SAMS Anime Gathering Part 1


Meido ready!


Oh no, not enuf $$ o.O

SAMS members and Yukirin and his fren from Lowyat 😛

Hm.. LemonTea and monkey is inside 😛

My old frens and classmate from Secondary sch hehe.. Mavis, Poh Fen and Angela ^^

Me and the others.. Lolita and Gothic.. Wuu..

Fully seated

Maid and Butler! Serve your Masters and Mistress~

Ice-breaking begin!

She agreed to marry me~!

wa.. cool Adrian XP

Follow Haruhi!

Omg! Rain got my IC o.O Ebil~

Help~ me~ ><

Eat eat yay.. Everybody’s hungry 😛

Oh~ Tissue~

Can a maid have her privacy? o.O

Yes, a maid can eat together with her master XD



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