SAMS Anime Gathering Part 2

After the dinner, we had a rather hilarious yet serious fight o.O

The Lightsaber..


Lightsaber vs Katana o.O

Guns better?

Slacking butler.. haiyo..

Hardworking maids.. See? Maids better 😛

After the fight, we had a debate/discussion [Anime vs Manga]

Black : Plz marry me~

White : Omg! I’m discovered o.O

Yes.. We caught you red-handed hahaha..

And after the debate, all butler and maid were summoned~ Each draw a description and find sumone who fits the description XD I go pick SnowFish lol

And ToMCaT was chosen as the monkey-faced person XD

Those chosen are to dance the Hare Hare Yukai haha.. Our president and Melvin and EiChi joined in the fun ^^

After the dance all the chosen ones are given 2 free movie tickets sponsored by Star Cineplex each ^^ Congrats 😛

And we have EiChi to sing a karaoke song 4 us ^^ Song “GOD Knows” from the anime series The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 😛

Tat sums up the gathering for the nite ^^ Oh.. Knowing us as cam whores, we won’t jz end it here XD

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