer them a chance of vengeance with a path to hell, or forgive and go to heaven. so every episode got ppl die and she hasut them to make the choice haha. but the drama so hard to find. got 13 episodes in all i think.

    that Ryu is very useful! but i havent met him online yet. havent seen him on9. i guess i should send him an email. but i should prepare the $$ first. theres Needa, Gundam and Squall…. so many things to buy…so little money…. haha

    waaa so those figurines in the pic are yours. very cool le~! the Churam2 and Hikaru is veery cool~! *drooling* lol. so far at home aa i got lotsa gashapon sized figurines. and only 2 figurines. its Kasumi from D.O.A by BOME. got 2 figurines with 2 diff costumes one is black and the other is blue. theres another white one but i cudnt buy it cuz out of budget haha. if i did, then my collection wud be complete hehe. so close~! mm but even if i could, maybe i dint want it… cuz theres too many Kasumi already ^^. i want a diff fig next time.

    mmm i guess this hobby works well after we got a job? its a good way to spend. maybe after i got a job, i’ll buy figurine once in a month.

    hahah my sister is a stingy accountant lol altho salary RM 7000+ but owes steal my shampoo and not buy her own lol XD also dont want chia ppl…even RM 5 dont wanna give to ppl. maybe shes afraid her spending account not balance by the end of the month?? haha

    about business…i always think to be innovative, different and offer something new to ppl. so i always try think out of the box. but its a bummer if ppl took your ideas and do it first..that means i have to do more thinking x.x;; lol
    haha but its like a race. if your compettitor offer something you gotta offer something better. sometimes it can be reeeaally tiring.

    but now im thinking about a manga storyline… ^^; i have got an idea for the story. should i post it on the blog?? mm maybe i should just draw a few pages first?? or just post some concept art and explain about the world?? waahh so many options.. @.@ if i make a manga i let you read first, okay? hehe

    hahah the technician in our uni is almost the same! ^^ hehe the technician here are not really busy, they are just lazy lol. all the PC in the lab are not updated and got so many meletup already haha. ive been to the technician office once. i saw lotsa gundam there. i was about to rejoice, but then i realize all of the gundams were Ben Di pirated ones.

    yes you are right! SE will release a new cam phone its C series. i saw a black sliding model with 8.1 mpxl cam! o.o holy Needa! theres oso the new F series for gaming. haha it definitely got my attention.
    i use Nokia before too. i use N-Gage. mm but Nokia is not so durable right? easily scratch. so i switch to SE ^^

  22. Nikolai says:

    Serene .. 🙂 did u take picture at boulevard battle of the band? 😛 .. if u’re the girl .. then me and my friend have a nickname for ya .. *tripodGirl .. 🙂 .. want to know why? .. asnwer my question first 😛

  23. Serene says:

    @Otacon : haha.. streamyx problem depends on ur house’s location oni.. mine is still ok ok, can use whole day enough adi coz download stuff one ma 😛 jz tat line not stable, will dc sometimes.. o.O So torrent is my best download tool wahaha.. I can tell my frens bout it, I seldom watch on9 de.. swt.. haha.. coz I seldom watch drama? o.O lol there’s another site too, oso can watch streaming de.. 😛 Oso divide into a few videos lo.. o.O
    Yupz.. Got Shinsengumi at Spring tat time XD Shinsengumi kills ppl swt..
    lol so many free ice-cream.. next time bring back yea? XD hahaha.. I can oso go Spring eat Sugarbun’s ice-cream.. Very long and tall ma.. haha.. RM1.50 oni 😛
    Ya lo.. Many I download but no time watch, tod after download complete can watch better, but no time watch T.T all compile in dvds or in memory storage swt.. Haha.. I wan do business sell anime de.. jz tat no one to sell to le.. You wan buy? I be ur seller wahaha.. Can help u download too if the anime still got seeders XD Then help u burn in dvd then sell to u.. Hehehe.. I’m $.$ money eyes lol
    Hm.. After I read wat u said bout sky high, I think I watched it b4 la.. in TV haha.. at the end the girl at hell one oso hafta make decision, another girl replaced her 😛
    Oh Ryu? Saw him on9 le.. mostly he’ll be on9 during day time, at nite sometimes lo.. It’s ok le.. U send him the list of stuff u wanna buy, ask him quote u a price 1st. Will oni order for u after u paid deposit ^^ so after u got the quoted price, u can slowly plan ur $$$ lol Yupz.. We’re owes lack of $$$ de.. 🙁
    Wish I could earn more o.O Oh, yea lo.. my figurines I oni got 4, the others got more le.. cooler o.. swt.. ChuaChuram and Hikaru are mine XP There’s gonna be chuachuram nendoroid coming out.. very cute de.. hehehe.. collect all Kasumi? Think if its complete it’ll be nice le.. a whole collection ma haha.. hm.. after we get a job ah? Maybe o.. coz after we got a job, many things we hafta pay oso le.. like car loan la.. etc etc..
    I got a fren who’s a collector, working adi, oso keep complaining no $$ to buy figures liao.. coz so many figures wanna buy and collect, a month maybe spent on 2-3 figures at least ^^” swt.. but reali alota nice ones la.. haha..
    lol your sister sounds like my sis oso o.O She’s working adi.. but still ask parents to pay de.. no chia eat 1.. and owes use my earrings dun wanna buy her own de.. swt..
    But her salary RM2000++ la.. haha.. stay at home for free o.. swt.. haha.. luckily my sis not an accountant later she more kiam o.. o.O
    Yup.. I oso think like tat for those who wanna do business, need to think differently, offer unique stuff to ppl dun owes the same as others coz wont last long de ^^” Think I lazy think or I consider myself not innovative de.. kinda dead one my mind haha.. so chose accounting lo.. I like designing, photoshop.. but owes no time to go deep o.O I wanna do own website too de but I dunno all those CSS codings, php etc etc 🙁 oso dun feel like studying them, coz oso nd to be very creative and better than others, I’m dead dead de.. swt.. So I study accounting, self-learn bout photoshop and site codings lo.. haha.. and yea.. u need to think more, eventho other ppl stole ur idea and do it 1st, nvm lo.. you can still think of other better ones, like ppl steal ur story, they publish 1st, but oni you can continue the story XD Oh manga? hm.. not sure le if u wanna post in ur blog on it o not?
    Scare ppl steal ur story later, maybe shud fin storyline and drawing the manga 1st? ^^” Oh.. I would be glad to be the 1st to read ur manga le.. o.O haha..
    Technicians ah.. Sometimes they din come fix the com de.. but the others still ok ok not broken yet lol Technicians oso like mecha ma.. so got gundams lo? haha.. pirated ones ah, still ok le.. as long as they like gundams 😛
    Eh..? SE releasing such nice hp ah? 8.1mp o.O no nd buy camera adi swt.. lol for gaming again.. haha.. En-gage oni gud for gaming but not gud as hp swt.. haven go update myself on hp lately.. 😛
    Coz I used mine gud enough adi haha.. jz tat too much photos and mp3s in my hp lol Nokia last time their hp very durable, but later release their hp becoming more and more fragile + design not very nice.. So still think SE better, maybe a bit fragile la.. Buy a silicon protector lo.. Fell a few times with the protector on.. No scratch or broken! XD haha

  24. Otacon says:

    wahhh is it?? hmmm i wonder if my house area is perfect for streamyx? haha if i install internet 24 hour my sis will be glued to her friendster all day….and i wont be able to play the PC =.=;

    hehe but this 3g modem is oso nice le. you can take it anywer u want. or hide it if dont want other people to use wahaha. its just that it heats up…but i think if ur room got aircon it will be okay? 🙂

    ah, you seldom watch drama? yea now we got no time to follow drama…wuu i miss the good old days of Japanese drama on TV. now got no J-drama on TV..only Korean and Indo drama. thanks, i shud check it out! 😀

    hahaha yes, you watched the drama Sky High!! yatta~ last time it was on AEC, right?? haha i love that drama! i think the story was very innovative…i just dun like the part where a woman was decapitated…omg it was really bloody. i think they forgot to censor it o.o;;

    haha yea i’ll chia u some ice cream lol. last time i bought so many eat until got stomach ache o.o
    haha do u like to go to sugar bun? my brother always eat there with his family. hmm but i havent try the ice cream yet… towering ice that u mention it, im drooling lol :D~~~

    haha sure sure, you can sell it to me! i need to watch some animes but i cannot download them…also my PC is full with games so i knot store them in the drives. i need a DVD collection haha. Serene~~ sell them to me! just give cincai price la hehehe dun be too expensive like figurine shop o.o;;

    yesterday, i saw Ryu online! but when i sent him a message, it fails? i dunno..maybe i use a wrong version?? o.o i never used windows messenger before…i always use Yahoo. do you have Yahoo messenger account?? recently downloaded a new version of YM…now you can change the skins haha. but thats de only thing new about it =_=;

    ya lo…this hobby needs lots of munny. haha but im still staying with my parents. so i can save lots of money nyahahahaha XD but soon, my dad will resign i guess i will hafta help with the bills oso…

    but until that time comes, im gonna spend it all on figurines and gunpla lol. might as well save some for a trip to Japan. i wanna meet Kogoro the space detective. wahahaha just kidding! XD

    waahh the Chua churam is yours?? sugeee! hmmm yea i will get jealous too if i saw other ppl with lotsa figurines and gunpla -_-;; but luckily i seldom meet such people haha.

    ah last time i saw the other white Kasumi!! but… the store owner is very…omg. please listen. i bought the other 2 Kasumis for only RM100. then this store owner sell me the white one for RM225!! he said its the last one left. what the hell…:O

    hahahh i guess we have the same sister XD but what can we do?? sometimes i use her stuff secretly too like shampoo, computer, printer and so on wahaha. shhhh~!!

    i dont know a thing about CSS too. last time got compuer class…but i think i wasnt paying enough attention ^^;; it seems complicated, isnt it? sooo many commands to remember.

    ah so you like designing but you dont like thinking?? no problem serene~~! i can help you out! 😀 i can help you design stuffs, you just put them in for editing and so on. yep if it comes to drawing and all, i’ll do it!:D
    maybe we can start a website together. hmm i got think of an online manga project wanna join? i’ll explain the details to you later. got so many ideas le. haha

    sure, sure, i let you read my manga. you know, last time i draw a manga about shinsengumi….but it was sooo embarrassing haha. the story wasnt very good i suppose. hmmm then i read lots of history bout shinsengumi. research really helps in making these kind of stuffs.

    hahah lol last time those pirated gundam almost succeded in deceiving me…i was happy to see a gundam that cost RM 9 only lol! then i noticed the Ben Di sign… ^^;; ah but i think the pirated gundam has it uses too. it can be used as props for gundam diorama…what do you think??

    yes you should check the HP out. 8.1 mpxl….waaah. the preview said the phone is even better than camera. hahah i didn buy the silicon protector. my HP fell a few times adi. but suprisingly, theres no scratch on the screen o.o maybe its bulletproof glass?? haha jk.

    hmmm i dont really have a use for HP. i receive SMS veeeery seldom. most of the time those annoying advert message… =_=;; so i only use my Hp for music. too lazy to buy an MP3 player haha.

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