O2Jam/O2Mania Songs Pack

Since the O2Jam site(Malaysia E-games?) is closed and the songs pack can’t be downloaded anymore, and many people requesting or asking in the O2Mania english version post, I’d just used my university’s fast internet speed to my advantage to upload the song packs XD Another treat for those who wanted to play O2Jam/O2Mania but haven’t got the chance to download the packs ^^ For those who only have O2Mania and don’t have O2Jam installed, please don’t download these packs, but download the 2nd badge below, the ones with 22 Packs only! ><

Download O2Jam Song Packs here : I would recommend to download the 2nd badge below which do not need O2Jam online.

Pack 01 | Pack 02 | Pack 03 | Pack 04 | Pack 05 | Pack 06 | Pack 07 | Pack 08 | Pack 09 | Pack 10 | Pack 11 | Pack 12 | Pack 13 | Pack 14 | Pack 15 | Pack 16 | Pack 17 | Pack 18 | Pack 19 | Pack 20 | Pack 21 | Pack 22 | Pack 23 | Pack 24 | Pack 25 | Pack 26


Sorry for the long wait! >< Here’s all the extracted songs from the O2Jam Song Packs Installer ^^


1. Place them all in the same folder(preferably named “Music”)

2. Configure the folder in O2Mania > File > Configure folder > Browse

3. Select the Music folder in which you placed all the extracted songs in and voila~

4. Press F8 to select the songs according to your level (easy, normal, hard/level 1, 2, 3 etc.)

5. Press F6 to start playing Yay~ ^^

There’s 25 files in each RAR file below, all the songs are in them so no worries when you only see 22 packs ^^” Happy downloading ๐Ÿ˜›

UPDATE 14 Mar 2015

Packs previously hosted on Rapidshare has now been replaced by MediaFire, enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

UPDATE 14th Dec 2012

Pack 23 – 44 added to both 4sharerd and Rapidshare. Consist of most International server songs, meaning more songs for you ^^

Update 10th Dec 2012

I will be adding more song packs, mostly from International servers (may be the missing songs you guys were finding ^^” )


** Please read below FIRST before proceeding to the song packs :

PS : DO NOT request any other songs now coz I don’t have it! *Any request won’t be entertained*

PSS : Read through the comments before asking anything, else your comment will be ignored.

PSSS : Any problem please feel free to ask except technical stuff like your O2mania songs isn’t working or something like that as I’m not a techie which can solve your technical problem, be independent and do your own search on the net as I did!

PSSSS : NO re-distributing of my uploads either by re-uploading or direct linking them! (It’ll be useless too since host sites deletes everything once in awhile and torrents doesn’t have enough seeders =.=). So yeah, direct them to applejunk.net would save time and energy for you and for me!

Download O2Jam/O2Mania song packs here :

4shared Downloads:

Pack 01 | Pack 02 | Pack 03 | Pack 04 | Pack 05 | Pack 06 | Pack 07 | Pack 08 | Pack 09 | Pack 10 | Pack 11 | Pack 12 | Pack 13 | Pack 14 | Pack 15 | Pack 16 | Pack 17 | Pack 18 | Pack 19 | Pack 20 | Pack 21 | Pack 22 | Pack 23 | Pack 24 | Pack 25 | Pack 26 | Pack 27 | Pack 28 | Pack 29 | Pack 30 | Pack 31 | Pack 32| Pack 33 | Pack 34 | Pack 35 | Pack 36 | Pack 37 | Pack 38 | Pack 39 | Pack 40 | Pack 41 | Pack 42 | Pack 43 | Pack 44

MediaFire Downloads (Mirror):

Pack 01 | Pack 02 | Pack 03 | Pack 04 | Pack 05 | Pack 06 | Pack 07 | Pack 08 | Pack 09 | Pack 10 | Pack 11 | Pack 12 | Pack 13 | Pack 14 | Pack 15 | Pack 16 | Pack 17 | Pack 18 | Pack 19 | Pack 20 | Pack 21 | Pack 22 | Pack 23 | Pack 24 | Pack 25 | Pack 26 | Pack 27 | Pack 28 | Pack 29 | Pack 30 | Pack 31 | Pack 32| Pack 33 | Pack 34 | Pack 35 | Pack 36 | Pack 37 | Pack 38 | Pack 39 | Pack 40 | Pack 41 | Pack 42 | Pack 43 | Pack 44

If you don’t have WinRAR to unzip the packs, kindly download it here :)

*Note : download o2mania English version at my O2mania English Version post ^^

*ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Single songs download for o2Jam songs : O2Jam/O2Mania Song List <– those who wanna download selected songs one by one

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  1. Prim3 says:

    O2JAM lagi!!!!???? XP

  2. Serene says:

    @Prim3 : It’s too fun, can’t help it lol

  3. nicky says:

    how to put the o2mania song pack in o2mania???

  4. Serene says:

    @nicky : Sorry forgot to explain in the post ^^”

    -Open O2Mania
    -Go to File > Configure folders (I think?)
    -Beside the O2Jam tab, click browse and go to the folder where you store the song packs after installing.
    -Press Ok then Ok again
    -You should be able to choose the songs and play adi ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hope it helps? Hehe ^^”

  5. jinonn says:

    but the downloads on dis pages r installers, how do i get the songs out? i cant run the installer, a ”install o2jamNX first” pops out. i already hv o2mania btw. how?

  6. 007 says:

    me too, the item say need install o2jamnx but i can’t open then folder please tommorow tell me please?please~~i
    wan play de le!!

  7. dummy819 says:

    yes, same problem with jinonn and 007. HELP US PLEASE. WE REALLY WANNA PLAY ASAP. :)

  8. dummy819 says:

    it says “install O2Jam first” for me though. do i need to install the online version??? waaa.. dun want.. DX besides, i wan offline one.

  9. naz says:

    Yes i have the same problem too. I download the song packs with your link but when i wanna install they say i need to install O2JAM first! How? Please help i wanna play O2mania!! :(

  10. Serene says:

    @jinonn, 007, dummy819, naz : I’m currently uploading the extracted songs from the installer and also gonna try to test if the songs can be played without installing the online version. Very sorry, din noe the songs packs needed the online version to install >< wait a lil longer yea? ^^”

  11. dummy819 says:

    heehee. thanks so much and sorry for being demanding, it’s just i really wanna play as soon as i get it working, :)

  12. Serene says:

    @dummy : No problem ^^ I understand what you’re feeling ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. dummy819 says:

    hahaha. good! so, when can we get the extracted songs without having to download the online game? hahaha. er, im serious. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Serene says:

    @dummy : I’m also not sure when can complete the upload coz my internet line at home dead slow >< Will be able to upload faster when I go to uni ><

  15. Prim3 says:

    care to teach me fr scratch about this game? ๐Ÿ˜‰


    nahhhhhh.. i rather spend time with my figures.. XD XD XD

  16. ^o^ says:

    hey guys!! only download song packs 21-26…. it dont need o2jam(e-games).. just install and enjoy.. ^o^

  17. 007 says:

    it that realy ^o^????if real i will try to download the 21pack(T-T me already download the pack 1-2 pach weast me pc space T-T)please fix it fast THX XD

  18. Serene says:

    @Prim3 : /me steals ur figures and blackmail.. *Play!* XD

    @^o^ : Thanks for informing ^^ Can play without O2Jam?

    @007 : Very sorry ><

  19. jinonn says:

    yes. song packs 21-26 can be extracted without installing d online version. thx for d info, n thx for uploading =)

  20. BlackHawling says:

    do any of u have latest songs pack?
    i mean…the one just release?
    the 1~26 song pack are kinda old..i have them 2 years ago

  21. BlackHawling says:

    woooh~~ good news!!!
    founded a webby with completed(?) o2jam songs
    might as well share em with u guys >

  22. 007 says:

    who can tell me the pack 31-26 witch have the V3 amedues brahms canon duel william term fly mapie and orthe song?please thx if u give me information ^^

  23. 007 says:

    opps sory is pack 21-26^^””

  24. joker says:

    Happen to pass by your blog, looks good….keep posting!

    I have a joke blog, drop by and have a look.



  25. Serene says:

    @BlackHawling : Ah.. I din visited the O2Jam site since I dl’ed these packs so nop.. Dun have the latest ones ^^” Yes, please do share the site ๐Ÿ˜›

    @007 : Sorry for the delay, I’ve uploaded the extracted packs so you can download those ^^

    @joker : Thanks for visiting and welcome to my blog ^^

  26. 007 says:

    wow thx for the pack serena thx u now i can play liao lor^^ so happy o,thx thx thx so thx and thx …..^O^

  27. O.O says:

    I cant download song pack 6,16 and 18

  28. 007 says:

    y cannot download and can tell me with pack have amedues?and fly mappie and eletro fantasy and orther normal song le???and the pach have identiti part 1 and 2?? i have part 3 le…………..-.-”’

  29. Deadpool says:

    I can’t download pack 18, from those 22 packs x_x
    it says the quick key is wrong, or somethin รƒยง-รƒยง

  30. Serene says:

    @O.O : I’ll check the packs, but which badge are you referring to? The 26 packs or 22 packs? ^^”
    @007 : Sorry, I’m not sure coz the names are all codes >< @Deadpool : Ah.. I'll re-upload again as soon as possible ๐Ÿ˜›

    Please wait patiently yea? >.<

  31. 007 says:

    y i download the pack 21 inside y identiti part 2 only have file o2ma506 ojn no o2ma506 ojm???1?

  32. Serene says:

    @007 : Oh.. Mayb it’s in the next pack, Pack 22 coz I cun cun zip 25 files for each pack so.. hehe ^^”

  33. Jhephoi says:

    Thanks for the upload!

  34. Jhephoi says:

    I can’t download songpack # 18 (2nd one, for o2mania).. There’s an error in mediafire..

  35. Serene says:

    I’ve re-uploaded Pack 18 for O2Mania packs ^^ There’s no error adi.. Try and download and tell us if it works ๐Ÿ˜›

  36. lhey says:

    e0w serene!!

    i cant download s0ng pack #8!!

    on the 2nd one..


    g0 t0 ds link and y0u’ll see

  37. 007 says:

    who can tell me what web side can…..know the o2mania song file?like example o2ma.122=??

  38. 007 says:

    who have play maple ^^?can i know here? serene got play??

    tell me and i add u^^

  39. renaye says:

    wow. u really are enthusiastic to spread the word bout this game.

  40. 007 says:

    me??oh if me so thanks ^^ who have play?no body tell me 1….

  41. dummy819 says:

    yay! been a long time, isn’t it serene? haha. yahoo! gotta upload that 21-26!

    O2 JAM
    Here I Come! (hmm, that rhymes. :))

  42. Serene says:

    @lhey : Re-uploaded :)
    @007 : I’m not sure ^^” Coz most will download all the packs to play..
    @renaye : Ah.. I din expect it to be so wide-spread too ๐Ÿ˜› It may be related to the online game closing down ^^”
    @dummy : You’re welcome ^^ Glad that you’re enjoying lol

  43. Welly says:

    haha.. i was browsing youtube today and ended up with the canon song someone downloaded from the o2jam website. suddenly feel like playing but the website’s gone.. -.-” i googled for it and found a replacement which is this lol. thanks for everything xD. brings back old memories..

  44. Serene says:

    @Welly : No prob.. ^^ Am happy to serve.. haha

  45. 007 says:

    oh o now i can’t download the pack 4 cause after i start doenload and so……fast finished download and i open it and have erro too……please fix it too fast download T-T wowowo~~~

  46. Serene says:

    @007 : Ah ah.. will upload as fast as possible >

  47. rey says:

    how come theres no sound ????? how can i hav a sound ?? reply plss

  48. Serene says:

    @rey : Can xplain more about your problem? No sound while playing?? Coz there shud be no problem with the sound ^^”

  49. 007 says:

    @rey: i know why the song no sound,u wanna know y the song no sound?because the o2maXXX.ojm,the ojm file is the sound of the song ,u try to find the ojm file example:
    o2ma123.ojn and no o2ma123.ojm file, then that ur problems in o2mania inside can see the file, u know y i know? because me also have the same problems…….

  50. jin says:

    hmm after i do all those configuration and press ‘refresh’, the songs do not come up…

  51. jin says:

    thanks so much for the songs! i’ve found out how to use it :)

  52. Serene says:

    @007 : Thanks for explaining ^^ I dun reali noe about it ><
    @jin : ah.. glad that it worked out ^^ You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜›

  53. enkt says:

    the song never come out when i press refresh, why?

  54. lhey says:

    e0w serene!!

    i have o2jam online nd o2mania!!

    i like t0 d0wnl0ad the 1st s0ng packs..

    can i?

  55. lhey says:

    i’m trying t0 download the pack 1 in d 1st 0ne.

    it always says “install o2jam 1st”

    but i have a o2jam

  56. 007 says:

    T-T,me so cham me save the song in a pendrive but my pendrive broken liao,so i change need to download agian so cham T_T @lhey@dun download the onlinee 1 just download the mania and..@enkt@u save at where? if u have pendrive try to save inside but dun save al in a file just put outside the file or it will cannot play O.O. $ร‚ยง.ร‚ยง$

  57. dumm819 says:

    serene, which pack has the songs “khan khan”, “canon”, “fly magpie”, “moonlight” (idk the exact title), and the song with an emo young girl background with a happy beat but sad lyrics and animation. i forgot.

  58. Serene says:

    @enkt : Did you configure the to the right folder?
    @lhey : I’m not sure lhey, but maybe you can check if your o2jam were installed properly? Or you can directly use o2mania to play now according to the instructions as it saves up more space than o2jam :)
    @007 : Ow.. *pats pats* it’s not too bad to download again :)
    @dummy : Sorry, I don’t know >< Last time I downloaded all the packs and installed them all at once ^^”

  59. @Hello says:

    but i dun see the files at the WinRAR its hard to put it in the game.

  60. @Hello says:

    what happened to 02jam why they close down tell me plz in detailed explanation ty.

  61. @Hello says:

    zzz i pressed refresh a million times lol still no songs..

  62. Serene says:

    @@Hello : er.. tink it’s better if you download all Pack 1-22 1st before start to play in o2mania ^^” as they’re not zipped according to original Song Packs which needed installation. I just heard O2Jam closed down due to bankruptcy, not much details either ^^”

  63. @Hello says:

    thx i`v already found out how to use but canon hasn`t any sound.. the other songs all have.

  64. Player says:

    Ermm.. whic 1 is o2jam pack or Fis or ,,? can u tell me ?

  65. Serene says:

    @@Hello : make sure you had donwloaded all the 22 packs? coz 1 song had 2 files, as 007 said, 1 is the sound, 1 is the game, and some might be separated when I was zipping every 25 files into 1 pack :)

    @Player : If you dun hav o2jam online version installed, and you only have o2mania, you should download the 2nd badge Pack 1-22 ones :)

  66. Player says:

    ohh kk Ty ..But i gt o2jam on9 Form my,ph,cn
    but my servers can’t play ..so i keep find other country but download ph there say ur not ph country u from other country so can;t play -.-….then i go download cn o2jam ..can in but keep say UR Server R FULL -.-” Call me how to play zz..now i use ur mania to play..nice lee off9 o so can play .. o so can play my song n cn song .. Ermm gt 1 thing ur pack > 12,18,22

  67. Player says:

    ur Pack > 12,18,22

  68. Player says:

    can’t download 12,18,22 pack .. is o2jam pack

  69. Serene says:

    @Player : Ah yea, servers from other countries can’t o.. coz oni allow their own country’s IP :) While Japan and Malaysia e-games oso close adi, no choice but to play offline ver o2mania ^^” Oh, thanks for informing, will upload after my Finals ><

  70. Fikri says:

    why i can’t extract the 17 file

  71. wk says:

    hey! part 2 of the 22 part files is missing on mediafire. please check it out as im missing that part. thanks!(:

  72. Serene says:

    @Fikri : make sure you download complete o.. ^^
    @wk : But I can still download it ne.. it’s still there :)

  73. lazo says:

    o2mania batch, pack6 is mp3 files not o2jam file

  74. Serene says:

    @lazo : I checked, there are oni o2jam files ne.. ^^”

  75. nic says:

    hey y identity part 2 no music one??? :(

  76. wk says:

    okay thanks. got it working. wasnt the other time i tried :/

  77. Serene says:

    @nic : Make sure you download both the ojm and ojn files which has the same code number, some are separated when I zipped them in each rar file ^^”

    @wk : Should be some problem with mediafire or the internet ^^”

  78. menard says:

    anctually don’t download the 2nd pack because
    it needs o2jam nx…..

  79. Passerby#1 says:

    uhm. uhm…. uurrrhhh.. my computer only allows me to hold down 3 keys at a time.. how do i disable that?

  80. nic says:

    oh haha ok thanks :)

  81. Serene says:

    @menard : It needs o2jam nx? o.O But others can play the songs without o2jam, make sure to download the Pack 1-22 batch, not the Pack 1-26 batch :)

    @Passerby#1 : hold down 3 keys? o.O Why do you have that kind of restriction? Well, I owes go to control panel to edit this kind stuff so maybe you shud try it ^^

    @nic : welcome ๐Ÿ˜›

  82. deathwing says:

    can someone send me the songs??..plsss
    my email is evil_deathwing@yahoo.com

  83. Serene says:

    @deathwing : You’ll still need to download the songs even if someone sent you the songs ne.. ^^” Unless you request the songs one by one and no one reali knows which file is which songs ><

  84. ska says:

    ei.. theres something coming up.. i cant play it.. its always coming.. :-((..

  85. Serene says:

    @ska : can describe further? What does it said? ><

  86. (: says:

    heys. i alr uploaded de 2nd badge of packs.. and alr configured the folder thing.. then they ask me to refresh it to get the songs up on the list
    but i cant seem to get them up after refreshing it. =/
    can help me?

  87. Jimmy says:

    Hey Serene, I need a bit of help. Everytime I try to play on O2Mania, I choose the song then press f6. But when the notes are coming down, they are all glitchy and twitch. >

  88. Kenneth says:

    Hello Serene, being an avid fan of O2Jam, i’m really thankful that you’d actually go through so much trouble just to cater to fans like these guys and me(:

    Thank You!(:

  89. Liru says:

    um i can’t find some songs like dragon eyes but actually there is but when i click on this one button,it’s transferred to ???? ???

  90. stepmanis ftw woot (o2jam rocks to -_-) says:

    thanx for uploading packs ur awsome ^_^ well peace out


  91. Serene says:

    @(: : I’m not very sure about your situation as I din experienced this kind of problem before ^^” Please make sure you link to the correct folder?
    @Jimmy : I advice you to press Alt + Enter for full screen instead of maximazing it ^^
    @Kenneth : Thanks ^^ You’re very welcome too. I appreciate ya acknowledging my hard work hehe
    @Liru : Sorry, I don’t really understand what you’re saying >< Can explain more?
    @stepmania ftw woot : You’re welcome ^^

  92. 5500 says:

    i downloaded the song packs already and put them in one folder, but i dont understand how to configure it into o2mania.


  93. 5500 says:

    i actually downloaded o2mania which already had songs in it, but when i went to choose a song and click on one of them and then press ok, but nothing comes out. there still isn’t any song chosen. :(

  94. Serene says:

    @5500 : Think you already configured it to the right folder :) After you’ve chosen the song, you have to press F6 to start the game ^^ Hope it helps ><

  95. Liru says:

    there’s this question mark on top –>?? to ???(song’s transferred to that)i downloaded the original ver…as in chinese.i don’t have that chinese language file that’s why.i clicked on this 1 button and that particular song’s gone

  96. Serene says:

    @Liru : I’m not sure, maybe you try to download the englisg version to know better what’s the problem ^^ Here’s the link : http://blog.applejunk.net/?p=402
    Hope it helps :)

  97. Jimmy says:

    I never maximized it o.o, I just opened it and it was still in window mode. I chose a song and pressed f6. It came down all glitchy and when I press a key to hit the note, I got an error. >

  98. 5500 says:

    i chose the song, and pressed F6, but it cant play, cos somehow no song was chosen even though i already clicked it. ):

  99. 5500 says:

    oh i just downloaded the english o2mania. but there’s no sound. what should i do?

  100. Renewist says:

    hello! thanks so much for the songs! been trying to find them for such a long time. thanks alot once again!

  101. anonymous says:

    i can’t download o2mania-only song pack 7 =( could u check it out? but thanks anyway, u helped alot! appreciate it

  102. Serene says:

    @Jimmy : Oh, it was like that when I played it at first, after a while it’ll be fine, I prefer to play full screen (press Alt + Enter) :) About the error, I’m not too sure sorry >< @5500 : No sound may be becoz one of the ojm/ojn is not downloaded, I might have separated them to different rar files so I recommend you to download all of the 22 packs before you play if possible ^^”

    @Renewist : Hey you’re welcome ^^ Glad that you found them ๐Ÿ˜›

    @anonymous : This happens now and then, not sure why, but I think it’s coz bandwidth overloaded for mediafire as there’s many people downloading ^^” Hope you can wait patiently :)

  103. BossRoss says:

    heya! apparently you savedmy brain from going insane using the chinese version. you saved my mental stability… hahaha! anyway, it’s great that you got this one up. maybe i could make a link to this site for ease of downloading. specially coz i have a lot of hardcore players as frieds.

    BossRoss out…

  104. Serene says:

    @BossRoss : think you comment at the wrong post? lol Anyway, You’re very welcome ^^ Yea, I was the same, can’t play the chinese version o.O Just came across the English version by chance while ooking for the instructions ^^” It was hard to download too -.-” So, share in my post so that others dun hafta go thru all the trouble :)

  105. Oni says:

    Very nice upload…

    it is hard to find a site were i could download song for o2mania…

    but it would be really nice if the song packs have song title on them…its kinda hard as well to find the songs you really wanted…

  106. 5500 says:

    thankyou! i downloaded all the 22 packs and i can play now. thank you sooo much! ๐Ÿ˜€

  107. Serene says:

    @Oni : Thanks ^^ Ow.. It would be very time consuming to test which file is which song >< So I just upload all the songs that I have, it’ll be fun playing different songs too :)

    @5500 : Glad to hear that ^^ You’re welcome!

  108. eldriane says:

    what extracted pack no. can i find the song bride in dream?

  109. rEdgiE says:

    thank you so much for your hard work
    my sister deleted my o2jam that’s why I looked for o2mania
    I still need to download the song packs 11-22
    but I can play it now.

  110. Serene says:

    @eldriane : I never know which songs in which pack as all of them are in code-no-form >< Sorry.. can’t help ya, anyone else who knows?

    @rEdgiE : You’re welcome ^^ Glad to be of service lol

  111. shinichi04 says:

    thank u serene for the downloads!
    i haven’t finished downloading all the packs….
    but i can play some songs now….
    thank you very much!!!!

  112. Serene says:

    @shinichi04 : You’re welcome ^^ Happy to hear that from ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

  113. PokeMania says:

    where do you see the right folder and how to put songs?

  114. rhei0070 says:

    If you don’t mind …could you tell me the difference
    between the song packs 1-26 and the song packs 1-22

  115. Serene says:

    @PokeMania : The folder you put all the songs in after extracted from the rar file ^^” Press F8 to choose songs after configured :)
    @rhei0070 : Packs 1-26 is for those who had installed o2Jam, Song packs 1-22 is for those who only have o2mania (Do not have O2jam) :)

  116. rhei0070 says:

    I could understand that, but what’s the difference of the songs in song packs 1-22 and song packs 1-26?
    Because if the songs are different I’ll gonna install my o2jam

  117. hong he says:

    i wanted to play but i cant seem to get the song in to the game

  118. Serene says:

    @rhei0070 : All the songs are the same in Pack 1-22 and Pack 1-26, its just Pack 1-26 are the o2jam installation packs, without o2jam you can’t extract the songs out, Pack 1-22 are the songs which were adi extracted, and I just zip them in rar files for easier download :)

    @hong he : Can you explain further? Make sure you’ve configured into the right folder which you’ve stored the music files. Then press F8 to choose the songs, press OK and then press F6 to start the game, hope that helps ><

  119. rhei0070 says:

    ok. thanks

  120. Soph says:

    Do you think you could put all this in one big file? Everytime I download from mediafire, I get errors. Thank you for your efforts though. :)

  121. kablag says:

    I will try to upload all of this files in rapidshare(so it will be just 7 files not 22) just go to my blog and go to applications and gadgets category.

    anyone have an idea how to download on their main site(www.o2mania.com) i can’t read those chinese characters so i’m completely clueless on how to download a song i found a download link but it’s dead….

  122. Serene says:

    @Soph : Wow.. All in one = 1+gb o.O Ah.. kablag can help ya with that ^^ Coz a file too large is hard for me to upload >.<
    @kablag : Thanks for uploading ^^ I’m not sure but o2mania.com is really messy, I cudn’t find the download link nor page o.O

    PS : Does Mediafire have any problems?

  123. zero says:

    hey i think your packs have been removed on media fire

  124. Serene says:

    @zero : But I can still download them o.O and the files are still there, as they are actively being downloaded ^^” Can you explain what’s going on with Mediafire? seems like many ppl are experiencing difficulties with mediafire? ><

  125. cloud says:

    hey thks for the upload ya….

  126. kf says:

    hey, thks for the songs!! I hope u could update until pack26…haha..

    feel free to visit my blog:

  127. Serene says:

    @cloud : You’re very welcome :)
    @kf : You’re welcome as well, er.. if you mean the 22 packs, they’re the full 26 packs, just that zipped directly from my music folder so is different from the original 26 install pack ๐Ÿ˜›

  128. Ian says:

    Hey! can I play O2mania w/o installing packs?

  129. Serene says:

    @Ian : Sure you can, don’t download the 26 packs, download the 22 packs below it, tats the extracted o2jam music files I zipped without the nd to install the packs ^^”

  130. Ian says:

    Hmmm…. tnx! I luv u… did u make this game? I’m from philippines and o2jam is (i think) the most popular music online game next to audition online. My computer doesn’t have internet connection and i’m very very sad but when i knew that there is offline version… I searched and downloaded it! tnx… What will do? will i only open the O2mania.exe? and i will play? ^^ tnx again!!

  131. Ian says:

    What is the difference between the 26 packs and the 22 packs?

  132. Ian says:

    Can I make my own music? how?

  133. Ian says:

    Oh I saw ur profile! I saw that u have a friendster account… please add me …

  134. kf says:

    @serene: oh i see!! hmmm how u dl new songs from o2mania.com? must i register?

  135. Serene says:

    @Ian : You’re welcome. No, I din make this game ^^” You need to download the 22 packs and for the diff.. Er.. I’ve explained all in the post, please refer back to the post of a few of the last comment, coz I’ve explained many times adi ๐Ÿ˜› I dunno ur fs email? You can add me at purpleserene [at] yahoo [dot] com :)
    @kf : I’m not sure, coz I’m very blur when I go there so I din dl anything from there ๐Ÿ˜› Some of the links are dead too ^^”

  136. Ian says:

    ey! my o2mania didn’t work!!! something about Direct3d or Directdraw? i think we don’t have that… We only have is DirectX… A box comes with a cancel button… then once i click cancel o2mania closes… i did it again and i set aside the box then nothing happen… there are many songs but nothing happen…. itried to click start and everything! What will I do?

  137. Serene says:

    @Ian : Can you explain what did you do 1st? ^^” From the beginning til the end..

  138. kf says:

    oh dats bad… haha…can i add u in frenster or facebook?

  139. Serene says:

    @kf : haha yea.. that’s why I’ll just stick to my current songs lol yea, sure you can add me :) I’ve got both..

  140. Ian says:

    Well it started when I copied the folder to my USB then I put it in my PC. I opened the folder O2Mania and opened the O2Mania.exe then white box comes up with an option about Direct Draw (i think) with Windowed, Fullscreen, 32bit, 16bit, etc. then I pressed OK. A small box come up with some words that I can’t understand… I think it’s chinese ^^ then a box with a direct3d came (I think) then I pressed OK then the small box appears again with words that I can’t understand… When I click it it starts over and over again then I clicked X (close button) then a box with a cancel button appeared and I clicked cancel. O2mania closed… Then I started over again and I ignored the last box. There’s many songs but when I play it nothing happens!!!! Sira ba tong O2Mania Ko!!!! (Is my O2mania broken) ^^

  141. Serene says:

    @Ian : lol I encountered this kind of situation before.. When I tried to play the o2mania in my USB in one of my uni’s computer.. I think they’ve done something to block people from playing games, even from ur USB. Or the computer is not equipped with the needed software or hardware in the com ^^” Though I can still play nicely in my laptop at home, I couldn’t play at my uni’s com, what happened is just like ur situation, so ur o2mania is not broken, just something wrong with ur pc tats all, but please don’t ask me, I don’t know what’s wrong >.< I’m not a techie ^^”

  142. lols says:

    woot maplestory private server so fun…… very cool everybody go to google and then search maplestory private server then choose the first one tats xtremetop.com woo hoo only train one week can reach 100+ level choose your private server now there got 200 private server some private server got 1000x exp !

  143. bodybra says:

    do you happen to know which song pack has the song storm over the ocean? thanks

  144. Serene says:

    @lols : er.. swt? Think you comment at the wrong place ^^”
    @bodybra : Ah.. no I don’t >< sorry hope other ppl can help ya.. :)

  145. Ian says:

    hmmmm…. tnx serene but does that mean that I have to download Direct3D or DirectDraw? ^^ We’ll I’ll try in my school’s computer (our computer room)… And add me in friendster… eyeshield_jian_21@yahoo.com or smashinglittlewillow@yahoo.com! I’ll wait 4 ur add ^^’ My e-mail is kinda long though… please add me!

  146. Serene says:

    @Ian : I’m not sure, but you can try :) No harm in trying, just nd a lil time ^^” er.. you’ve adi added me in fs lol

  147. Ian says:

    you added me!!! hahahah I didn’t know I didn’t open my fs until now hahahah! well i try!

  148. Ian says:

    Hey! My O2mania looks like what happen on the picture that one of the downloader comment in ur fs! sori 4 my english!

  149. Ian says:

    Did u saw my pic in fs? its my costume in my intermission dance which is our theme is broadway!!! ^^ ahahah did u add me in my other fs? ^^

  150. PeacE says:

    erm…i dnload song pack 2…and i succesfully opened it…but leh, when i play, no sounds….wats the problem har?? plz reply.. ty ^^

  151. PeacE says:

    ops..sry my bad…the only song that doesnt hav sound is Canon+…plz..reply others work tho ๐Ÿ˜›

  152. Serene says:

    @Ian : Nono u added me o.O Ur other Fs email cudn’t find you o.. ^^” Ah.. yea, tats wat happen when I brought o2mania in my USB to uni com play, cudn’t open oso.. Go check now lol

  153. Ian says:

    OK>>> in the philippines, LOL (which is Laugh Out Loud), some people mistaken it for the word “LOL” which comes from the another tagalog word “ULOL” which means kinda dumb,crazy, and other indulting words!

  154. Nizam says:

    You rocks gurl. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.

  155. for3v3r says:

    which pack got da v3(o2 version) song?

  156. Serene says:

    @ian : haha.. I dunno “lol” still got other meaning ^^” oni noe its laugh out loud ๐Ÿ˜›
    @Nizam : Thanks and welcome ^^ Owh.. I dun rock much ><

  157. Marluxia says:

    Thnx for the packs…btw…i cant seem to download pack 12?
    My computer says “there are no servers with the requested data”..something like that..

    Ive DL the other packs with no problem..it says that i should try DL-ing it later..but ive already tried that.

    Can u help me?

    Plss email me..jeck_uson13@yahoo.com

  158. Ian says:

    Hey Liv comments iin FS please>>>>>

  159. Bommmusix says:

    I’m confused about the song pack.. I wan some certain songs.. but the pack didnt say or state wat song they have in pack.. could u help me out?

  160. Serene says:

    @for3v3r : Sorry, I dunno which songs in which packs as I downloaded them all-at-once last time, so din got the chance see which song in which pack ^^”
    @Marluxia : You’re welcome, ah.. but I can download Pack 12 when I clicked it ^^” Try again k? Coz maybe its due to daily bandwidth limitation so hafta try another day or sumthing :)
    @Ian : oh ok haha..
    @Bommmusix : I dunno which songs in which pack ^^” er.. if you’re toking about the 2nd bagde of song packs, tats coz I zipped the extracted o2jam song packs separately myself so I’m afraid I can’t help ya ><

  161. for3v3r says:

    i think v3 is in pck 1,2,3

    HAVE U ADDED ME YET? yipxiaojung@hotmail.com

  162. helium says:

    waa!!!i miss this games so much!!!thax for this thing!!!bring back my memory…

  163. Serene says:

    @for3v3r : I think you adi added me and I’ve approved lol
    @helium : No problem ^^ This game is nice haha..

  164. helium says:

    serene..can i use o2jam song pack for 02mania…

  165. for3v3r says:

    wat abt adding me at face book yipxiaojung@hotmail.com

  166. Serene says:

    @helium : The 2nd badge of Packs 1-22 are o2jam songs which can be used in o2mania ^^
    @for3v3r : ok

  167. Luis says:

    can u tell me what pack contains symphony from the rock world? thank you!! thanks for sharing..

  168. Serene says:

    @Luis : Ah.. Sorry, I dunno which songs in which pack ^^”

  169. Luis says:

    i downloaded all the packs but there’s no symphony from the rock world,.. :(

  170. Loom says:

    1 word………..WOW!!

  171. rhei0070 says:

    hmm….sorry for disturbing you, but could you tell me how to change the background of the skin? For example..I wanna change the background into an anime wallpaper, do you know how?

  172. Serene says:

    @Luis : Izzit? hm.. I oni saw Symphony which is classic music ^^”
    @Loom : lol your reaction funny ๐Ÿ˜› But thanks ^^
    @rhei0070 : Ah.. sorry, I dunno >< Haven got the time go research ๐Ÿ˜›

  173. GUTTERZ says:

    err .. hello everyone , do u know where to download new o2mania song file (ojm) other than the chinese web ? i didnt know how o read chinese …

  174. Serene says:

    @GUTTERZ : I’ve adi uploaded all my own songs here so if you’re looking for other new songs, very sorry I dun have them ><

  175. Luis says:

    yeah, symphony from the rock world is rock,. lol the name of the song says it all,. can you tell me where i can get that song?

  176. Serene says:

    @Luis : I think you can google search it and some download link might pop up ^^ There are also some other ppl uploading o2jam songs files :)

  177. derick says:

    miss serene,wer can i down the song identity part 3 and v3 [reincarnated]?…
    asa :) tnx

  178. Serene says:

    @derick : Download all the 22 packs and you’ll have Identity Part 3 and V3 ๐Ÿ˜›

  179. rhei0070 says:

    ok, but there’s a problem with the song pack 20 (from the song packs1-26) when I download it, it’s not a winrar

  180. Serene says:

    @rhei0070 : Yea, it’s not winrar coz its the original O2jam installation song pack ^^” swt.. Tats why I ask u all to download o2mania song packs if you dun have o2jam installed in ur com ><

  181. hoaamzz says:


    Completes your o2jam needs..

  182. derick says:

    ok…i have d other song…but i want only the 2 song what i said…T_T

  183. kelvin says:

    hey there, isit possible to put dj max song inside o2mania and play? if can den do u noe where to download the dj max songs? how come after i play finish the game den no rating?

  184. rhei0070 says:

    it says that I need to install the o2jam, but it’s already installed in my computer

  185. marluxia says:

    Does the songs packs include BMS songs?
    How do i know em?

    By the way..do you know any site(or if you also have any…)
    about pump it up (new Xenesis) with free DL’s??

  186. Boommusix says:

    Hi serence.. can you kindly tell which pack for wat songs? its very space-costing as i nid to download all songs pack juz to find the song i want… >

  187. Serene says:

    @hoaamzz : Thanks for sharing ^^
    @kelvin : From what I see, yea, I think can play DJ max songs in o2mania but I dunno where to download them ^^” And no rating? coz not the online version?:P
    @rhei0070 : o.O I’m not sure what’s wrong, but think it’s better you download the 22 packs, they’re the same anyway ^^
    @marluxia : nop.. sorry >

  188. derick says:

    i’ve already download all 22 packs…but there is no id part 3 and v3(reincarnated)

  189. Serene says:

    @Boommusix & derick : was gonna say will try to list out the songs but too time-consuming >< See what I can do coz school is starting.. ๐Ÿ˜ก
    @derick : yea, I've look thru the list, I din found Id part 3, but not sure about V3 o.O Very sorry, I dunno all the songs, some may be in a newer packs but I din download them ><

  190. Corda says:



  191. Serene says:

    @Corda : You’re welcome ^^ haha

  192. combos says:

    when i tried downloading a song it woked but i canceled by accident.affter i tried downloading agian but it didnt work y?

  193. Serene says:

    @combos : It may be the server problem or your internet connection unstable ^^”

  194. kelvin says:

    ya i tot after playing 1 song and den will appear the rating.. as in u miss how mnay times and so on. =(

  195. Serene says:

    @kelvin : yea, I oso miss the online rating ><
    but o2mania is offline, so dun have the rating..

  196. oxygen says:

    may i ask?
    do you know how to convert music files to ojm files
    or is it any software to generate ojm files?

  197. Louie says:

    Can I ask????

    Where can I download the O2mania english version just for free????? pls answer… T_T

  198. 02 lovers says:

    hey,the 2nd bandage don’t need 02 online right??
    answer please

  199. Serene says:

    @o2 lover : yea, the 2nd badge you dun need o2 jam online, o2mania is enough ^^

  200. 02 lovers says:

    OMG it’s work
    i Love you so…thx alot
    & God bles U…hehe
    bye & thx..

  201. Serene says:

    @o2 Lovers : You’re welcome ^^

  202. godhand says:

    the packs for the o2jam wonรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt work!T_T
    it says that รขโ‚ฌล“INSTALL O2JAM FIRSTรขโ‚ฌย
    but i already have o2jam online on my pc..
    how do i install it?
    please reply as soon as you can?..

  203. BentleyVIP says:

    why o2jam cant play??

  204. BentleyVIP says:

    who have greig piano song here???
    please answer me…
    and what website to download???

  205. Serene says:

    @godhand : I think its better if you download the 2nd badge, they’re the same anyway :)
    @BentleyVIP : O2jam online had closed down, so oni can play o2mania ^^” Sorry, I dun have tat song ><

  206. Nanyang Poly says:

    For O2mania Offline version (i dl-ed the 1st one ) :


  207. Serene says:

    @Nanyang Poly : I also uploaded the O2mania offline version and english version here http://blog.applejunk.net/?p=402 :)

  208. godhand says:

    thanks a lot!^^
    are you a girl?

  209. marluxia says:

    where i can DL BMS songs for o2mania?


  210. Serene says:

    @godhand : You’re welcome ^^ Yup, I’m a girl lol
    @marluxia : I also don’t know, but I always google search for anything I wanna download, mayb you can try tat too ^^

  211. godhand says:

    oh. i c..^^

    can i know your ym account?

    and can i know where you’re from?

    if it’s okay w/ you?XD

  212. Serene says:

    @godhand : haha.. I’m from Malaysia ๐Ÿ˜› You can see my profile in my secrets page lol

  213. marluxia says:

    thnks? ill try tat..so ur from malaysia..im from philippines.^^

  214. Serene says:

    @marluxia : You’re welcome? lol Yup, I’m from Malaysia, nice to meet ya :)

  215. oxygen says:

    again. can I make ojm song by myself?
    and how to make it?

  216. Serene says:

    @oxygen : ah.. did I missed your comment? o.O I dun tink you can make your own ojm, even though can, I dunno how too sorry ><

  217. nootish says:

    hey… the extracted songs from O2jam installer would not have any song, only the notes… can anyone help?

  218. Serene says:

    @nootish : Make sure you download the following packs too as the pairs of o2jam song data may be separated between 2 packs, if 1 of them is missing, the songs may not have sound but only words :)

  219. nootish says:

    wow… thanks!!
    i’ve got to play o2jam (offline) at last XD

  220. Serene says:

    @nootish : You’re welcome ^^

  221. nootish says:

    sure ^^… hope there would be more versions of o2mania english version XD

  222. Serene says:

    @nootish : Yupz… ^^ Thanks haha..

  223. TheHunt3r says:

    hehehehe thanks for the advice guys i cant wait 2 play the identity series and canon rock

  224. TheHunt3r says:

    i cant play it y does it have a small window showing if i click ok o2mania closes if i click “X” it closes 2 help me pls i just wanna play o2mania

  225. Serene says:

    @TheHunt3r : Hope you can play sooner :)

  226. XxgwapitoxX says:

    oh come on did you know the o2jam ep bug?!?!?!?!?!?

    please add me in ym if you know this is m ym


    please real ep bug

  227. C says:

    why some of them need password to extract?
    what is the password?
    and a lot of them doesnt have speed anymore T_T

  228. Serene says:

    @ XxgwapitoxX : There was no bug for o2mania in my laptop but the bug appeared when I tried to play o2mania in school :( I also dunno how to solve this problem ^^” sorry..

  229. Serene says:

    @C : o.O password? I din put any password ^^” swt.. what had Mediafire done to my files? >< I think the speed is becoz bandwidth had been used up for the day, try again later k? ^^
    In the mean time, I’ll try to upload all 22 packs to another hosting file :)

  230. C says:

    the onse that ive downloaded and needed password are 12,13,16,18. All of them have the same size and same files inside =.=
    ive finished downloading most of the files,the speed came back during morning lol
    Pack 08 cant be finished downloaded, having some errors in it
    And Thanks Serene for the reply ^^

  231. Serene says:

    @C : No problem :) Owh.. I din put password protection ^^” Can you try downloading again and see if it’s still like that? I’ll try to do something.. haha ^^

  232. daniel says:

    thx allot baby

  233. Serene says:

    @daniel : You’re welcome ^^

  234. chon says:

    hi. do i need to download all the song packs to make the game work?? ty in advance.

  235. Serene says:

    @chon : Yea, it’s better to download all the packs :)

  236. daniel says:

    eh can u add me in msn . i can asked u more things haha about some more games thing !!!

  237. Serene says:

    @daniel : lol.. I’m not so into games o.. Just coincidentally like O2Jam haha.. ^^”

  238. daniel says:

    come mine o2jam privite server play haha

  239. daniel says:

    add me t.t
    in msn
    join me in controlling
    this server

  240. Serene says:

    @daniel : lol I dunno your msn? ^^”

  241. jexar says:

    i love the pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!! U

  242. Serene says:

    @jexar : You’re welcome :) Glad you’re enjoying haha

  243. You all are the heroes of o2jam fans!!!!!!
    Thanks..Nice game by the way!!!!

  244. Serene says:

    @damascus of fury : haha.. You’re so flattering me ^^” No problem, just sharing here ^^ yupz.. the game is fun XD

  245. Edwin says:

    Thank you very much Serene!
    Your website is very helpful.

    Now is the time for nostalgia! Hahaha

  246. skaterbalo says:

    i just need the song because i need to play in private server lol

  247. Edwin says:

    I cannot install song pack 7. It need o2jam.
    I downloaded it from http://www.mediafire.com/?24pnbk24imj

  248. Serene says:

    @Edwin : Download the 2nd badge Pack 1-22 if you dun have O2jam :)
    @skaterbalo : Oh izzit? haha.. glad to be of help ๐Ÿ˜›
    @Jcgo16 : Thanks for sharing ^^

  249. Phoebe says:

    hey.. i can’t download the second batch song pack. after i clicked on the link “click to start download” but nth seem to appear.. and, i’ve uninstalled my o2jam online version but i can still play those songs that came with the installation earlier using o2mania. how come everybody says that they can’t play with the original song?

  250. ER says:

    tnx 4 sharing these stuff………!!!!!!!!!!
    but can you label each of these things…..????
    i cant find the song i wanted…..

  251. ER says:

    tnx 4 sharing these cool files…….^_^

  252. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  253. Serene says:

    @Phoebe : Try again? Maybe clear your cache too :) er.. No one says they cant play with their original songs? ^^”
    @ER : Sorry, no time to check every single file and label it >< But you’re welcome ^^
    @AlexM : Thank you :)

  254. sammie says:

    Hey babe, there’s no sound as in when the game is ongoing, there’s no sound.. why isit so? T_T

  255. Rainze says:

    Hi. I just managed to find your this website today. I’ve been looking for the offline for ages already. I’ve downloaded your WinRar folder already and it says it’s only for 40 days. Do you have a permanent one? And what does ojm and ojn means? So sorry. I really don’t get it. I’ve already downloaded the O2Mania already and I don’t have O2Jam (use to have but deleted already). So my only option is to download the 1 to 22 pack songs only? Nothing more than that?

  256. zhy~ says:

    i just wanted 2 know if you got an extracted file of new songs for the O2… i guess there are 3 latest songs…
    just wanna know if you have them…
    thank you ^_^


  257. zhy~ says:

    BTW… your site is awesome…

    keep it up ^_^

  258. O2 Fans says:

    which part got V3 ? please reply

  259. Serene says:

    @sammie : Its coz you din download all the song packs 1st, as pairs of files for 1 song may be separated when I zipped the files, 1 file for sound the other for the playing :)
    @Rainze : It’s ok if it’s trial.. You can still use it after 40 days, if you prefer permanent one, you can search for permanent ones in the net ^^” .ojm and .ojn is the file format for o2jam songs, the same like .doc, .exe, .avi etc etc :) Yes, download the song packs 1-22 ntg more.. ^^
    @zhy : Sorry, I dun have the latest songs >< @O2Fan : Very sorry, I dun have much time searching the songs in the packs now :( Hope you dun mind, try to download all of the packs yea? You can still play other songs too :)

  260. tingting says:

    Thx! Don’t know how to really sat thank you >

  261. Nelson says:

    HiHi Serene,

    Thank you very much for the useful game..like it!! ^_^
    I played o2jam before but when i try to login this few days found that the server was down..So searching for o2mania to play the songs..o2jam is fun..isn’t??Haha..anyway,thanks again for the game..Thank you and have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜€

  262. Jas says:

    Hey, thanks alot for the guides to download the o2mania and song packs. It helps and I’m having no problem playing it. Thanks alot =D

    -Peace- =3

  263. Serene says:

    @tingting, Nelson and Jas : You’re very welcome ^^ Glad that I helped hehe.. Enjoy the game as much as I had ๐Ÿ˜›

  264. E\\:Xke34 says:


  265. TheHunt3r says:

    it works now the 1 that works in my pc is the mediafire file tnx for everything and 1 thing id like to ask can you tell me where is the identity part 3, rolling star and canon rock coz i like 2 play those 3

  266. Serene says:

    @E\\:Xke34 : You’re welcome ^^
    @TheHunt3r : You’re welcome o.. ah.. bout that, it’s better if you download all the packs yea? Coz Its hard for me to go check every one of them ><
    Sorry yea?

  267. TheHunt3r says:

    thats ok tnx

  268. syazwan says:

    hi thanks for the song i really2 like it Good Job U Make All People Who Play O2 happy ^_^

  269. monk says:

    erm….are all songs o2jam? or mix like has DJmax also?

  270. Serene says:

    @syazwan : You’re welcome ^^
    @monk : O2jam oni :)

  271. Eugene says:

    i downloaded the 3 packs of the 22 packs but i tryto configure file but nothing comes out , pls pls pls help me

  272. Eugene says:

    must i download all of the music packs before i can play

  273. Meep says:

    Err how can I get more songs?

  274. Serene says:

    @Eugene : It’s better tat way as I just zipped directly from the music folder in o2jam, might hav some files needed to play at the end of something so.. >< @Meep : I only have these songs, sorry.. but you can try searching in the net :)

  275. Eugene says:

    I downloaded all the song packs but when i try to configure the file nothing comes out. I tried to refresh but still nothing comes out

  276. chippy700 says:

    thank you so much for the upload! I really appreciate this ^_^. although I did notice that there were times when download was slow, but it was all worth it.

    Btw, for those who want to download songs but can’t understand chinese(like me) can use this:

    Then change it to Chinse>English then type in http://www.o2mania.com, click translate then BOOM! everythings understandable now XD


  277. chippy700 says:

    Btw, I forgot to mention, you have to use a client called thunderbolt to download from o2mania.com. If you need instructions on how to install it then here’s the link(translated of course!):

  278. Hiello says:

    which pack is bride in dream in?

  279. Nene says:

    thx for the answers….but i still dont get it…
    1. your answers still doesnt explain why sometimes i play o2mania, the game hangs for about 2 or 3 seconds, then it starts playing again, but the game also skipped 2 or 3 seconds in game song. How do you explain that and how to fix it?
    2. i get it now from o2mania.com….but i still dont get it for downloading “thunder” program…the google translation doesnt help, which it doesnt told me which button that i should click to begin downloading thunder tool….which button is it? or is thunder tool mean flashget? thx for the reply ๐Ÿ˜€

  280. […] : You can downlaod the song packs for O2jam/O2mania at my O2Jam/O2mania Song Packs […]

  281. chippy700 says:

    @nene: I gave thunderbolt as an example. You.You have to search it in google(thats what I did >.

  282. Nene says:

    thanks now i understand how to download from o2mania.com….but i still dont get it why sometimes i play o2mania, it hang for a secs…do u know this prob? or you dont get this hang? if not then tell me your direct x and renderer setting many2 plz T_T

  283. :D says:

    Awesome:D i got every song :) thnx alot

  284. Serene says:

    @Eugene : Please try again :)
    @chippy700 : Thanks for the info, i’m sure many considered it useful ^^
    @Hiello : Sorry, I had no time to check every songs in which pack >< @Nene : Er.. you’re asking the wrong person? ^^” Anyway, if you jz maximize the window, o2mania might hang a few seconds during playing, why dun you try clicking Alt + Enter into full screen, may help :)
    @:D : You’re welcome ^^

  285. chippy700 says:

    lol looks like my last post was cut off… sorry about that. As I was saying…

    @nene: Think the reason why ur o2mania is hanging a lil is because maybe u have too many processes running, which causes all applications to hang. Try to turn off uneeded applications and processes and try again

    @Hiello: I think Bride in Dream is in song pack 13. if not then try downloading 10 – 12 and check if its there.

  286. fury of damascus says:

    ehy! I have a question where do you get all these song packs any way? is it a malaysian site??? or indonesian???
    coz its hard to look for o2 songs specially if its j-songs?
    is it o2mania.com or are there any other???
    I’m so desperate T_T

  287. AntiMage says:

    Not quite sure why but my identity part 2 easy has no sound. Its is only me? And does anyone know which song pack earthquake is in?

  288. Nene says:

    @serene : hmm is that full window trick will help?
    @chippy700 : nope i dont open any program during playing..so i guess thats not the prob why sometimes its hanging….maybe you or serene can give ur direct x and renderer setting…maybe thats the prob is ๐Ÿ˜€

  289. Nene says:

    hahah i can’t edit the post i just made…anyway
    @serene nope that full window trick either doesnt help
    i just realized after i download thunderbolt and using it to download the song from o2mania.com…i think that this thunderbolt is like limewire program o-o? anyway thx about the info…now i can download every song ๐Ÿ˜€

  290. Serene says:

    @nene : Coz at 1st my o2mania oso hang a few sec which cause my game flow not smooth when I jz maximize oni.. But after I click Alt + Enter, after a few rounds of play then it became quite smooth adi ^^” I’m not sure, shouldn’t the direct x thingy be the same for everyone? o.O sorry I’m no techie ><
    @fury of damascus : Unfortunately I downloaded these song packs when e-games were still alive, I kept them til now and jz uploaded them for gamers who haven had the chance to download.. yea, j-songs are hard to find? I haven heard of them la.. ^^” hehe
    @AntiMage : No sound maybe because you din download fin all the packs, some pairs of files (ojm & ojn) may be separated when zipped.. so its recommended to download all the packs :)

  291. shawn says:

    hi there ! ๐Ÿ˜€ just wanna ask if you can find those chinese songs in o2jam china and upload it ? ;p those songs are nice !

  292. Nene says:

    ….that doesnt help >.>….
    anyway i wanna ask….now im currently changing o2 jam songs into mp3 to copy it into my cellphone… now in o2ma502 (a site said that the name of the song is “Jiam Jiam Jiam!”), what is the actress who sing it? Some said that she is “Karen Mok” any1 know?

  293. Barcajam says:

    can u tell me which songpack has the song V3. One mor ting,how to set the speed of the song?

  294. Nene says:

    @Barjacam : iono which one contains v3,,,but if you want to edit the speed, click visualization>>speed??and then choose what speed ๐Ÿ˜›

  295. Barcajam says:


  296. Fiter says:

    Hi! Thanks for uploading the song packs.
    I love O2Jam! Is anybody here have Frienster? Let’s make a group of O2Jam Loverz!

  297. fury of damascus says:

    is there a song “GO!” in the above song packs…just asking/ or any other songs from an anime???? if there is what song packs are they in????
    Ehhy by the way thanks for all the uploads and all. .h.e.h.e.

  298. Edday says:

    It’s really strange, but my o2mania doesn’t seem to detect all of the songs. It’s only detecting numbers 100 – 134, any idea why? =(

  299. Edday says:

    Wait, nevermind, it seems to work now. Strange.

    Anyway, thanks for uploading!

  300. Nene says:

    @fury of damascus : what “GO” song whaddya mean? actually there is 2 song named GO…if ya mean GO refer to Naruto yes there is but i forgot where :P…eh wait a minute i dont remember cos now im downloading the song from o2mania.com….so i get song anime like doraemon, naruto, slam dunk, etc.
    Actually i downloaded song from o2mania is for converting it to mp3 file (of course that i say the song is good :P)

  301. Nene says:

    (edit) : even mario and contra is in there ๐Ÿ˜›

  302. Death says:

    “Hereรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs all the extracted songs from the O2Jam Song Packs Installer ^^ Place them all in the same folder(preferably named รขโ‚ฌล“Musicรขโ‚ฌย), then configure the folder in O2Mania > File > Configure folder > Browse and select the Music folder in which you placed all the extracted songs in and voila~” when you say that, i have to ask, but why is it that i dont have the foldier called “File”

  303. Death says:

    i cant download pack 18 for O2mania either, they bring me to badogo or something like that, i dont see a download button O.O

  304. bittersweeet says:

    hey..how do u convert the djmax songs to the o2mania ones?? coz it doesnt work..it wont configure..

  305. Serene says:

    @shawn : sorry o.. I have no time to find now, studies.. :(
    @Nene : I never tried to convert so I’m not sure o.O
    @Fiter : You’re welcome :)
    @fury of damascus : Welcome :) I dun tink got “GO” anime song in the packs, they are quite old adi lol
    @Death : Not the folder, but the File tab in O2mania ^^” And yes, it is the correct download link for Pack 18, uploaded to Badongo.. on the page, u can see on ur right there’s a confirmation code, jz type in the correct code and you can download adi :)
    @bittersweet : I din convert the DJmax songs, no DJmax songs swt.. ^^”

  306. kwanro says:

    hey there guys, I had made a little english guide for getting songs to work on O2Mania a couple years ago, here’s a link

    Also, if you are interested, Pump Haven forums have a free O2Jam server (all songs unlocked, etc)

  307. Toastie says:

    Don’t you have a songlist for the packs? Would make things a lot easier.

  308. Ferris says:

    For those who wan the songs, go and download o2jam client in the philiphines o2jam website, install it then search for the Music folder in your o2jam folder. There are ojn and ojm songs in that folder, easy to use.

  309. Barcajam says:

    is there anyway that i can view the songs b4 downloading the song pack?

  310. Ferris says:

    Hi Serene, can you send me the extracted song files when you are free? Coz if I go and download, I need 1 hour+ for each of the files, and I dont have much time for downloading them all. So I hope you can send me 1 by 1 for the 22 parts coz its faster via msn, thanks if you could do it.

  311. wanton says:

    where to get chineses song? can link pls thx

  312. Quackoru says:

    tnx for the application…works perfectly,.:)

  313. Quackoru says:

    hello, can you make the song download in separate pieces not by packs, i mean downloading the songs one by one..so that it’ll be easier for us to choose the songs we want to download and it’ll take less time especially if we have a low conection..well if you only have the time..tnx :)

  314. loser says:

    HEY it works!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. Passer-by says:

    Hey, does ur song packs include chinese songs?

  316. @SkY says:

    WoW. Thx for o2mania i been searching for 1 month liaoXD lame….. nvm about tat THX but can o2mania plyed another song like anime songs and so on????? cuz my friend say can de how ?? Can teach plz thx.Thx again for the 02Mania

  317. BKB says:

    THx for Auto mania
    by the way ive search for o2mania songs
    that is only one
    Try to visit this http://www.mybloop.com

  318. Dylan says:

    you are my hero!! thanx…. for all those boring dead times at school!!nice game

  319. FARA says:

    what is the diffrent mirror song packs with another 1?????

  320. FARA says:

    i cant play the song… y??? when i configure file n place the right document the i press oke.. then a mssg pop up ask me to refresh.. but when refresh.. still the folder in f8 empty.. i’ve download both pack the first n the mirror 1.. still cant play the songs.. yyy??? help me….~~!!!! then when i click button standard… error..~~! ??? yy?? serena… help me..~!

  321. Serene says:

    @Everyone : I’ve made the whole list of songs (labeled with song name) which can be downloaded 1 by 1 so easier for you guys, at the moment I’m uploading all the songs so be patient yea? I’m using alota time to do this along with my studies as well so dun rush me k? ^^ There are no Chinese or Anime songs in the packs. I’m afraid I dunno how to play anime songs in o2mania o.O Anyone who does can kindly share with us here o.. :)
    @FARA : The mirror download is the same as the original 22 packs download, just another alternative to download from if the original packs have problem being downloaded.. So I suggest you download the 1st few and the last few as some essential stuff is in them :)

  322. Nene says:

    To Serene : hmm u have o2ma604 ojm&ojn and o2ma644 ojm&ojn files? cos i try to find it anywhere but its all broken…i mean the note is still okay but no sound >.

  323. Nene says:

    any1 have that file? mybloop doesnt help (cos mine version is errored which i get it from there >.>)

  324. Nene says:

    @FARA and to all who asking why i cant play this song that song >.> (sorry little harsh) : did you save ur file in music folder? the song pack is on .rar file ya know..so u have to extract it first then extract it to music folder on o2jam folder…if that still doesnt work, try find it on google for downloading the music file. O2 music file is divided into 2 :
    1. OJM >which represent the notes, and sound
    2. OJN > the image loader of the song and some sound
    you MUST download those 2 type of file to can play the music. Not downloading any of that type, u cant play. Example :
    Bach Alive >>number 100 on ojm file, so u have to download both :
    1. o2ma100.ojm
    2. o2ma100.ojn
    all file music is started with “o2maxxx.ojm/n” which xxx represent the number of the music and “/n” means change it to “n” if ya want to download the ojn file
    Once u have done download it, save it on music folder >>run o2mania >>click file>>choose open>>browse from PC where you put the song is (which is Music folder)>>click ok>>then click refresh>>wait for a while>>after loaded, choose what song, then hit ok>> press F6 and voila u can play ^^
    Hope thats help ^^
    On Mode : currently downloading the official o2jam music according to wikipedia >>> then choose which song has great music / beat / catchy / nice to hear >>then convert it into MP3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  325. Serene says:

    @Nene : Sorry, I oni have til 500+, dun have 600 onwards ones ><

  326. ming says:

    thank you so much!

  327. sanisydap says:

    eii.. hi im looking for a single song can u tell me where in the song packs is the Bride in Dream i miss that thing my most favoritee.. plzz thnx u reply…

  328. zarah says:

    hi!!… pano po masolve ang prob. ko?….nauuna kasi yung song kesa sa beat?… paki reply ASAP naman eto e-add ko… zguilalas@rocketmail . com

  329. sanisydap says:

    how do to convert it on mp3 hmm.. never new dat…

  330. Serene says:

    @ming : You’re welcome :)
    @sanisydap : Please read my comment above.. I’m uploading single songs now.. I also dunno how to convert to mp3 yea? ^^”
    @zarah : eh.. May I noe what language are you using? o.O

  331. Kidopitz says:

    where is the pack that consist this song?…. thx Canon Orgel Version

  332. pArKeL says:

    thx for putting the english version up. cant understand a word of that messy kind of hua yu that they put up on the original version of o2mania.

    btw… i dled all 22 packs. cant find the songs i wan… any ideas?


    thx again~

  333. ynnejneib says:

    hey thanks!

    do i need to download all the song packs if i have o2jam online?

  334. ynnejneib says:

    for those who want o2jam philippine songs(Free one’s not the songs you pay with EP huh!)

    just email me


  335. kikukwakwikwak says:

    i’m really excited playing this o2mania i like to play other songs that i never played yet, usually i play o2jam in e-games philippines

  336. kikukwakwikwak says:

    this is so cool!! ^^V

  337. Ming says:

    who noe earthquake this song, at which pack, tell pls

  338. pArKeL says:

    got most of the songs missing lehz

    i wan v3, bride in dream, identity part 2 and 3, canon in D, electro fantasy.

    rofl… cant find the .ojm and .ojn files anywhere on the net…

    *actually can find la… but cant dl… XD *

  339. Ming says:

    parkel, u did hv v3 , bride n dream and more??? i got wo , y u did hv de. btw, i nid earthquake song le pls tell

  340. Ming says:

    oi serence pls tell which pack got earthquake this song i nid it fast pslplsplslps help faster tell me T_T

  341. Serene says:

    @Kidopitz : Dun hav the song in the packs ^^”
    @parkel : er.. Those are in the packs o.. o.O
    @ynnejneib : Yes.. I think if you din install the song packs?
    @kikukwakwikwak : You’re welcome :)
    @Ming : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zmznmntdojw

  342. Ming says:

    Yes, i finaly get this SONG, YES ARHHHHH, this ROCK ……. , TQ my master serene , nice to meet and give us a off9 game ……..

  343. Ming says:

    Master serene, u got amadeus and go hell this song, if got say faster^.^

  344. Serene says:

    @Ming : swt.. Haven fin uploading all the songs so haven announce yet ^^”

  345. ainarl says:

    do you have the songs “The Who fight Further”
    from FF7 Crisis Core?? please rep

  346. ainarl says:

    also some anime musics? do you have those songs
    ??? please rep

  347. Ming says:

    huh? wad do u say, mean u did hv this song, but y u hv earthquake this website, hw do u find?????

  348. kikukwakwikwak says:

    i have a question which pack is IDENTITY I and CROSS OVER is?

  349. kikukwakwikwak says:

    Serene do you have friendster if you do!
    add me >>kikukwakwikwak@yahoo.com ^^V

  350. kikukwakwikwak says:


  351. kikukwakwikwak says:


  352. kikukwakwikwak says:

    i think i know what is ojm and ojn means?
    *ojm is the one that play the music that’s why the size of it’s 1mb above…
    *ojn is the one that execute the arrow i mean the (s,d,f,space,j,k,l)..

  353. kikukwakwikwak says:

    thank you serene….
    i love o2mania…it rocks!

  354. hamatchi says:

    is the songpacks complete?

  355. i downloaded the pack of o2mania songs~
    but i seems to hav some prob in game~
    pls tell me hw to ply da songs and put it in da song list~
    pls reply my comment~

  356. sry and again~
    why no sound when i plyed it?

  357. Nene says:

    @serence friends : do you have the ojm /ojn file complete (means like o2ma100.ojm and o2ma100.ojn)?
    @to all who ask about mp3 : hmm if ya want i can convert it and u request what song u want and maybe i will deliver it through yahoo messenger or email ๐Ÿ˜€

  358. kikukwakwikwak says:

    *NeNe: i have a request! can you download the mp3 of Identity II …my yahoo messenger is kikukwakwikwak@yahoo.com

  359. Nee says:

    hey… what’s the difference between the extracted O2Jam songs and the mirror download for the 22 pack?

  360. unknown says:

    which pack has beethoven virus?
    i dont wan v3 but beethoven virus…

  361. unknown says:

    which pack has beethoven virus?
    not v3 but beethoven virus…

  362. Tigapin says:

    1st. create a folder called music ( or anything )

    2nd. download the song pack.

    3rd. extract all the files to the folder u created

    4th. open o2 mania

    5th. press file then configure folders

    6th. press the first “…” button

    7th. find the folder that you extracted your files to

    8th. press “ok” then “ok” again

    9th. press F8 or press file > open

    10th. press the refresh button on the bottom right corner of the Select Music window.

    11th. choose your song and the level

    12th. press “ok” at the bottom right corner.

    13th. press F6 to play the song for yourself OR press F5 to enable auto play.

  363. Poty says:

    eh…the identiy2 i cant hear any sound…cant send mi again?

  364. -X- says:

    Can’t download Song Pack 11 from Mediafire… It won’t start receiving data.

  365. redsign says:

    nice site..now i can play o2jam offline!!..weeeeeeeeeee ^^

  366. Ghurtax says:

    OK… Lets make this easy…..

    U can release each song daily…weekly…. wutevar.

    BUT!! Host it in Sharebee.org.

    And then Shareboo it.


    You can just host it in savefile ๐Ÿ˜€

    Its easier if u stick to savefile though cause the file is alive and kickin there, and sharebooing is a COMPLICATED method.
    There. Case rested.

  367. Nene says:

    @kikukwakwikwak : yo sorry for late answers cos every friday until sunday ive been go back to my hometown…the song is already finished…when i contact you i think u was gone away…anyway ill try again later tonight
    PS: i can add the picture to the song..BUT the format will not be .mp3 but .aac
    PSS: nah i dont download the song…i make it ๐Ÿ˜€

  368. Siew Huey says:

    i need help. i downloaded the o2mania from the sites you provided in another page of your blog. but the songs doesnt seem to work. after i downloaded it, they wont appear in the game. please reply.. thanks. happy_all_times@hotmail.com

  369. SaInTdEuX says:

    do you have skins for o2mania??

  370. zY~~ says:

    thx for you

  371. a.s.h says:

    where do u go to download other songs ?

  372. Serene says:

    @ainarl : Nop.. These are all old songs from O2Jam >.< @Ming : I uploaded the songs, so I have them for download in the hosting site ^^"
    @kikukwakwikwak : I'll post up the single songs download soon so you can see from there :) As for friendster, I seldom go in now so maybe you can add me instead? ^^" and you're welcome, o2Mania is fun ๐Ÿ˜›
    @hamatchi : I dun tink its complete though I downloaded all song packs from the site last year, maybe they've added new packs in >< @Nee : They are the same ^^" Mirror download means another site to download from, another alternative if the extracted links aren't working ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @unknown : There's no Beethoven Virus, maybe its a newer song which I dun hav here I'm afraid >.< @Tigapin : That's neat! Thanks for sharing ^^
    @Poty : Make sure you download the following pack coz the song files are in pairs, they might be separated when I zipped them up ^^"
    @-X- : Try the mirror download, I used Savefile :)
    @redsign : you're welcome ^^
    @ Ghurtax : I had every single song uploaded adi, so just wait for my updates or announcement haha...
    @Siew Huey : Keep trying, some had the songs appeared after awhile :)
    SaInTdEuX : Nop ><
    @zY~~ : You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜›
    @a.s.h : Er.. google search? ^^”
    @Nene : Wa.. you’ve been a great help here, thanks a lot ^^ hehe

  373. […] O2Jam Song Packs *the whole pack download if you’re lazy to download the single files* here […]

  374. Nene says:

    Done sending the identity part II mp3 to kikukwakwikwak ^^…if you see this kikuk, check ur email ive send it ^^ (if it succeed :D)

  375. Nene says:

    phew i have done downloading all o2jam songs (the one i downloaded is officially announced at wikipedia…though some of it broken and hasn’t been released yet or no one has it >.>), now im gonna download all song for DJMAX which is i realized that it likes o2 jam song, but the difference is it has a movie in it o_O….im gonna make it into mp3 if i can ๐Ÿ˜€
    well anyway thx you to the serene about o2mania, and o2mania.com ^^ (now i have great song list on my cellphone ^^)

  376. Pewe says:


    Thank you so mutch for the uploads!
    I missed this game badly.
    Used to get addicted with this back in school

  377. Serene says:

    @Nene : Haha.. you’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜› Can I request some songs too? hehe.. I wan R3, Humoresque, and Death Moon lol Send to applejunk [at] hotmail [dot] com XD thx ^^
    @Pewe : you’re welcome ^^ Yes, I oso missed it while o2Jam was gone o.O
    @The person who emailed me, from Japan? Can you email me again? Coz I think I accidentally deleted ur email o.O thx ๐Ÿ˜›

    And for those who wants single songs only, I’ve uploaded the whole songs list you can download them 1 by 1 now with label :) http://blog.applejunk.net/?p=476

  378. 007 says:

    hi hi serena long time no see,y i cant searh for identity part 3? i wan play i dentity part 3 please gif me some info thx~

  379. Nene says:

    done sending the song to serene ๐Ÿ˜›
    EDIT: whee now i can convert DJMAX song to MP3 ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D. Any request song post it…sunday night im gonna be back

  380. Serene says:

    @007 : I’m afraid Identity Part 3 is not in my packs :(

    @Nene : hehe.. Thanks ^^

  381. Paper boy22 says:

    Why can’t i hold down all the notes?Can you please help me?

  382. Apple says:

    I’ve been an O2 fan for a very long time, had some fun training time with mania. Haven’t been playing this game since egames was gone. Thanks for sharing the song pack so that I’m able to play them in mania again. Thanks a bunch.

  383. Nene says:

    done sending some mp3 too serene ๐Ÿ˜€

  384. Nene says:

    check http://www.djmax.co.kr/ if you wanna know about DJMAX songs….currently im downloading the song and will converting it into mp3 ๐Ÿ˜€ . If u want it tell it (currently only have “end of the moonlight”, “1st”, and “can we talk” mp3)
    PS: maybe some of the song from official website still hasnt been found or downloaded so if i cant find it please understand ^^

  385. Serene says:

    @Paper boy22 : I’m not sure o.. I’m not too gud in it, maybe you can ask Petertechguy in the chat box ^^
    @Apple : Yes~ I’m a fan too coz can play on9 with others XD Too bad the on9 version closed :( Glad that I’m doing a favor for ya :) Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€
    @Nene : hehe.. Received received ๐Ÿ˜›

  386. ben says:

    can’t you just put all pack in one rar that’s is more easy to me download i need you help too add me please benzee99@hotmail.com

  387. Serene says:

    @ben : If I do tat, the rar file would be too large to upload onto the free hosting site o.O unless its torrent or ftp? ><

  388. jiggs_91290141 says:

    wow this is sooo coool >___

  389. lalala says:

    walao weh i cnt upload those songs i follo ur method but when i click refresh after browesing for the folder i jus cnt seen to find the song in the o2maina please help me please

  390. jiggs_91290141 says:

    @nene can you teach me how to convert the songs into mp3?? I want to put them on my ipod >_

  391. Nene says:

    Tell me what song you want and i will send it? How to do it? Its a secret ^^ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

  392. Rain Yeaw says:

    how to put the mania pack song in?

  393. RyAn says:

    how to put the song in to o2mania??abit confuse

  394. killer94 says:

    erm..i got 2 questions…
    1. why the Sunlight song nid to be put in another folder—Temp

    2. why the song–Sunlight no sound?..

    plz reply TY….for all the htgs u hav done..

  395. sanisydap says:

    this thing is cool thnx serene even its not online i can still compete wit my classmates here haha by number of misses.. hmm anyone have an ideA on when o2jam in .MY will return or will not?

  396. Bruno says:

    Serene, great job.
    Thank you very much ๐Ÿ˜€

  397. Serene says:

    @jiggs_91290141 : haha I get tat alot ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks :)
    @lalala : Scroll up a bit, there’s a clearer instruction in the comments above :)
    @Rain Yeaw & RyAn : Same goes for you, scroll up to see a comment with a clearer instruction ^^
    @killer94 : Need to be put? No, put all the songs together in a folder named “Music” ^^” And no sound coz there’s another file which needed to dl’ed in the next pack. ^^
    @sanisydap : You’re welcome ^^ Nop, dun tink O2jam M’sia will be bek :(
    @Bruno : Thanks and you’re welcome ^^

  398. compie_dummy says:

    where should i put the packs? i unzipped it, and it doesn’t show when i try to add it in “configure folders”. i have no songs in o2mania, cuz i rly dunno how to add it. help plz?

  399. compie_dummy says:

    thanx 4 the english version o2mania tho, the chinese one was 2 hard 2 understand ^.^

  400. compie_dummy says:

    dun worry! i figured it out, even with my -1000 IQ^.^…
    but i cant access the site 4 pack 18 in mirror downloads…
    other than that, good job!

  401. tingting says:

    Thx A Bunch, I can finally play O2Mania again…add me at xguardian-angel@hotmail.com if you have a msn(:

  402. april says:

    i just want you to know how happy you’ve made me. ^^
    you truly made my day.

  403. april says:

    hi i need help, i can’t press the spacebar together with some of the keys. (s,d,f,space,j,k,l) like i can’t press s and space together. please help me. ^^

  404. compie_dummy says:

    do u have a link to download DJmax songs?

  405. Serene says:

    @compie_dummy : You’re welcome ^^ Ah.. But I can access Pack 18 page ^^” oh, I’m afraid I dunno where to download DJMax songs >< @tingting : You're welcome o.. ^^
    @april : You're welcome.. I'm not sure how to solve the problem tho ><

  406. Nene says:

    @compie dummy : download at http://www.o2mania.com
    @april : well its certainly the prob is from ur keyboard…certain keyboard (not sure) has some technique problem which if u pressed some button at once it will not respond, but some keyboard not…to put it simple, there is no solution to solve that problem…unless u can?
    1. Try another combination of button to pressed
    2. Buy another keyboard and make sure u test it first b4 buying….if the keyboard doesn’t make a sound like “beep” the problem solved

  407. Serene says:

    @Nene : Yay~ Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe..

  408. Nene says:

    Holy ****! I finally know how to make my own ojm song…well at least i know how to make note on the song but i havent make one yet cos my experiment / test song is long (6:20+ min long o_O)..maybe tomorrow im gonna make short one and test if im officialy said “YATAAAAA I DID IT” ^^

  409. Fiter says:

    Hi, Serene! Thanks for the o2jam song packs, I have download it all, but I can’t find some of my favourite song (like: red sign)…

  410. Jason says:

    Lots of *hugs* for the link to O2Mania and the songs!!

    I haven’t played O2Jam in so long that I didn’t know the online one closed oredi =.=”

  411. Crevlis says:

    I was wondering is there the song Euphorium within the ojm packs

  412. NeiLz says:

    yeah finally after a lotta training i can play Electro Fantasy SHD level 25 with the life remains half the bar!!! thx very much serene! u rocks!!!

  413. NeiLz says:

    @Nene please, please, please, can u tell me how to convert o2jam music to MP3 and make ur own o2jam song? please please please please please tell me…!!!

  414. Nene says:

    @Neilz : Im still learning on it how to make my own o2jam songs…i still have major prob to solve…gotta ask some ppl..as for the mp3, its a S E C R E T ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› . If ya want some mp3 tell me ๐Ÿ˜€

  415. NeiLz says:

    @Nene : Okay… okay… please convert me:
    -Identity Part 2
    -Vivaldi in HipHop

    That’s all… Maybe i’ll request some more later okay?
    Send via:

    I prefer Gmail though…

    Add me on MSN okay? My email is on above:


  416. Nene says:

    @neilz : check ur gmail neilz. i have send it ๐Ÿ˜€

  417. xxxxx says:

    can anyone tell me which song pack contains the song “song for you” ??? PLSSS~ and THANK YOU!!

  418. NeiLz says:

    @Nene : received… thanks, check ur email i’ve replied it

  419. NeiLz says:

    anyone here have MSN ID?
    add me:

    Yahoo Messenger ID:

  420. xiaohui says:

    hey.. do u hav the newest o2jam song ?? from o2r3 d.. like v3(reincarnated), klung klung 2004.. shd song..and some from animate d song??

  421. howhow says:

    so boring i play the 34 lv song so dorig leh got 90lv song if got give me

  422. arnel says:

    hi serene, do you have avatar for this? thank you!

  423. Fiter says:

    Good News!!!
    I’ve made it!!
    I can create mp3 from o2jam files!!!
    wanna try???

  424. Serene says:

    @Fiter & Jason : You’re welcome ^^
    @Crevlis : You shud go check in the single song download post which I had linked in this post o..
    @NeiLz : Welcome :)
    @xxxxx : Check the single song download list in my other post which I’ve linked to in this post.
    @xiaohui : Nop..
    @howhow : Sorry dun tink got?
    @arnel : Nop, dun hav..

  425. Slavaja says:

    hey where do u register to play O2Mania?

  426. Nene says:

    @Serene : Serene can u tell ur email again plox? cos i think the progress of making the song go smoothly, and if nothing bad happen tomorrow i might give u my ojn song just in case if ya want it ๐Ÿ˜€ …. u have YM?
    @Slavaja : lol u dont need to register..its a solo program not online

  427. TheHunt3r says:

    do you know what pack identity part I is

  428. TheHunt3r says:

    and cannon rock by the way

  429. TheHunt3r says:

    and btw what pask is cannon rock

  430. TheHunt3r says:

    i mean pack

  431. Nene says:

    oh yes yes…FINALLY….I CAN MAKE MY O2JAM SONG…whee after weeks of research and yes payment day, i finally can make my OJN song….T_T sob2
    any1 interested can tell it here

  432. Nene says:

    @The Hunt3r : sorry dude but whaddya mean by Cannon Rock? cos some ppl said that Cannon Rock=V3…If you mean
    1. Yes Cannon Rock=V3, yes V3 is in the pack…don’t remember what number it is
    2. No Cannon Rock isn’t V3, so it means the song names REALLY Cannon Rock, then no there isn’t

  433. Fiter says:

    Serene.., you one another pack that containing these song:

    Identity part III
    Red Sign
    Cerulian Sky

    And there is still many Special Song, like:

    V3 (Reincarnated)
    Beethoven Virus
    Lord of Nightmare
    Ode to Joy
    Symphonia No:40
    Tear of Elise
    and so many else…

  434. Fiter says:

    Serene.., you miss one other pack that containing these song:

    Identity part III
    Red Sign
    Cerulian Sky

    And there is still many Special Song, like:

    V3 (Reincarnated)
    Beethoven Virus
    Lord of Nightmare
    Ode to Joy
    Symphonia No:40
    Tear of Elise
    and so many elseรขโ‚ฌยฆ

  435. Falik says:

    i like the song pack #8 at “O2mania without DL O2jam”
    there is so much my favourite song

    Bride In Dream
    Bang Bang Bang
    Fly Magpie
    Natal Angel

    thx a lot

  436. lee says:

    hi serene, i found your website useful =D really good
    by the way, do you have songs more songs that i can download it single-ly? erm..i mean something like those need EP to buy when we play o2jam =x

    sorry if this Q is repeated, lazy to see so much comments =/

  437. Jan Lin says:

    Thank u very much!!!

    My girlfriend is very much happy now that she can play O2 jam offline…

  438. Serene says:

    @TheHunt3r : You can download single songs in my Single songs list post ^^ The link is just in the post above..
    @Fiter : Sorry, I dun have them o.. If you have them you can share them here with the rest of the o2jam lovers ^^
    @Falik : Haha.. Just coincidence many nice songs in tat pack ๐Ÿ˜›
    @lee : If you mean single songs which you can download, just go to my single songs list post which I put the link in this post above :) For other songs, I’m afraid I dun have them ><
    @Jan Lin : you’re welcome, glad that I helped ^^

  439. spartan says:

    hey serene
    i hav downloaded the songs pack which dont require o2jam and i have uploaded the first one which was a success.But when i upload the 2nd one it replaces the 1st one. y does it do this??

  440. BennyMars says:

    thank you ^_^.

    NASL please. (name,age,sex,location) ^_^

  441. BennyMars says:

    its seems your so very kind, with this hard work and stuff. ^_^. thanks for helping us. ^_^

  442. BennyMars says:

    i look at your profile, wow your pretty and young ^_^. do you already have a boyfriend?.

  443. lee says:

    oh. ok thanks. and are you going to add anymore songs? hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  444. Genesis Shao (of Philippines) says:

    hey, thanks for the links to download o2mania, hope you can give information to others successfully ^^, thank you so much ^_^

  445. imsereneFan says:

    can i ask a question here. (thank you).
    im a newbie in o2mania. and now i started to play this.
    now im confused about speed. i dont know what to choose.
    first i try the slowest one (0x-1x),wow it was harder compared to 2x.

    my question is what is the common speed that most people who played o2jam used?
    i want to choose the speed most o2jammers used. thank you.

    thanks also serene.

  446. Fiter says:

    If you want to download all the o2jam song, visit this website:


    All of the o2jam songs is there..

  447. Fiter says:

    The download link before is not working, try this:


  448. bonkers says:

    why isnt there any sound when i try to play the songs?

  449. Nene says:

    hello i would like to promote my blog site. It contains complete list of o2jam song that’s official (not custom one).
    Feel free to take a look.
    PS : it’s still under construction and still learning it so, if its look bad please don’t mind ^_^. If you didnt find the song, please wait til i finish upload all files and to the blog
    This is the website :

  450. Nene says:

    my PC lately bad….sometimes hang…it might be take time to fix it, so don’t mind if i haven’t post any songs yet >.>

  451. Nene says:

    blah finally…that’s better than nothing…i neva want to use background image again for my blog…
    (Just header image…i like thad image ๐Ÿ˜€ ^^)

  452. Alucard says:

    hello! Thanks for the songs Serene! It sure bring back nice old memory to me…^^

  453. Alucard says:

    sorry to disturb you again, I seems cant download pack 18….not sure why…can anyone guide me…thanks

  454. khulet says:

    yehey.,, thanks !!! God Bless You!!!

  455. alouette says:

    Hey Thanks for putting in so much effort for this, really appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜€
    Well i was just wondering if you know what to do if us players..want to upload our own music into o2mania. (as in..not using the o2jam music >

  456. XY says:

    thank you !! =)

  457. diana says:

    gud day.
    i am confuse about the instructions. can u help me out?
    what are the steps? pls. email me. thank you!

  458. Bboy_minhduk says:

    ey , how can u turn the last bit fade out , harder … last time i played like that , just cant use that function anymore thx for ur help alot

  459. Rin says:

    why my comment auto cut T_T

  460. jay says:

    This game are verry funny.Thanks for all songs pack.

  461. Teane says:

    Hmm.. When i click onto the o2mania icon. There’s always a popup coming out saying Game is unable to start because fmodex.dlll cannot be found. Is there any way to fix this problem?

  462. Hanna says:

    omg thank you soooo much I LOVE YOU

  463. Silver says:

    you’re an angel ya noe?? thanks!!!

  464. ChimuChan says:

    I haven’t been playing with o2 jam for a year already and I realized how i’ve missed it since im so bored in the holidays.. but gosh o2jam malaysia has closed down! I need O2 mania… what operating system does it works with? where can I download it? and after that I need to download the song packs as well… glad to find your site.. really miss o2 jam cos the songs are so nice!!!

  465. ChanST(: says:

    Hey, how come after I closed it, the next time I open they say can’t find suitable skin..

  466. Hikari says:

    how to play this o2jam without installing the online o2jam..


  467. Hikari says:

    i cant understand.. . .. huhuhu
    wat song have the identity part 2 or any difficult game….???
    plss answer my question….

  468. xx1one1xx says:

    is djmax n other songs of o2mania included in all those packs?

  469. hikari says:

    @serene Wat no. Have a “still remember you ” plsss if none.. pls upload this song by my request . .. .

  470. ellyssa says:

    why i cant put all the songs into the music folders…???i mean in the o2mania there….
    after i browse the songs..then i click ok…
    later it asked me to click refresh under the configure folders..so i click..but ntg came out…
    so what should i do after clicking the refresh…???

    REPLY MY QUSETION PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very urgent!!!!!


  471. Enit says:

    Other sites weren’t able to provide o2mania english download but i was lucky in being able to get it from a ‘under repair’ site. So i uploaded it on Mediafire for anyone who can’t get it from other sites. Here’s the link :

    Also, I was able to download all the song packages so for those who had trouble, do try again. The only one that gave me trouble was #21 but i tried the Mirror and was able to download it from there. I’ll be more than happy to help anyone who still has probs with o2mania.

    Oh and Thanks lots to Serene for posting the songs here.
    No other sites provided packages. Only single songs which were too troublesome for downloading. =)

  472. Hikari says:

    serene why pack 26 i can not download it, but pack 25 is ok….

  473. Hikari says:

    nani ?

  474. Hikari says:


    serene why pack 20 on top, why “installer first o2jam” it say and unlike other pack rar is icon but pack 20 is “install sheald” it icon

    plsss serene plss answer me>??….


  475. Hikari says:

    and pack #8 the same . . .. whaaah

  476. Hikari says:

    serene plsss answer my question.. . ..

    i mean difficult question…..

  477. Kevin says:

    Oh no! Pack 5 is dead!

    BTW, this is great! You have made a great contribution!

  478. SiLvErZ says:

    Ever since o2Jam shut-down in Malyasia I’ve been trying to find o2mania!THANK YOU!!!

  479. chippy says:

    Hi, thank you SO much for this, I love it.
    Er, do you think by any chance I can change the skinto something less distracting? Do you know a site where I can download it, or can you upload it? Thanks so much.=D

  480. MCchoon says:

    hey guys… here’s the new o2jam server..
    http://o2jam-v3.co.cc/.. hope u guys wil like it

  481. hikari says:

    what type of o2jam that you search…

    and how ???

  482. hikari says:

    what type of o2jam that you search…

    and how ???

  483. MCchoon says:

    wat do u mean by ”wat type of o2jam?”
    i juz gt to noe tis new server frm my fren. so i was juz thinkin mayb i could share it wit o2 fans lol

  484. Kevin says:

    Dear Serene,

    i juz wanna ask y i download o2mania song packs need 3hours/1 pack?

    n is thr O2JAM(online version) tat i can download in tiz web-site?


  485. Kevin says:

    Serene its me again,Kevin
    HeLp Me!\ \/ /
    i finished download o2mania then wat should i do?!

    (plz reply~*)

  486. Kevin says:

    i cant open the O2MANIA!@! got so many folders~*

  487. Kevin says:

    how come my fren downl o2mania song pack need 15mins but i need 2hours?
    ~Plz & TQ~ SeReNe =^^=

  488. Kevin says:

    serene,its me again…sry 4 asking so many questions..now i can open o2mania oledi…press F6 for play press F8 2 choose song rite?
    when i fnished downl songs then whr should i put it? the o2mania not in a folder..it’s in the WinRAR…got many folders then i create a new folder(Music)…then should i put the pack into the folder(music)?

  489. Kevin says:

    n u can gimme ur e-mail(serene) ^^ so i wont b so hard 2 chat wif u about the o2mania.=^^=

  490. Kevin says:

    Serene i juz download the o2mania song but i dunno whr 2 put bcuz my o2mania not in a folder ,its in the WinRAR then whr i should put the pack into? i created a file (music) ,so should i put the patch into it? plz help* Dear ~Serene*

  491. Kevin says:

    Serene,plz reply me faz~*~i wanna play O2MANIA *~ =^^=

  492. Kevin says:

    Serene! ^^ u dont need 2 reply me anymore, i juz figure it out by myself^^ but Thx anyway~

  493. Kevin says:

    y knot downl the PACK1 that U(serene) prefer?….(pack1 of the 22packs 1st row)

  494. Kevin says:

    wah..y all o2mania’s songs all play until half 1? i play in o2jam is not like tat 1,in o2jam the song 2mins or more but the o2mania 1 juz 1 min

  495. Kevin says:

    Can Any1 Say SOMETHING??!!@@##$$##@@!!??

  496. Kevin says:

    Who Can Downl the Pack1 of the 22Packs?
    Plz Reply If C Tiz Mess#_#

  497. An says:

    THX! btw, can i noe which pack have Until You Come Back?
    or anyone can give me single song download? thx.!

  498. kenz says:

    where can i download…………


    cannon rock o2 version…….

    plz help ^_^

  499. Ian says:

    Can I play O2mania without song packs?
    I’m back again! Remember?
    Oh, I forgot what you said when I first downloaded your game!

  500. Ian says:

    I have a CD installer of O2jam!
    Does that help add songs?

  501. kenz says:

    e0w….serene ^_^ plz help me………….
    do you have song in o2mania like this?!:
    -Cannon Rock o2 version
    -Smooth Criminal
    ….i saw that songs to my friend
    but he don’t like to teach me where he downloaded it T_T
    ….is there pack containing that songs?!!!!!
    plz help me hehehehehe……….. THNx
    for o2mania
    IT REALLY ROCKSzzZzz!! (“.,..,.”)

  502. #47 says:

    thanks for the great upload!!

  503. koikisetsu says:

    wanna ask da song in da song pack(Download extracted O2Jam songs and play in O2Mania without downloading O2Jam here) n da another song pack(Mirror Downloads for O2mania Song Packs) are same,rite?

  504. o_O says:

    The third pack for the first set of 22 links doesnt work for me o_O

  505. jolo says:

    can u add a link that has all the songs in one pack??!

  506. #47 says:

    I’ve already downloaded the 22 packs…
    but Identity Part 2 doesn’t includes in any of it.
    I want the Identity Part 2 please… thank you

  507. fateANGEL says:

    Hi, Serene i believe.
    I’m fateANGEL of http://o2angel.com.
    I’m posting because i see that you are quite interested in O2jam. Maybe you will interested in my Private Server. I’m currently trying to join back all the old player of O2jam. If you are interested, maybe u can visit my website at http://o2angel.com or the forum http://o2angel.com/forum.

    Thank you.

  508. hikari says:



    now i knew it…

  509. leo says:

    hey where is the flight of bumble bee? thank you for uploading all these songs for free and english version and everything thank you it’s so much fun!!!

  510. Eug says:

    Hey just wanna say taht it’s kinda easy to follow your instructions.

    So yeah thanks for the tips =D

    BTW are you a pro in O2 Mania?

  511. so all of ur links are virus free?

    just to be sure ^^V

  512. ShakuganNoShana Fan says:

    Does any1 know where to download o2mania BMS songs? Like the OST of some animes. THX ALOT!!

  513. SleepingXx says:

    Hey juz call me Sleep im finding some animes song so it will help me if u can giv me a link or something..thx….zZzZzZz

  514. Anony Mouse says:

    Hey, great site. Download all, fast links. Ever since O2 went down, my hands started to get itchy since. Kudos.

    PS : So when are you releasing your very own private O2jam server, want to fight with people la. So long haven’t laugh at noobs. =)

  515. guest says:

    the savefile packs wont work for me. says server is down. o.o and i only need packs 5 and 21, and for some reason i only download them at 10kb/s while all the others go 100 kb/s. any help please? T^T

    but thanks alot ^^

  516. jonathan says:

    hey can u upload one o2mania song call Christmas memory???

    by the way I’m having fun that i finally found a web site that can download o2mania song!!!! thanks allot i have been searching this for long thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok… last one i hope u can upload more song =.=

  517. acworld says:

    hey i got the same problem too… cant download song pack 5, maybe u can reupload or smth?

  518. mickle says:

    u guys can dl o2jam songs from here too – > http://hosted.filefront.com/O2MusicFiles

  519. hikari says:



    y can’t download the songs from your search website??

  520. xngjamesx says:

    y i cant dl the o2 songs….
    it said server down…
    can giv another link to let me dl?
    kindly reply me at
    or pm me in msn…

  521. xngjamesx says:

    ok i can play it…
    tq this good…

  522. shark says:

    is there an english song in o2mania???such as song in vos…could any1 tell me

  523. bien says:

    how can i download djmax songs?

  524. Hiroshi~ says:

    Hey, Uhm, I have this problem when I try to play…
    I mean the game works Perfectly fine~ I cant hit all 7 notes and hold them down at once… One or 2 of them wont go down T-T This puts a major setback on playing the game if you cant hit a line with all 7 notes >..

  525. o2JamErrZ says:


  526. Anony Mouse says:

    That’s cause of the keyboard, not the game. You can try typing in notepad with the 7 keys all @ once, there’ll sure be some fault.
    So you should switch the keys, i changed mine from
    ASD KL:
    It still misses sometimes, but it’s only like once or twice in a hard song.

    Probably diff keyboard got different key problems.

  527. o_O says:

    is there a full pack?
    one click download?

  528. Rafs says:

    Thanks for the uploads Serene, I luvs you stax!! XD I’m like totally enjoying myself right this moment with o2mania!! Thank you stax XDDDD THX THX THX THX THXXXX

  529. Wilshere says:

    Wow, it really helpful. Thanks mate.

  530. Spark says:

    where to download O2Jam for canada
    the one for philipine do not run here.

  531. Rafs says:

    I must’ve sounded like a real newbie >.> I mean, O2mania has probably been around for a long time, and here is me getting hooked onto it for the very first time.

    I have to admit though, I was always the 5 key player (using rhythmit or SSRMAX) and this is the first I’ve tried to play 7key. It has a unique feel and its going to take some getting used to…but its loads of fun!! XD

    Thanks again for all the really cool song packs :)

  532. bryyyk says:

    HOW IS WINDOWEd MODE IN O2jam? :((

  533. dalilah182 says:

    SERENE!!! do you remember me?? dalilah182. T_T

  534. bryyyk says:

    finally… i downloaded all the 22files and o2mania… the songs are so cool!!! good job Serene! keep it up!!

  535. japoy says:

    hi can anyone help me, i want to download the installer for o2jam but the prob;em is i dont know where to get the installer, everytime i download from egames .com all i get is patch.. any suggestion will be highl appreciated.thanks guys!!!

  536. japoy says:

    guys ive already downloaded the o2mania should i download all the packs one by one?

  537. You are my heroin apple ๐Ÿ˜€ Been searching this O2Jam off line for ages!

  538. Jonah says:

    Thanks! It worked like a charm

  539. mrspongebob says:

    helo….tq a lot…for a long time since i don’t play o2jam…i have the o2mania chinese version,but i don’t have the song..anyway,thanks again….

  540. aj says:

    i need the list of tracks per pack.

  541. Ben says:

    Hi Serene, i was wondering if u could hav some working links for us to download BMS songs for o2mania. i hav been searching for like 2 weeks already. For example song like Cannon Rock by Jerry C or Fantazindy.

    Thx if u could help ty:)

    hope got reply by nxt week:)

  542. Qasther says:

    which have pack chrismast memory ??

  543. Revan says:

    Terima Kasih Untuk Serene

  544. hehe says:

    is there a themes for the o2mania?
    and is there song from DJ max?

  545. -Shiro says:

    o_O djmax songs in 02mania? wow… i want… D:

  546. z4mr says:

    for those who want to download bms files,themes anythings but doesn’t understand chinese,use GOOGLE to translate the o2mania homepage
    they got a lot of songs you want but the only problem (as for me) are i can’t simultaneously download another song while the other one isn’t finished yet and some configuration of internet may won’t allow the FTP file transaction (don’t know why,maybe because it use old method)

  547. Nene says:

    @z4mr : your answer is go check my blog ๐Ÿ˜€
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Have fun! ^_^

  548. z4mr says:

    wow…thx Nene ๐Ÿ˜€

  549. Rachel says:

    Hey umm i donwload 02Mania english version and then downloaded the song packs and then went to configure and selected the folder with them in it. I downloaded the RAR thing successfully but for some reason after I put in the folder then click refresh songs wont show up at all. could you be of some help??
    I’ve had 02mania previously and know pretty much how to work it but for some reason it’s not this time.
    thanks you

  550. z4mr says:

    Rachel,you can try remove/delete the MusicCache.xml file contained in the game directory.if i’m not mistaken,the list will be refreshed automatically the moment you press F8

  551. ABHUDZ says:

    uhmm… do you have the song canon ROCK VERSION?

    i just love that song.. :)

  552. z4520ft says:

    nope,i only have the Canon Remix & Orgel version,not the rock one but still if you want them i can try mail it to you

  553. Popoy says:

    thnx for the songs!!!

    i almost finish downloading it!!!

    i love the song IDENTITY II(Hx5)

    it’s very cool!!!

  554. Kelvin says:

    why i cant download the music?? the savefile website under maintainence or what?? anyone please help me..

  555. i have problem 2 my keys from o2jam game when i press space bar with the other keys they dont work properly what should i do?? plsss..!!! serene help me!!!

  556. z4520ft says:

    you need to try several key combinations,mine is (wer op[)..this problem usually happen with USB keyboard..i have keyboard tester if you want them, just leave your email address and i’ll post to you later

  557. oki says:

    i use o2jam solista so? what must i do to song pack?

  558. uuughhhh!!! says:

    server save file is down!!!

  559. Unknown6927 says:


    the best game for exercising hands

    u guys got lots of problems about the game

    but me,

    i got no problem whatsoever

    i downloaded all the o2mania songs

    and all of them worked!!!

    Ty Serene

  560. z4520ft says:

    are you noob or what?
    you’re bragging like a child

  561. bryan says:

    hey do u all know where to download croatian rhapsody for o2mania?

  562. saiyaman123 says:

    hey there seems to be a problem with o2jam song pack 11
    it wont start the download and says the network time ran out. plz fix

  563. Hyrene says:

    how can get a song in o2mania ?

  564. dominick says:

    thankz 4 dis! hahaha!
    i always go wid dis offline game when the connections are fuzzy,
    btw, thankz again! ^^

  565. GuneThar says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for o2mania and the song packs, nice convenient links that actually work and are quite fast. Also thanks for the translated version, didn’t even know it existed.

    Cheers =D

  566. TWS says:

    I love to play o2jam songs-v3 andthe festival of ghost 2

  567. ampakepan says:

    it worked! but the problem is there is no sound? what should i do? help me pls?

  568. Baby Sotong X says:

    thanks for the song pack ya, mediafire works really well, fastest among so much free hosting site~

  569. R2GJAMPLAYER says:

    can anyone give me the link or o2jam rolling star…

    not the renoted one…

    what’s the o22ma number of rolling star??

  570. come to by blog oso^^

    hey serene,,im playing o2angel.maybe you are intersted in playing together??

    -kamikaze firehand

  571. Aaron says:

    I love you girl!!! U’ve helped me to find all the songs i wanted. Thankx!! X)

  572. Ben says:

    Thanks , very great post

  573. kiangkm says:

    hey serene,the sound for identity part 2 is in which pack?

  574. iluvserene says:

    i luv u Serene<33
    , coz u brought me convieniet

  575. Zero says:

    Identity part 2 n 3 is in which pack??

  576. ViciousXUSMC says:

    You seem to be about the most knowledgeable person out there on O2Mania. I just got it and it runs perfect but the songs sound different than I remember in O2 Jam almost like they are out of sync for some reason.

    I have a 2.8ghz Core2Duo so its not slowing down, but something definitely does not sound right, any ideas?

  577. riky says:

    hey serene
    do u know how to play DJMAX(o2mania) ?
    i can’t play it >.<
    are .PAK recommended to have ?
    please answer this seren

  578. Nene says:

    @riky :why not go to my blog
    there you will find the answer

  579. nicx says:

    hey..how can i get the songs pack to work in the online version of o2jam?..what song pack do i need to DL?..

    please answer me ryt away..tnx!!..XD

  580. hail says:

    hey, please tell me how to add a video on an offline??

  581. Steven says:

    Uh why i play o2mania dun have any sound? please help me!! i also got chg my sound to 100 before no use..T-T

  582. michiko says:

    hi~i’ve downloaded o2mania but i couldn’t get any songs to play

    please help me?
    thanks :)

  583. Catherine says:

    Cannot choose the speed?? all speed x1 ?

  584. tey says:

    i don’t understand what to do …
    please help me how to download o2mania …
    or just send me the files at my email – tey031208@yahoo.com
    thank you !

  585. shadow says:

    hey serene….. after downloading songs the 02mania english version and get everything done….. i clicked the 02mania then when it’s going to start…… some weird word in a window pop up then it only give one option to click….. i also dono wats those words in the window meant by….. then when i clicked it….. it closed….. can’t start the game!!!!

  586. zennasyndroxxe says:

    do you have the end of fight(something like that)
    and earthquake ShD remix?
    btw, great uploads! keep it up

  587. SunriseDay~ says:

    erm…serene?~~wanna ask u smth~~
    do you have any web to download o2mania?
    r u an msian?
    wanna text u smth to for further notices~
    reply me fast~

  588. SunriseDay~ says:

    Just discover it~
    Thanx for all da things~
    I really appreciated that~
    and do you hav ‘love chocolate’ song?
    which pack izit in?

  589. ippokun says:

    is this the songs that we need to buy?

  590. kroitt27 says:

    Oh well…… can you upload the newest songs? There are some songs in O2ANGEL are newest one…. xD

  591. kiangkm says:

    can anyone please tell me where is the sound for identity part 2 please? It is in which pack?

  592. SunriseDay~ says:

    can kinda say~

  593. Ming says:

    er, where can i download End of the Figth song and Earthquake?pls repeat faster tell me

  594. Ming says:

    er,y i cannot download Cross Time!! that song in your whole list song??pls tell me

  595. krheez8 says:

    can you tell me where can i download o2jam philippines songs?

  596. Gavin says:

    Hi Serene.I’ve been looking for o2mania songs creator for a while.Unfortunately i can’t find it.Any help?
    Thank you so much.

  597. antinoob says:

    thx for the upload!!!love o2jam so much

  598. wai2kit says:

    Hey, thanks a lot! Wanted to play this game suddenly after so long of not playing. I guess i’m just bored XD

  599. jlcalata says:

    wow…o2mania is amazing…..its o2jam and there is an added skins….

    and songs too…..does the songs in those packs are the songs that are int he o2jam in e-games???? like opm….

    can u create the audition dance battle “offline” …..im playing it online always…but i wnted it offline so i can practice d8 at our house……i cant play audition online at our pc…..

  600. angiie028 says:

    what is the difference between o2mania online and o2mania offline? :0

  601. Janice says:

    pack14 has password? what is dat?

  602. Kim says:

    do you have canon rock music file here for o2mania?

  603. alex says:

    Can anyone provide a download for compilation of songs? (aside from this 22 packs) ..

    its just stupid to download 1 song by 1 song.

  604. yo, need some help on how to make songs for o2mania.. can you list some sites here?

    i have english version 1.2.0

    o2jam since 2006
    o2mania since 2007
    now, i want to make songs ๐Ÿ˜€

  605. nadz says:

    can i play o2mania eventhough i don’t have a windows media player…

  606. nadz says:

    what program in the computer can i open the o2 mania… i can’t open it with DivX…
    plz.. can you help me…

  607. nadz says:

    i cant open the o2mania,, wen i extracted it… whats with direct3d 9 and direct draw7… i still cant play it… can you plz.. help me with this pls.. wat can i do.. with this direct3D 9 and direct draw7 thnxx…. …

  608. jelly says:


    how come the game when play still got no sound after i tried wat you say on your previous post…HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  609. weetyr says:

    may i ask why i cant install the sound for some of the pieces? it comes up with Error #: 25116 and then below that Error: Bad block… then after that theres another one

  610. weetyr says:

    may i ask why i cant install the sound for some of the pieces? it comes up with Error #: 25116 and then below that Error: Bad block… then after that theres another one that says CRC error: file bla bla bal could not be extracted properly..any solution?

  611. Xie says:

    how come every time i click pack 1 or any pack number (the ones w/o o2jam online thingie) all i get is page error..

    help T_T

  612. mimi says:

    cn you pls. help me.. when i extracted o2mania english, then when i connect i cant open it.. because of this directX setting.. how can i change the settings if i dont understand it… how can you guys do it?? your lucky the only problem you are have is about the packs but me..how can i play it… plz.. i wanted to play..

  613. mimi says:

    pls.. help.. any one..

  614. jirochan says:

    this website is good!i support it!xD

  615. jirochan says:

    if you have any problem,go youtube search!if you dont know how to download o2 mania,you can search “how to download 02 mania”…:D

  616. hi,, can someone tell me how to put the 02jam song packs in 02 jam online.. plz? so i can play it.. ^^.

  617. Hyukazawa says:

    hey the music is .ojm?
    can i use it in my o2jam online music??
    o2jam online music same o2jam offline music??

  618. pusing70kell says:

    hi, can anyone tell me if there are anime songs in the packs?
    if there are some anime songs in the pack,
    can someone mention what song in which pack?

  619. GreatDevil says:

    @pusing70kell i dun remember seeing any anime songs in all, you will have to get it from somewhere else

  620. need help~ says:

    the song “identity part 2″ have no music but have notes… is it the file problem? other song i have no problem

  621. Vic says:

    do u have the song “Oblivion(Esti)”??Coz i’ve searched for a long time….i couldnt find it.
    So if u have this song plz upload it? Thx

  622. o2maniac says:

    where can i download some anime song packs like GO(naruto) or Wanna be free(ragnarok)..please help me

  623. Exiled Angel says:

    hey! need help here!
    can someone tell me what program that makes notes to a music and put it in o2mania? i really want it! i want my songs to be in o2 mania….i found something in youtube and the program is called note tool v2…but i can’t find it
    can someone help??

  624. joie says:

    thanks a lot.^^

    but can u help me..
    some songs were playing in a non survival mode
    even if i set it up on a survival mode..

    how cud that be?..

    pls help..
    i really love to play other songs in survival mode =c

  625. eric says:

    can i play the songs that i downloaded on o2jam website?

  626. Cyril says:


    thanks alot ..

    it worked on mine =]

    thanks thanks thanks

  627. lunarave says:

    Urm, hello ? I think the key and the song doens’t match at all ! A slight difference dat is … like about 1 second interval (-.-“)

  628. Jm says:

    how do i install the o2mania??

  629. O2NooB says:

    hey can u help me?? long time ago i went to a cyber cafe and play o2jam.. there was this song called “Every Breath You Take”… now i have o2mania, how do i find the song??

  630. iruka says:

    omg!!!.. tq so much!!
    u rock my world
    tq..tq.. tq

  631. Joeltt says:


  632. Ronaldo says:

    what’s the number of the pack who has Electro Fantasy(Not Super Hard)?

  633. rR says:

    THX alot too..it worked for me too =)
    but..can anyone suggest where can i get the famous FANTAZINDY..and its mp3???

  634. thank a lot says:

    thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u


  635. fanofserene says:

    You are really awesome!! i love your work!! Keep it up, you’re helping a lot of people!! Cheers and more power to you! ^_^

  636. fanofserene says:

    btw serene, you kept your instructions very foolproof that even first-graders could understand. I feel you if sometimes you get irritated by all the noobs who keep on asking how to do this and how to do that when all the instructions are in front of them.. Do us a favor and stop answering these guys. As far as we all know, they could be the very same people who wait for someone to serve food on their plate when the platter is just beside them. Anyway, I admire your work so much and I hope your compassion for fellow o2-players like us keeps on going.. Thanks again serene ^^

  637. madz says:

    well.. this would really help.. and first of all thanks to serene.. for sharing this amazing post.. as you can see.. after you download the song pack.. and extract them into specific folder.. for example.. i put Music into the o2mania folder.. and extract the songs there.. after you do that… NEVER-EVER forget to REFRESH your song list after you download and extract your song packs in the MUSIC folder!! get it?! i had troubles with this at the first time.. hehehe.. wish this would help.. \:D/

  638. arcsine says:

    this is the first and the last time i am going to do this..^^
    regards and thank-a-lots to MS. SERENE for this very wonderful blog.^^

    few tips for some of you:





    hope this helps…^^

    [P.S. one should get fewer problems , problems that SHOULD concern with COMPATIBILITY ISSUES AND TECHNICAL STUFF. ]
    or in SHORT , READ THE BLOG!

  639. Jeff says:

    now got O2angel but i dunno the website….can u help me?

  640. shinngradd says:

    bkit po sakin nag rerefresh??
    kpag pumipili n ako ng song n na installed ko
    kailangan po pa ba ng song packs???

  641. mitsui/michiboi says:

    thanks….thats the best thing that i can say to you…ms. serene more power and keep updating us all o2jam/o2mania addict……. ^_^v

  642. BlueABerrY says:

    thanx ya for this O2Mania. I was searching for it since my girlfriend want to play it. thanks a lot.

  643. matt says:

    Er hi guys ghost festival 2 in which pack? can anyone tell me pls^^ thx~

  644. Kenfriend says:

    can giv me another mirrow download like (MegaUpload) others cant download leh

  645. shinngradd says:

    ate serene wala poh bang virus ung mga installer ng song packs paki answer namn po
    concern lng ako sa Pc ko ^______^

  646. Evangeline02 says:

    umm any one knows where can i down load gundam song k-on songs hayate no gotoku songs shakugan no shana songs and haruhi suzumiya song..

    pls i need that……. im begging you tell me

  647. AlepeQa says:

    whats the song pack for v3 song?
    i realy want it! xD

  648. shirogane says:

    hey serene I just want to tell you that I will post this post of yours to this site gamerzcreed.com

    if you want to see the post here :

    I put the name of your website in the post so is it okay??? I’m also helping you out in this ๐Ÿ˜€

  649. james says:

    tnx poh sa inyo^^ pAno poh ba mag download ng mga songs? wala pong songs ung o2mania ko eh, kakadownload ko lang poh dito. reply naman poh oh. di ako makapaglaro^^ walang songs. i cant play my o2mania because i dont know how to download songs^^ please help me. . .

  650. james says:

    thank you so much^^ muah. . . please help me how to down and play my o2mania. . reply pls. . .

  651. denndonn says:

    HI poh!!!!!!!

    anung song pack na may kantang GO HELL????

    FAVORITE KO UN EH……. plssssssssssss

    REPLY ME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  652. james says:

    hello^^ thank u very much! sir/maam^^ heheheh! because of you, now i can play my favorite game^^ lol hahaha! thank u soooooooooo much!^_^

    thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u! thank u!!!. . .^^

  653. james says:

    what is the use of this mirror downloads? its also a songs or what? can i download it also? please answer me. . . if this also a songs. . . tnx. . .

  654. AcidDemo says:

    gud day james…. the mirrors contain songs that are playable in o2mania/o2jam. hope i helped answer your question. ^^v

    btw. thx ms serene for the game. love it.

  655. reb says:

    uhm. is there no v3?? i already downloaded all the song packs and i wasnt able to find it…help plss.. T-T..i like v3 soo much

  656. Wayne Chan says:

    Loves O2Jam? If you do, send me an e-mail to callyyprain@hotmail.com and specify the name of the song you want! I’ll send it to you for free. Do not urge me, I’ll do it when I got the time since I’m having loads of assignment to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Peace ^^V

  657. Christian says:

    i got over 6gb of o2mania songs now :) pretty cool ones aswell. The best are the identity songs and V+ or w/e its called.

  658. r0ck & roLL sTar says:

    can u guys tell me where the song pack hve a identity part 2
    song……plzzzzzzzzzzz…..telllll me…………….

  659. james says:

    owkie, tnx AcidDemo^__^ . . .

  660. james says:

    where can i download the song fantazindy? phase 1?

  661. o2jamPRO says:

    hey..serene..u from malaysia rite..now..malaysian need to help each other..kui2..oi..help me..why there is no song in my o2mania..i already make a song file..can u pls tell me the proper way?
    step by step if u dont mind..

  662. abcdefg! says:

    Do the packs all have different songs in them?

  663. Me download o2mania song packs liao, but there say got problem, can u help me find the problem ma??

  664. watawoo says:

    the link to song pack says that the file was removed / deleted..

    any url where can I download song packs will be appreciated..

    btw.. (offering help)

    after downloading the song packs and making a directory for it be sure to set it on File >> Configure Folder

    then select File >> Open… then REFRESH the list..

    ๐Ÿ˜€ enjoy playing..

    but me.. I can’t find any song packs.. :'(

  665. ishimaru94 says:

    MO2Jam has been gone….
    But there are still O2Jam Private Server….
    Check out this website :-

  666. ishimaru94 says:

    To all o2jammers that has problem to download o2jam song packs, please try the Mediafire at the top of this website…

  667. helpplease says:

    erm when i click file i cannot find configure folders

  668. -ErRoL- says:

    there’s so many song packs…why didnt u just compiled it all in one folder..so ndi paulit ulit download…nakakabagot maghintay..dammit

  669. bzbz says:

    i hope there arent any viruz
    sorry if my english bad

  670. badbadbad says:

    anyone know where to get these song in mp3?
    missing u
    kan kan


  671. joyce says:

    why is it when i tried to play the first song, there is no sound?

  672. o2jamnoob says:

    cant find electro fantasy [shd] or [hd]…

  673. Crimmy says:

    thx ^^
    the offline server rox !! =3

  674. Jayzon says:

    why i cant install o2jam song packs?

  675. Jayzon says:

    i just install in our computer ….
    tnx for the client……
    hehe it really helpz me ..

  676. joyce says:

    thank you!!!!
    i missed playing o2jam…since i cant play it here in UAE, you enabled me to play it again…yey!!!!

    more power to you and thank you for your hard work…


  677. WoW says:

    i’ve download some of the song…but when i try a song name canon, i heard no sound…can you check why it happen like that..:D

  678. ko.mek says:

    canon,kan2,v3 and sonata at new super dance season 2 have that song also wtf!!!!!! i hate super dance but i love o2jam..(^.^)thx serene.This web site was rock i give 5 start

  679. rmvelasco(philippines) says:

    is there a storm over the ocean in this song pack if it is tell me what pack

  680. Anonymous says:

    Uhmm… can someone help me? What folder can i find “Fly Magpie”? :/ Pls help me ๐Ÿ˜€

  681. Iggy says:

    <3 yah.. thanks for publishing this out. I have been looking for something like this few days ago since suddenly I am longing to play all the O2Jam songs way back before they stupidity shutted down the MY server. It brings me a lot of memories.

  682. brylle says:

    i dont have 02jam installed in my computerT_T pls help..

  683. tf says:

    here !
    click the link for Fly Magpie ^^ enjoy~

  684. waverwing says:

    wanted to ask. other den o2jam songs, are there any other songs where i can dl oso?

  685. JunesBrawny says:

    You know guys… THIS IS COOOO0O0O0O0O0O0OLLLL…!!

  686. Madara says:

    erm… do you know where i can download fantazindy???

  687. DaNieL- says:

    Sir, Why Is My Downloaded Pack Is Only 27Kb. It’s 3,5 To 22 Sir.

  688. Chiulala says:

    which pack hav V3 song?

  689. Su says:

    Thanx so much for the songs!! XD
    I’m missing o2jam… >_<

  690. musicanvas says:

    thanks, ur uploading really help us alot :)

    welcome to AngelJam anytime ^^


  691. Cherlin says:

    @chiulala you can go to the link that says

    ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Single songs download for O2Jam songs are available now at my latest post : O2Jam/O2Mania Song List

    it’s up there. u should be able to find the song you want there.

  692. Hehe says:

    I love o2mania!!!! Whoo-hoo! Thanks :)

  693. Raven says:

    what song pack has earthquake song ?? please tell \me thanks !!

  694. steph says:

    ..thnks for this..nice^^
    ..how to change the speed of the notes???

  695. jr says:

    this is so exciting… LoL.. thanks..
    anyways.. from what pack is the ‘FLY MAGPIE’ song included? just love it..

  696. ekushay says:

    Just wanted you to know, savefile links doesn’t work, at least for me anyway :X BUT also this is AWESOME! You’ve saved tons of people’s lives.

  697. jr says:

    pack 3 mediafire link not available… thanks anyways

  698. Iggy says:

    Is there any ways I could download their audio songs alone as in mp3 , wma formats ? I couldn’t find them ._. Sweet thanks!

  699. mocca says:

    oh…it’s ok now i figured it out….


    sry for 2ble posting….



    i found ur page on youtube….

    its like a google tingy….

    thankx for th o2mania…..

    3 years not playing it….

    and can’t DL the Online one coz im in europe….

    thankx agian….

    save my life^_^

  700. SubZero214 says:

    I WaNt New O2Jam Chorus Song, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  701. fie says:

    those packs, does it means some songs in it? and how can i know what songs i want? D:

    i want fly magpie :3
    but i donno in which one, so i just download all, and still donno i got or not, btw IT TAKES TOO LONG D:
    im impatient x)

    but im still not happy o2jam malaysia closed down D:<

    **and i dont get my fly magpie yet D:**

  702. reika says:

    Download extracted O2Jam songs and play in O2Mania without downloading O2Jam here (MediaFire) : pack 21 cannot download. download halfway fail.

  703. jazz says:

    hey serene i downloaded some songs i have a question do you have Go!! The naruto 2nd opening song??

  704. xineonz says:

    i want to download canon rock..somebody?anybody.. :'(
    btw..this game rock!! \m/(=.=)\m/

  705. elvixteo says:

    hey do u noe where i can get djmax songs or do i have to get it from the psp????

  706. maki lozano says:

    it takes a long time to download the song… because it has a big size of memory… my internet is so slow… that’s why it makes me so difficult to download anyone of them… is there any way or website that i can download it one by one? thanks for reading my comment…

  707. Thank you says:

    Thank you very much I really love this game!!!

  708. IWannaPlayO2Mania! says:

    Hey! Why can’t i play O2Mania?

    It always shows the DirectX / DirectDraw settings.

    Serene showed me a link but the host is down so I can’t view it. HELP!

  709. ^^adik says:

    what pack has an {SHD} song??
    i want too play super hard songs…..

  710. xpert says:

    hi why is there no sounds in my o2mania?

  711. Zildjian says:

    Thanks alot! you made me happy ^_____^

  712. Patrick says:

    Thank you for Serene for the post! I really love o2jam ;D

  713. Fourrest says:

    i have problems involving song packs, after i download the song pack 14, 16-22. It only successfully extracted is only 14 and 22, in other song packs i downloaded 16,17,18,19,20,21 is not working when i starting to extract them song pack 16-21 is not extracted properly it always saying in a text box “No Archives found..”

  714. Fourrest says:

    But I can play o2jam in my house properly…. But i was amazed when i run o2mania in my pc, honestly my pc is a 64MB in Video Card(built in) and a 128MB in memory card(built in) but still i play it properly…. thanks for the o2mania Serene, with this i can improved myself in Band Master hehehhe thanks a lot….

  715. Fourrest says:

    I’m about to complete my song packs….. But I was surprised that i have Gaussian Blur in the 19th song pack..

  716. NyJh3L28 says:

    THANK YOU VeRY MUCH for the free download songs

    Thank You!!!

    Thank you!!!

    Thank you!!!


  717. rafli says:

    i want ask, in the song pack is where gausiaan blur?

  718. rafli says:

    gausiaan blur 3, i mean..

  719. robi says:

    no pinoy song?? how sad :(((

  720. Mosiahproh says:

    duuuuude!! ty for post, i saw some ppl up there speaking about “can’t install song pack and already have o2mania”… of course u cant!!! because the song pack installer is only for o2 jam! u have to download the 22 ones only, they’re in winrar, not setup

  721. engsky003 says:

    How to save skin in o2mania?? can you plss answer me??

  722. wakawaka says:

    do you have philippine songs?

  723. Jam says:

    Your blog helped me a lot :)) Thanks. I can now play o2mania. I just wanted to ask something. Can I play o2mania even without internet?

  724. Serene says:

    Yes, its offline version of o2jam :)

  725. zultino says:

    actualy, i hve done install 02jam n already install the song pack… but… when i want to play… the music not come out?? so what should i do to solve this problem?

  726. claum says:

    which song pack has fly magpie and christmas memories in it?

  727. james santi says:


  728. Cummer says:

    i love this..too bad other pack already expired :(

  729. Serene says:

    Like I mentioned in the post, plz proceed to my other post which offers single songs and download any songs that you want :)

  730. Serene says:

    The packs should still be downloadable :)

  731. MeteoritE says:

    do i have to download all packs to have all the songs? or i’ll just have to pick one?

  732. JC says:

    WOW… i downloaded it all and its all working thanks!

  733. Hans says:

    I only Read the instruction Thx thx thx…

  734. YtZehr says:

    thank you very much serene ..
    without you i cant download it ..
    thanks again

  735. ewin says:

    hello!! thanks for this site.
    i have played o2 jam which i’ve missed since it was dissolved by e-games.ph ๐Ÿ˜€ God bless!

  736. Nameless says:

    There are 2(22) packs ? the above or below 1 should i choose ?

  737. Nameless says:

    Reply me as fast as possible please ><

  738. kebs007 says:

    wow. uptil now, there still some people who play this amazing game. Uhmm. I downloaded some of the songs from the site of o2mania itself. It’s ftp so you need download accelerator plus to download or any other ftp like thunderbird. great site.

  739. Lelouch says:

    Waaaa… Already install both the game n the song pack.. but when I try to play it.. no music comes out.. just the notes.. without a single sound..

    Is that meant that way? Or my PC got some prob? Whew~

  740. demonaz says:

    can u help me where to find identity part 1 and 2 whick pack?

  741. derick says:

    where can i find the other song of o2jam like ID part 3 & [SHD]v3?

  742. gian says:

    uhmm.. elow.. i just wanna ask if where can i find canon rock with this packs? :) thanks..

  743. rom says:

    where i can find the pack of V3,Bride in Dream and Fly magpie? please help me ..

  744. the best ruit says:

    thanks po!! it’s been a long time since i played this game

  745. Carlaustin says:

    EI for @z4mr can u send me or CAnon Orgel PLs my Mail is this Let_ah@yahoo.com pls send it to me i don’t have that song

  746. Polizia says:

    I have Canon, who ever wants it just PM me through my mail or through FB


    Carlaustin ive sent one to you

  747. Polizia says:

    Those who wants the Single File(Popular ones)
    Fly Magpie
    Feel so good
    Feel the 02jam
    Festival of Ghost 1 & 2
    Driving Lazy Bee
    White Christmas
    Rock and Roll

    Or anything else just Contact me and ill send it to you

  748. Kradfreezer says:

    can u tell me is there any website that i can get the BMS songs because i can’t read chinese in the o2mania website…or is there another way to get the BMS songs?

  749. bkhosx.kwin says:

    bet ganon ? di co mcapag downlowd

  750. Lolzkiller says:

    do you have the naruto song go!!! up for dowload?

  751. Jxoster says:

    Hey kindly please attach the Define Song in the O2jam song list?? or Give me here’s my E-mail just send at jxoster69@yahoo.com Thanks alot

  752. Night says:

    Thank You so much! Now I can play this classic game again ๐Ÿ˜€

  753. frenzkee says:

    serene…tnx i really miss this game…

  754. frenzkee says:

    serene…do you have philippine song?

  755. Amrick says:

    can you make all files is mediafire o.0?
    If cannot just tell me?

  756. marco says:

    why is it the keys (F, Space, and J) didn’t work when i press them all at once…

  757. nevermore says:

    wqeqwewqeqwe ilove all songs

  758. CM says:

    Can i use the packs in o2jam latino ?

  759. andrew says:

    wtf how come, pack 1-21
    aren;t rar files,
    there only one song installer

  760. Audioslave says:


    It looks like nobody else has figured this out or mentioned it here, so I’ll do it.

    I just spent 2 hours looking for an alternative to O2Jam for a friend and came across this blog.
    Downloaded the English version of O2Mania, but didn’t bother with the song packs.
    Instead I downloaded the Chinese version of O2Mania complete with songs from The Pirate Bay. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4605801/O2mania_client_and_songs

    As it turns out, you can copy the “song” folder from the unpacked Chinese version, and copy it to your O2Mania English directory.
    After that, simply open O2Mania, go to File, Configure Folders and point O2Jam Tunes to the “songs” folder you just copied in to the English O2Mania directory.

    You’re all done now.
    I’m not sure if the song packs uploaded by Serene contain different songs than the Chinese version, but at the very least it may be quicker to download them from The Pirate Bay.

    I hope this helps anyone.
    If you need any assistance you can reach me at audioslaaf at g mail. com.

  761. Kero says:

    hi, does anyone here have B.S.CAT? can you send it to my e-mail? masochistic_suicidal@yahoo.com, or just post the link. thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  762. Kero says:

    sorry. fail. I was looking for it in the single songs download and didn’t find it. so I assumed it wasn’t in the packs. x.X sorry Serene. found it in pack 7. XD

  763. melvinluis says:

    hmm, could you upload the song Red Sign? I’ts one of my favorites, and i can’t find any other download link in the net.. thanks! or maybe you could just post a download link wherein the download is free :)) im only a teen, i don’t have a bank account yet, ๐Ÿ˜›

  764. boklat says:

    do u have a complete pack of songs in one site?.

  765. red says:

    hey what pack can i find “milk chocolate.?”

  766. pae says:

    hey! thanks a lot man!

  767. Ytzehr says:

    anybody who owns electro fantasy hd please share it
    heres my email

  768. Carlo says:

    HI To aLL …… i’m happy to play again o2Jam!!! LoL….

    i downloaded here last year on your blog and i’m very thankful to you serene….\

    `Coz. the o2Jam Philippine version is closed

  769. BRENDAN! says:

    Hello CAn you Tell ME plss What is The SOng PAck of these Fallowing songs

    -Fly Magpie
    -Go Hell
    -Natal Angel
    -Bride in Dream
    -Bang! Bang! Bang!

  770. Kaozty says:

    try this site bro
    you can choose which song to download with


  771. Zeir says:

    OMG thanks for the uploads! I enjoy this game VERY MUCH and Bride In Dream is the best SOng! along with Fly Magpie!

    Thanks Ms. Serene! ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

  772. Chrono says:

    huuh.. I wanna improve my skill, I only can play song about lv 34, I wanna pro like all my friend T_T. BTW there are a notecharter ini here?

  773. Jitro says:

    i downloaded this game to you 2 years ago and im happy that this thread is still alive. ^_^

    thanks serene for sharing this game to us. ^_^ more power to you. ^_^

  774. voltz says:

    hi!!!.. i’ve already installed o2mania at the other site….. tnx 4 uploading the songs.. ^_^

  775. ewan says:

    nakakamiss. sayang nawala noon pa. may kapalit na game naman. Band Master nasa e-games nanaman. namimiss ko lang ang o2jam kaya dinownload ku ulet

  776. cy says:

    er hi i tried to download the o2jam mania (the problem includes the song pack) for the first time and i was using flashget, a download accelerator to download it. After downloading it somehow what i downloaded wasn’t the software but the ‘link’, the website. when i tried to download again from mediafire, the link you gave above, it only refreshes…. what can i do? what is causing the problem? savefile has been removed. so ya, please reply to this comment asap, i really wanna play the game ><

  777. Serene says:

    I would recommend using IDM to download :)

  778. 123mine123 says:

    @cy I have the same problem too but using a different web browser helps.(because the problem is the web browser) ๐Ÿ˜€
    If it refreshes on internet explorer, try using google chrome.
    Or Mozilla Firefox. Or Opera Mini.
    If all else fails just restart the computer or delete the cookies. ๐Ÿ˜€
    P.S. Im using Flashget too and it is still the best download manager for me!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  779. cy says:

    what is IDM?

  780. Zephyros says:

    this is total wickedness :DD

  781. newbie.. says:

    Is there any different with the O2Jam songs and play in O2Mania without downloading O2Jam and O2mania songs ?

  782. Jammerz says:

    Hey serene! would you mind if you upload Identity Part III for me? email me zankystein@hotmail.com

  783. nash says:

    looking for go hell song which pack has it?… need the reply immediately tnx in advance

  784. BeerGinS says:

    I downloaded o2mania 2 years from now too.. I hope u can still improve or add o2mania mods(new skins, Characters and etc.). hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  785. joseph says:

    what pack is the song milk and chocolate and festival of ghost 2?

    im happy 2 play this game…



  786. Shawn says:

    can i ask something?
    can i use the songs with 22 pack for my o2jam tnx

  787. voltz says:

    hahaha. pareho lng tau.. ^^

  788. ken says:

    It’s so Happy to play o2mania ^_^ tnx for the song pack

  789. tigerreaper says:

    wooo… so long since i playe o2jam!! i think at my age of 12 are the last time i touch this game… then a years later it closed… now i’m 21… soooo missing the game!! thank serene for uploading this… it makes my sweet memories of playing it came back to life.. many thanks serene ^^

  790. Ken7 says:

    after all pack of sing have been download..i still can’t find the Red Sign and Electro Fantasy HD song???

  791. rowellx3m says:

    anyone knows the site where I can find rare o2mania songs such as canon rock, linkin’ park songs, classical power and insanity and croatians??

  792. kylle says:

    from what pack should i found fly magpie?

  793. Cindy says:

    Can’t play the songs.

  794. Syafiq says:

    Serene…can i use ur links to put in my blog ? i’ll put full credit to u

  795. Serene says:

    @Syafiq, sorry can’t, I prefer if you direct them to my blog for the download, thanks ^^

  796. JAYVEN says:

    miss serene do u have a torrent for song packages? it might be easier.

  797. Suxian says:

    Emmm hi :) I downloaded the songs pack and i did the instructions which you given but the songs list in O2Mania shows there is nothing even though i reset everything. Please help me cause i really want to play .. ): Anyway , i am a Vista user.

  798. SKyFlaKes says:

    hey!!.. where can i get our local songs in the philippines??…
    i wanna get our local song packs in the o2jam ph server…
    help pls?? ~_~

  799. Will says:

    hey serene..
    don’t you have any other games??
    if u have, give the link to me??
    please serene!
    Tx ๐Ÿ˜€

  800. Rodel says:

    Hey plzz upload the 617 Rachmaninov Rach plzz

  801. suxuan says:

    how to put songs into o 2 mania?

  802. Shem says:

    Hi Serene… so you’re also pinoy? :)

  803. Syujieenka says:

    ^,^ .. wohuhuhuh, . nice song,:
    *V3 (O2 Version)
    *Identity part II
    *Run For You
    *Duel(O2 Version)
    *Death Moon
    *Lonely Song
    *Kan Kan
    *Bach Alive
    *Bride in Dream

  804. Syujieenka says:

    In song pack 01 – song pack 22 have the song V3 (O2 Version) Original? erm,.. i don’t know lar…rr,.. but i want song V3 (O2 Version) Original~

  805. RawkenO2 says:

    Is something wrong with pack number 18? I cant seem to find a way to download it, I dunno if its the browser… But please somebody confirm if I’m the only one that cant download that pack? :)

  806. aboyt says:

    Kua please help me my o2mania doe’s not have a sound while i am playing what am i gonna going to do??

  807. andrew says:

    thx girl…love u so much…i looking for this long time ago..

  808. Vina says:

    Serene, i would to know if there’s a song pack that is full of great 2011 hit song, such as lady antebellum, justin bieber, or other famous singer.. or maybe there’s k-pop song?

  809. Garlyle says:

    Thank you so much for this.

    I was horrified to discover this morning that O2Jam (part of My Childhood) is basically gone, so thank you for hosting all the songs and O2Mania and stuff so I can at least relive some of the joys.

  810. iya says:

    uhm.. when im done downloading the song packs
    how do i put them in the game?
    do i need to extract it?
    uhm.. how to extract the song anyway? please answer… :)

  811. Ron says:

    uhhmmm..serene?? i downloaded all the song packs, how come it still doesnt have xepher[SHD], Fantazindy[SHD], Identity part II[SHD]??

  812. Ron says:

    plssss..serene I really need ur help! oh and by the way, i only downloaded pack 1 – 22 from mirror downloads, do I need to download pack 23 – 26 so I can get the song’s i wanted??

  813. katorse_14 says:

    saang website ba mahahanap ung mga tagalog songs ng 02media???

  814. Jetroyde says:

    uhmm… serene, u dont have a song “red sign”?

  815. JayPeeJammerXD says:

    To those who has a problem with installing o2jamnx, try changing ur O2ManiaDriverSelect to Direct3D 9. That do the trick for me. :))

  816. Ron says:

    uhhhmm..everyone plssss.. can u give me the link to download points of athourity and in the and..TNX..!! what i need is OJM/OJN..tq!!

  817. Will says:

    hey she’s not answer my question.. :(

  818. Mave77 says:

    gudbye o2jam hello o2mania!!! miss the philippine players in o2jam

  819. Ron says:

    maybe serene’s dead?? she’s not answering mine too!

  820. angry says:

    i downloaded all pack of the song,
    but only one of the pack 19 i can’t download. :(

  821. Ken Ross says:

    thanks a lot ! :)

    check out my website (facebook) and add me. thankyow! :”>

  822. ayu says:

    finally i got all song pack!!!

  823. pemot says:

    guys where can me find milk chocalte ?? someone giv me website me link it direct :)

  824. tazt says:

    Are these all the songs? which pack is Identity part 3 in?

  825. ahmad says:

    how do i put my music pack to winrar?

  826. saloom says:

    Hello, i did everything i run As Admin
    i tried direct 9 and its like that from b4
    when i Open the Song and select it,
    nothing appears, i am waiting for the song, but nothing appears >.<

  827. Risechan says:

    Thanks The Gods.. your so thoughtful to the other players THanks A Lot!!! Rock On!!

  828. yow says:

    i cant install it
    i should download 02jam first
    plss help

  829. eLoow says:

    where can i find the pack for .. ” fly magpie ” ” natal angel ” & ” bride in dream ” ???? Pls reply..

  830. ivan says:

    thanks a lot..mas madali sa inaasahan! thank you ulit

  831. Mark says:

    can you give the contents of each song pack?to lessen unwanted songs or unnecessary downloads?

  832. Shairon says:

    sigurado ba na gagana to? kac sakin pag inex track na wala parin song eh kahit i refresh!!! plzzz tulong or help!!!

  833. junichi says:

    does o2jam work on iPad??

  834. starter says:

    uhmm…. why is it that the packs for o2mania without o2jam is always corrupted…. please help me with it :((((

  835. Brian says:

    where can i download all of the songs in o2mania?

  836. Cloa says:

    Hello Guys, if you want to DOWNLOAD the full o2jam SONGS (plus ALL EP SONGS from phil). go here to this site i’ve found.. Enjoy! :)

    Note: It contained a large file, 1.2gb


  837. Daryl says:

    help me pls.. if i click songs pack 3 site is browsing adf.ly where i can download it easy?

  838. Daryl says:

    what pack is the Canon ROCK?? may i know?

  839. pres says:

    hi.. can tell me where to download

    o2 jam / o2mania offline?

    megaupload / mediafire files please..\
    ready google it.. but found the broken link..

    can email me to sollah_max@yahoo.com.my

    tq have nice day

  840. backbreaker says:

    thanks for this o2jam links… works perfectly, downloaded all pack songs… regards from philippines… :)

  841. genesis says:

    anung pack ang meron ng canon rock??

  842. ardi says:

    hey can you help me? i already downloaded o2mania but it seems that it doesn’t work.. can’t play any song? what do you think was the problem?


  843. GAME DOES'NT WORK FIX says:

    step 1:
    download song pack (if your already have it)
    *paste on directory you want for example
    “C:\user\user of your computer\my documents\o2mania\song”
    create folder on “C:\” named it as you want, is better named as “Song”
    note make sure the .rar file/s has been extract inside folder “Song”

    step 2:
    open the emulator of o2jam ( known as O2mania )
    file > configure folders > (click the unknown button like this) “…” > browse the folder were you paste the o2jam song pack
    for me i paste in “C:\Song\”
    then “OK”

    step 3:
    press F8 > click “refresh” button

    then you have it enjoy… any question
    pub here:


  844. DunK says:

    wew. di ko alam kung may official o2jam version ng canon rock, yung canon (O2 Version) lang alam ko eh.

  845. deltaduke says:

    arghhh i cant play my o2jam i down load WinRAR but i cant my o2jam please help me ….. zzzzzzzz

  846. deltaduke says:

    its says This application has failed to start because fmodex. dll was not found . re-installing the application may fix this problem

    how can i fix this i installed o2jam 3times can you please help me? =) thnx godbless

  847. jl says:

    What pack does the V3 is in?

  848. Rei says:

    erm do i actually need to download all of the 22pack in order to hav a complete list of song?

  849. xtian says:

    do you know any links to sites of anime/jrock o2 mania songs?thanks..^_^

  850. gRiDLoCk'D says:

    @ serene can u pls tell me where to download some foreign songs (in example linkin park songs) cuz i got all ur song packs in my o2mania and i juz wanna try foreign songs in o2mania.
    tnx im hoping for a reply :)

  851. gRiDLoCk'D says:

    and also beatmania songs especially the IIDX series and the 7th mix pls tell me where to download those song packs

  852. JeJez says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€
    I ruff you

  853. `` PoNg says:

    you know of a site that has identity III and others songs that is not included at her list?

  854. Olyvia says:

    wow..thx thx thx so much for uploading this..im a big fan of o2jam ^^

  855. Olyvia says:

    ehh..which song pack has identity part3? i cant find it. ._.

  856. Josh says:

    do you have the song, poison? i really love that song :)

  857. aharharhae says:

    If youwall want to be able to play, read the instructions. it says:

    -on the 1st badge, download these only if you have the o2jam itself

    -in the 2nd badge, it says download these packs to play o2mania w/out o2jam.

  858. namemissing says:

    Im a player of Bandmaster PH. this game is closely the same with.

    i just want to ask..
    is there a skin that has a circle note? i get confused reading a flat note. ๐Ÿ˜€

  859. carlos says:

    any dj max songs?!
    thnx for the game

  860. mojomojo says:

    where can I find the song “Kimi ni shiranai monogatori”?..
    I mean, what pack?.. is it included??.. ^^

  861. Reven says:

    In which pack is Rachmaninov-Rach in?

  862. Sk says:

    Which song pack is astral and electro fantasy SHD on? Anyone can help me.. Thanks

  863. musiclover says:

    thank you so much serene! i love this game:D

  864. christian Denn says:

    Hi serene!!!!!!!!!!!!

  865. miguel says:

    sana po balik nyo na yung o2jam kasi miss ko na

  866. DunK says:

    yeah! ibalik ang o2jam~!

  867. kyzen says:

    thanks for the song packs

  868. aron says:

    uhmm.. can you make songs for o2mania? i really like to play “Start-Depapepe” in o2mania. please make one :) thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  869. jayvee chua says:

    My problem is that I cannot open these songs and I cannot play them.. What pack should I download?

  870. anonymous says:

    do you have a list of what songs are in which pack? ’cause I can’t seem to find particular songs and I end up downloading the whole pack just to see if they’re there..

  871. joshX027 says:

    anybody? got a link 4 canon rock?

  872. Shapek92 says:

    Well, I have something share for you guys that i search many stuff in O2Jam.

    I wanna share some of my notechart for O2Jam/O2Mania.
    No Virus, No Spyware…

    1. [MapleStory] Warped Path Of Times
    2. [MapleStory] Ellinia Theme
    3. Dancing Christmas on 13th Month
    4. Emerald Sword
    5. V3 (O2 Techno Remix) <- Music by me using FLS
    6. V3 (Warcraft III Mix)
    7. Two Steps From Hell – Am I human
    8. Baladium's Drives
    9. Cursed Pamela
    10. A Little Piece Of Heaven
    11. Pui Pui Piano Troll <– Music by me using FLS
    12. Angels Online II Theme
    13. Piano Song of Failure <— Music by me Using FLS

    Shapek92's Custom Notechart Page Link:

    I made O2mania skin already about 4 and 1 still didn't upload yet…

    O2Mania Skin
    1. AO Skin V1.1
    2. Mechanical Skin V1.2
    3. Warcraft III Frozen Throne Skin V1.4
    4. Final Fantasy VI Skin V1.0 (not upload)

    O2Mania Skin Page Link:

  873. DeathCrown says:

    Ummm excuse me serene but can you explain how to extract the songs (not the song pack) i mean the one by one song because i downloaded it but i still didn’t see it please explain in full DETAIL!!

  874. Jesse says:

    thank you man!!!!!! this helps a lot!
    thank you

  875. anbert says:

    where can i download Eletro fantacy(super hard)..
    please give me a link

  876. _ISEH_ says:

    i nee help.. why can’t i play any song? i already downloaded the song pack.. did as u instructed.. browsed the folder, clicked ok then ok again.. a pop up box appered saying to refresh my song list.. and still i don’t see any songs to play
    :(( please help.. i really want to play. missed playing this one.. by the way im using o2mania english version 1.0.1

  877. Shapek92 says:


    join this O2Jam Private Server Facebook group. :)

    Well that server usually don’t have old O2Jam song most of it customized/notecharted song.

    Here the link:

    Register here:

    Ultimate Jam Client download here:

    P/S this not o2mania. It O2Jam but Private Server

  878. Ez says:

    I have a link to download song list O2 Jam / O2mania
    Check It Out

    Regards O2jammers ! ^^

  879. bla says:

    dude i can run o2mania but i cant have the songs

  880. bla says:

    WOOHOO NOW I CAN PLAY o2Mania again xD and i know how to get songs on it

  881. Daphne says:

    Hey just wondering, I downloaded all the song packs with no prob, but cant find 2 of my favourite songs, V3, and Bride in Dream. Is it in the song packs? Thanks (:

  882. charles says:

    what song pack is flyf magpie??

  883. Christian says:

    Canon Rock By Jerry C please???? NEEDED IT THE MOST ^_^

  884. JmL says:

    there a list for single song download. check this link.

  885. Mr.XiMeR.o2 says:

    what pack does include the songs from o2 jam ph like fly magpie or go

  886. Kastarnia says:

    First, thank you for the uploading! ๐Ÿ˜€ I didnt had the eng version, and was so hard to make it work xD

    Second, well, I download it and also the first pack of songs, but when I wanna play, it’s no sound at all xD maybe you can help me :)

    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜€

  887. russ says:

    argh !
    i cant download the o2 mania …
    i need a hand T_T

  888. zAtCh says:

    much better if you use o2china solo, it has character and it is like an offline server here is the link of the video, . . just follow the instructions. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYAn1_7AGLI

  889. […] OJN / OJM Song Pack (Exit Links) Sereneรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs Silent Secrets […]

  890. Sunny says:

    รƒโ‚ฌรƒย รƒยรƒย: c0000005
    ร‚ยตรƒหœรƒโ€“ร‚ยท: 0x4a6a99
    รƒฦ’รƒยจรƒล รƒยถ: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
    Finish Init Skin.
    รƒโ€žร‚ยฃร‚ยฟรƒยฉ: E:\O2Mania English 1.0.1\O2Mania English.exe
    รƒลฝรƒลพร‚ยตรƒยทรƒล รƒโ€รƒยรƒโ€ฆรƒยร‚ยข
    ร‚ยตรƒหœรƒโ€“ร‚ยท: 0x4A6A99
    รƒลฝรƒลพร‚ยตรƒยทรƒล รƒโ€รƒยรƒโ€ฆรƒยร‚ยข
    ร‚ยตรƒหœรƒโ€“ร‚ยท: 0x41A517
    Can anyone help i cant play because of thisรขโ‚ฌยฆ T_T

  891. anone says:

    please zip all the songlist files for me? song pack 1-26, can you zip it all in one? Thanks

  892. asdfb says:

    can you download packs 22-26 even though you dont have online o2jam?

  893. showstappa says:

    hey who among you has the opening of high school of the dead can you please post the link?

  894. mreoll_099 says:

    This is so cool ty for resurrecting o2jam God Bless

  895. Alexan88 says:

    serene! why i cant play after i press F6? its too weird. it doesnt show anything. can help me? please

  896. karazek001 says:

    thanks!! ^_^ this game reminds me when I was a pro jjjaaammeerrr! xD thankyou soo much serene! ^_^

  897. Jagger says:

    Here’s how you can install o2mania songs. I fount it in youtube. But get the songs from here not from the one in youtube. :)

  898. Jagger says:


  899. Mikaela says:

    hi guys! i’m just so glad the there’s a site like this lalo na sa isang o2Jam fan like me. ou nga. walang songs ung o2jam mania na dinawnload ko. i’m fortunately, merong gumawa ng solution dto. so THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    i’ll just drop by again i need some help. ^_^

  900. MissUnknownCaller says:

    OMG! Thanks!

  901. M_akqil95 says:

    where to play o2jam on9???
    seriously i dun know

  902. ryan says:

    please give me a copy of canon rock does have sounds/music

  903. Xsaga says:

    @serene, you’re from malaysia?

    greetings from indonesia

  904. Ayxth says:

    I would like to thank you Ms. Carol!
    I wanted to play 02jam so much after the official server in our country had stopped catering it to its gamers.
    Discovering this website is amazing for us 02jam fanatics!
    Happy Year 2012! :-)

  905. tricia says:


    owaaa~ i download and did everythng i still cant play o2jam ;<< this weird sign keeps poppin up and if i click okay the whole o2jam shuts down ~ i tried clickin this link aaand its pretty much not working :< what to do? :O heeelp! please? :<

  906. michiboi says:

    got prob with the auto here >..< yeeeeelp!!!

  907. mike says:

    ma’am selene… why the song packs deleted in mediafire? it’s downloading in uploading.com T_T you can only download 1pack per 20mins. T_T

  908. Serene says:

    Check my page status on ur right please, tQ

  909. Provider says:

    try uploading it in 4Shared.com , it’s a secured uploading site and I assure you it won’t be deleted for years!

  910. alfonse says:

    where is the song earthquake??
    what song pack?

  911. asdfgh00 says:

    why there is no hard mode in each songs?……..\

    only easy and normal T_T

  912. leSLIe says:

    hello, idont know what is the folder that you’re talking about. :) the folder that you need to configure, browse, something like that. ughhhhhh i wanna play now please help me how to download. thankyou

  913. Aaron says:

    Hehe. May nahanap na akong download site ng songs. ito oh
    I found a website containing almost every song.

    Aside from the indogames site. Why not check this one out!



    Simple instructions.
    There are some letters aligned, just click the hide and all the songs starting from that letter will appear.
    Then again, click the hide below the name of the song. OJM OJN and IMG will appear. click either OJM or OJN and your download will start automatically.

    @Serene. Thanks for the downloads

    hehe. add me in facebook if you like.
    But don’t be so sure that i’ll accept your request :)).
    Just PM me if you read about this post and you have a question to ask.

  914. Aaron says:

    Continuation of my comment:
    In order to play the song, you need to download both the OJM and OJN and put them on the same folder where your other songs are. Its because the OJN are the notes and the OJM is the audio. But there are some songs in the site that have the same issue with the songs in this site in which “This File Has Been Removed or Deleted” also shows up… But don’t worry, the songs without error are majority. Only about 8/10- 9/10 songs have errors

  915. Aaron says:

    correction on my last comment.
    8/10-9/10 DONT have errors

  916. reyzor30 says:

    what pack is “identity part 2″ plss serene answer me tnx xD

  917. Bryant says:

    serene dont u have any link to download it all? at once

  918. ako si grimjow says:

    why i cant download at media fire?
    please answer!1

  919. o2jamer says:

    songpack 16 from mirror 2 error at 97.7%

  920. o2jamer says:

    why songpack no 16 from mirror 2 stuck at 97.7% ?? i’ve already tried it for 3 times and always error at 97.7%

  921. Rhynna says:

    I cannot download the 2 mirror O2mania engine.. can you please send one to me? or re upload it to mediafire so i can download it from there? thanks

  922. paolo says:

    which pack do have the bride in dreams,fly magpie and sugod by sandwich??

  923. SkyesRanz says:

    san pong pack ung nglalaman ng fly magpie ?

  924. Theo says:

    what song pack number identity part 2 festival of ghost two go hell?

  925. ONE PIECE says:


  926. o2Pro says:

    give me song pack that the level is easy please ๐Ÿ˜€

  927. Chariz Nica says:

    so happy. na-download ko siya. :) and I’m really enjoying this. nakaka-adik. too late, ngayon ko lang to nakita. pero okay lang, sabi ko nga, na-download ko siya. credits for those people who made this web site. napasaya niyo ang isang gaya kong O2Jammer dati. ๐Ÿ˜€

  928. Xyrenus says:

    Those looking for Identity Part 3

  929. Thank for the O2jam,.. I love the song ๐Ÿ˜€

  930. Shinji_Mizuumi says:

    hey i think the 43rd song strack can’t be downloaded..
    whats wrong??

  931. Terrence says:

    excuse me!!! hehe… ung saken pag nag click ako ng song pack… for example song pack 1… mappnta ako sa adf.ly tpos sasabhin nia sa right corner please wait…pero more than a minute na ko nag hihintay wla ren… help po!! salamat!!